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Once every thousands of years, the Corona Australis and Corona Borealis would align and those born under this phenomenon are said to have the greatest power imaginable. Four twins are born and a prophecy was announced, with chaos from those who want to control the power. Archangels in training Kira and Cagalli are sent to find and protect the one who wields this power but how can you protect someone you don't know and you have no idea where to find while trying to live a normal human life?

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Chapter 1: Protecting

There are four domains in the universe, Hazen where the black winged fallen angels called Raven lived, Earth where the humans lived, Heaven where the angels lived and Mystic Realm where the celestial beings lived. 16 years ago when Corona Australis and Corona Borealis aligned, 4 twins are born and at the same time that a prophecy was proclaimed "Guided by Autralis and Borealis, the wheel of destiny spins, threads are linked, a power unimaginable wielded wisely would bring peace and prosperity but if it falls on the wrong hands chaos and destruction would rule for eternity. When the light of hope meets time, the awakening would begin and destiny would happen."

In Hazen where the ravens reside, two sisters are talking in their room.

"What do you think Meyrin? I think this dress really brings out my eyes but it does not flatter my figure." Lunamaria asked her sister.

"Then why don't you try that racy dress? I'm sure it would flatter your figure." Meyrin suggested.

"It would flatter my figure alright but it is pale yellow. You know that I don't look good in that color." Lunamaria reasoned.

"Why are we searching for what you're going to wear tonight? Didn't you just have something made for you for the occasion delivered this morning?" Meyrin remembered.

"That dress screams for attention so I would wear it in the dance but I need something to wear when Dad presents us. Something that says I'm the respected Princess of Hazen." Lunamaria described.

"Why don't you wear the long black gown with Hazen's symbol? I don't think there would be anything that would scream Hazen more than that dress." Meyrin suggested.

"That's brilliant Meyrin. What time is it? I only have 6 hours left before the ball I need to prepare later Meyrin." Lunamaria exited.

"I guess there's nothing left to do so I should prepare myself too." Meyrin decided.

Meanwhile in heaven, the angels are busy for the ranking exam. Examiners are testing the angels, physically, mentally and magically. There are angels beaming with joy for they reached another level while there are those who are sad that their best did nothing for their ranking.

"Kira! Hurry we might not make it in the exam if you kept on slowing us down. We might never reach the top." The blonde angel said to her brother.

"Relax sis at the rate we are going I know we still have a few minutes to spare. Relax your mind; too much excitement could make you lose concentration on the test. So relax. I would conjure water to make the sound of waves if you could not calm yourself." Kira offered.

"You think you're so great with your water huh. Reality check fire evaporates water so if you would not hurry up I should just make you a vapor so you could not slow me down." Cagalli threatened.

"Now now Cagalli, is that the right way to treat your older brother?" Kira teased.

"Who said you're older? You can't be older because you're a crybaby so little brother just listen to big sister and hurry up." Cagalli responded.

"I don't need anyone to tell me that because I know I am older." Kira answered.

"You're just dreaming crybaby. I am older." Cagalli countered.

"I am"… Kira was about to reply when someone appeared and interrupted him. "Look who is here, you arrived right on schedule. Now you two should behave and stop the bickering or the examiner would not think that you guys are serious." Miguel said (he is now known as Michael the Archangel).

"You're right Miguel, I sure hope I get one step higher in the hierarchy. You're so lucky you're a genius. You are promoted to archangel the moment you come of age." Cagalli commented.

"It doesn't matter who gets promoted first Cagalli. What matters is that you earn your place in this hierarchy." Miguel answered.

"Well said Miguel, we better hurry Cagalli before they no longer accept examinees in the tower." Kira said.

"Right. See you later Miguel." Cagalli said.

"See you later. Good luck to the both of you." Miguel called.

"Thanks." The twins said as they enter the doors to the tower.

"Welcome Angels we are here to test how much you have improved since the last examination." The hierarchy exam would now commence prepare for the physical exam." The examiner announced.

While the examination is commencing, a phoenix flew at the temple and left a message to the examiner.

"What does it says Kisaka?" the fellow examiner asked.

"The ravens are on the move, we should prevent them from obtaining the wielder that's what the council said" Kisaka said.

"But they're just 16 years old, there are other archangels who are free. Why must we send them?" the fellow examiner asked.

"Mwu, you know that if I could have a say in this, I would not let it happen but they are our only hope since they are one of the twins born 16 years ago. I'll explain to them the task you takeover on the exams." Kisaka answered.

"Sure thing". Mwu replied.

"Kira! Cagall! Come with me." Kisaka called.

"What did you do Cagalli? Spill. I do not want to be surprised when we get to the office so spill." Kira said.

"Why are you questioning me? I haven't done anything worth calling or punishing. Perhaps you're the one who made a mistake and you're just passing it to me. Shame on you Kira. Making your older sister suffer." Cagalli said.

"I did not do such a thing. Between the two of us you're the rule breaker so confess what you did. It might not be too late to apologize and we can still finish the exam . I won't be mad so confess." Kira coaxed.

"You think you're so great that I would be scared of you little brother. You have a long way to go before a crybaby like you could scare your tough big sister." Cagalli said.

"Here we go again. I told you I'm the older one." Kira said.

"And I also told you that I don't believe you because I am the older one." Cagalli contradicted.

"We need to continue this argument later we're in the front of Orphanim Kisaka. Are you sure you don't want to confess?" Kira pestered.

"I told you I DID NOT DO ANYTHING." Cagalli fumed.

"Come in Kira and Cagalli" Kisaka said from the other side of the door.

"Oops… You're so loud little sister." Kira teased.

