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Chapter One


My last words to Berry? "Shut the fuck up, Midget. No one wants to listen to you."

I know, right. I'm such a bitch. She was going on and on about some idea for regionals. She was getting all enthusiastic with this fire in her eyes, saying how we could crush Vocal Adrenaline. So, I shut her down. Hard.

And I expected her to ignore me, and continue. Or make some comment about my vulgar languauge, or something, and then continue. But then, she just sort of sat there quietly, and I could see the fire in her eyes go out. I even considered saying sorry, for a seccond. But then I remembered, she's Rachel Berry. So I decided against it.

Is that when she decided? Is that when she made up her mind that there was nothing left on this Earth for her, and that she might as well kill herself? Because I told her that no one wanted to listen to her. Because, if it was, for God's sake it wasn't true. I wanted to listen to her. I wanted to know this amazing idea for Regionals. I'm just hardwired to be a bitch, I can't really control myself. That was one of the things Berry and I had in common. Lack of impulse control. We both say the first thing that comes to our mind, no holding back. The weird thing is, I'm praised for it, and she was ridiculed. Shut down.

Maybe if I had just said sorry, just let that light grow back in her eyes, she'd still be here. I wouldn't watch them lower some black casket six feet under. I expected it to be covered in gold stars. Something like her.

But no, this isn't like her at all.

Berry and I were so much a like, and if we ever both got rid of our pride, we probably could have been great friends, but because I'm such a fucking bitch, I made that light die in her eyes. If only I had just said sorry, she would be here right now.

It's my fault. I killed Rachel Berry. And her death will forever be on my hands.

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