"I am not your little sister." Cagalli replied while shutting the door in Kira's face. "Oops… Did you hit yourself in the door little brother. I guess big sister should not take her eyes of you just for a minute or else something might happen to you." Cagalli teased back.

"Stop the caring siblings act. There is something that I needed to discuss to the both of you. There are 2 wielders in earth, these wielders can control unimaginable power and the ravens want that power. We could not let that happen so I would be sending you to earth to live as humans and find the wielder and protect them from the ravens. Since living as human would be hard, I am allowing you to have one mortal friend who could know your real form so that it would be easier for you to adjust in earth." Kisaka said.

"But Orphanim we were still in the middle of the archangel exam?" Kira asked.

"Do not fret young one, this task is part of your training and would be considered in your archangel exam evaluation. Prepare your things and said your farewells you would leave in an hour" Kisaka answered.

"Okay. But sir, I think you're forgetting one major detail." Cagalli said.

"What is it?" Kisaka asked.

"Who are we going to protect? How do they look? Where are they?" Cagalli asked.

"That my child can only be answered by you." Kisaka answered.

"But how do we know if we made the right decision?" Kira asked.

"You'll just feel it." Kisaka answered.

"What? But that's impossible." Cagalli said.

"Difficult yes but not impossible. Better get moving you only have 45 minutes left to pack and to bid farewell to your friends." Kisaka reminded them.

" I guess there is no helping it. Come Cagalli we better get moving." Kira pulled Cagalli.

"But.." Cagalli reasoned.

"But you still want to say proper farewells to our friends so you will start moving" Kira interjected.

"Fine" Cagalli answered.

"I knew you would see it my way little sister." Kira said.

"I told you I am…" Cagalli started.

"Going to pack my things and bid farewell to my friends" Kira interjected again.

"Fine, I'll see you later in an hour." Cagalli answered.

After 1 hour Kira's and Cagalli's friends are bidding them farewell and good lucks.

"Remember your task and how you should behave." Kisaka reminded them.

"Yes sir." The twins replied.

"Are you ready?" Mwu asked.

"As ready as one can be when they venture in an unknown world." Cagalli replied.

"Don't talk like that Cagalli, you know that if I have the power in these kind of things I won't sent you off but this is beyond the control of an Archangel like me. The council chose you for this task because you're capable of accomplishing this task. Besides, the earth is a great place and knowing you I'm sure you'll have a lot of human friends. " Mwu said.

"I sure hope so." Cagalli said.

"Sis, don't be downhearted. You're not alone. Big brother Kira is here to protect you from everything evil in earth." Kira boast.

"It's not like I would need your protection, little crybaby." Cagalli replied.

"I am not a crybaby. Just be a good little sister and listen to Big brother." Kira said.

"Both of you, before you get carried away into your: I am older than you mode. Remember that when you reach earth you would still be spirits for an hour. You can use it to set up your life like choosing your house and the likes. Also in that hour you can search for the mortal whom you would like to reveal your true nature. Remember to choose wisely. So if everything is clear, just enter that portal and take care." Mwu said.

"So this is where we would part." Cagalli said.

"Cagalli, it's not like we would not see each other again. When you finished your task you could return to heaven. Even though only the two of you would be going to earth, I want you to know that I'll watch over the two of you from heaven." Miguel said.

"Thanks Miguel." Cagalli replied.

"So this is it Cagalli. Farewell to everyone." Kira said.

"Goodbye." Cagalli said.

Back at Hazen after the party in the Raven's throne room, two ravens were summoned.

"You called for us, Your Majesty?" One of the two ravens said.

"Enough with the formalities daughter, the time has come for us to take control of the power. It is time for the both of you to show me what you've learned in all your trainings, you would go to earth and bring me the wielder." The king said.

"Must I go Dad? I'm sure Luna can manage by herself." The other daughter said.

"Both of you are born when Corona Australis and Corona Borealis aligned and both of you are part of what is destined to happen. I know you are destined for greatness which would allow me to use the greatest power unimaginable. I've prepared everything. Once you enter the portal you are no longer the princesses of Hazen but Lunamaria and Meyrin Hawke whose parents are in another country. Arthur Trine would be your butler that would take care of all your needs. You would live in a mansion and have great influence in the society. Is there anything I forgot to arrange?" The king said.

"Yes, we need to be popular." Lunamaria answered.

"Yes, very popular indeed." The king responded.

"I'm ready to go. Come on Meyrin we have to hurry. Bye Dad." Lunamaria exited while pulling Meyrin.

"But I don't want to go." Meyrin said.

"Boo hoo… too bad for you. We're going and that's final." Lunamaria said.

"Of course you would like to go. Everything is according to what you would like." Meyrin commented.

"Don't you dare act as if you are the victim in this situation? It is not my fault if you want to be so important that you wanted to be coaxed just to tell them what you would like. Acting like a cute damsel, get a life Meyrin you are not the only princess here and I would not tolerate that attitude of yours." Luna said.

"Just because you are born first, it does not mean that you can boss me around." Meyrin responded.

"You are right, it does not give me the right but you acting that way gave me the right. So would you just hurry and stop wasting my precious time. Unlike you I have things I want to do when I reached earth." Lunamaria said.

"Fine, just because you're the crown princess and the first in line to the throne. You get so high and mighty." Meyrin grumbled.

"Were you saying anything, brat?" Lunamaria asked.

"Nothing, sister dear." Meyrin said.

"Thought so." Lunamaria smirked.

"Now her highnesses, we're in the portal. Just enter the portal and you would arrive to the mansion. If there is anything not according to your liking just inform me." Arthur said.

"Okay, see you in the mansion Arthur." Lunamaria said while pulling Meyrin.

To be continued…

This is an asucaga fic. Athrun would be introduced in the next chapter.