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Eight Years Later

Harry sat down behind his desk after he had paced for the last five minutes. He couldn't seem to focus on his work today, just like he hadn't for the last three days. He would have gone home but he had been kicked out because he was making Ginny too nervous. He couldn't believe how much had happened this last year. After years of dating he had finally gotten married to the love of his life earlier in the year and now he was moments away from being a father.

"You haven't done any of the paper work, have you?" Ron said walking into the office that they shared. After they had finished Hogwarts they had decided to become Aurors together. Though for the first few years they hadn't been partners, instead paired with some of the seasoned Aurors, as they got promoted up the ranks they had ended up proving they worked the best together.

"Did you really think I would?" Harry chuckled, though he noticed a nervous edge to it. Everything he did these last few days was nervous.

"I can't believe the boy that faced the most powerful dark wizard of all time turned into a man that's terrified about being a father," Ron laughed.

"I'm not terrified," Harry denied as he rolled his eyes. "Besides, you'll see when it happens to you. I bet you'll be much worse than I am."

"I won't deny that," Ron said still laughing, "but seeing as it's your turn …"

"Whatever," Harry shook his head but he was glad his friend was here, Ron was good at distracting him from worrying.

"Well, speaking of my turn," Ron went on as a broad smiling spending across his face, "it's will be coming up pretty soon."

"What?" Harry said in shock, "are you serious?"

"Nah, Sirius is your godfather Harry, can't you tell the difference between us," Ron said still smiling, as Harry glared at him. "But yeah, Hermione just told me."

"Brilliant!" Harry said getting up and clapping him on the back. "Congratulation!"

"Thanks," Ron beamed. "You know it's getting close to lunch."

"I'm not hungry," Harry said.

"You mean you don't think the owl will get to you quickly enough in the caf," Ron guessed correctly. "Come on mate, we're going to lunch, it's like what Mum always says, 'you need some fattening up.'"

"Okay," Harry sighed, hoping that this would be a good distraction. "You know, I think my son knows he's going to be name after my dad. He probably thinks it's funny to make me a nervous git."

"Well, you know a mischievous sense of humor comes from both sides of the family … at least my kids will be half bookworms," Ron chuckled.

"I don't know whether I should be insulted or pleased by that comment," a woman's voice said from behind them and both boys turned to find Hermione standing there with narrowed eyes directed at Ron. He disregarded the look and step in to give her a quick kiss.

"Always chose to please by my comments," he whispered to her chuckling and she rolled her eyes at him. "Want to join us for lunch?"

"I was actually coming to talk to you about something …"

"Did you have word from Ginny?" Harry cut her off and she gave him a pitying look.

"No, it has more to do with the training mission that Ron and you are supposed to take charge of next week," Hermione said.

"The one that I'm probably going to get out of now," Harry said, he was planning on taking at least a few weeks off after his son was born.

"Thanks a lot mate," Ron grumbled, "not doing any paper work and now you're going to leave me high and dry for the training."

"Yes because that's the reason why I'm having a child, to get out of work," Harry rolled his eyes. He noticed that Hermione was looking at him with narrowed eyes then and she looked at Ron, whose ears were starting to turn red with wariness.

"I can't believe you!" Hermione glared at Ron. "You told him, didn't you?"

"Er …"

"We were supposed to tell him together! You promised me you wouldn't say anything!"

"Well, I didn't mean to," Ron rubbed the back of his head and looked at Harry to try to bail him out of trouble. "We got to taking and I sort of blurted it out."

"I'm going to make you pay for this, Ronald Weasley," she huffed and Ron gulped as she glared at him.

"Um … congratulation," Harry said trying as always to break the tension between his friends.

"I didn't want to tell you until after James was born," Hermione sighed as she turned to Harry.

"Then you probably shouldn't have told this git about it, you know he can never hold in good news," Harry chuckled as Ron glared at him but Hermione actually laughed too. Harry then hugged her and again said, "Congratulation."

"Thanks," she was simply beaming. "I wanted to wait to tell you and everyone else until after Ginny gave birth."

"Why?" Harry asked confused.

"You wouldn't understand," Hermione rolled her eyes at him.

"Clearly Ron doesn't either," Harry pointed out.

"It's my fault for picking clueless boys as my best friends," Hermione sighed.

"Hey, you know you love us," Harry pouted.

"Of course," Hermione agreed.

That was when Ron wrapped his arms around Hermione and pulled her towards his chest. "But you love me the most."

"You're never going to stop being jealous are you," Hermione sighed.

"Never," Ron agreed and lean down to kiss her.

"And you guys are never going to remember no one wants to see that," Harry grumbled playfully as they broke off their kiss to look at him and soon they were all heading for the caf. They were halfway there when one of the training Aurors tapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Mr. Potter, I just got this owl for you," he said holding out a note and Harry quickly grabbed it.

"Argh!" Harry growled crumpling up the message.

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"Effing Fred and George," Harry snapped.

Ron started sniggering as he took the note that was in Harry's hand and read it.

I bet you thought this was from Ginny!

There wasn't really much to the message but there didn't really need any more than that.

"Gits," Harry snarled as he sat down angry at one of the empty table. Ron was pretty sure he was included in the 'gits' since he was still laughing, but he thought that getting Harry some food will appease him.

"That really wasn't very nice of them," Hermione sighed, sitting next to Harry.

"No, but really, I feel like I should have known it was from them," Harry shrugged.

"Just remember, I'll help you if you want to kill them," Ron said sitting down with two trays piled with food on them.

"Thanks," Harry smiled at him.

"I've been looking for you all over the place," a drawing voice said from behind them.

"It's nice to see you too, Draco," Hermione sighed, "what is it this time?"

"Murphy been on my case about the proposal that we've been working on," Draco said sitting down at the table. He had decided to work in the Department of Law Enforcement and he and Hermione occasionally had to work together.

"No one invited you to sit," Ron huffed.

"Don't worry Weasel I won't be here long," Draco smirked at him and Ron rolled his eyes.

"The least you can do is come up with a new insult," Ron grumbled.

"I lost my appetite for that years ago," Draco sighed. "So Hermione can we please go and get this damn proposal over with so we can go back to just waving at each other from across the hallway."

"When have you ever waved at me?" Hermione asked.

"Exactly," Draco smiled.

"Ah Draky, if you keep talking like that I'm going to think you don't like me," Hermione said and he glared at her.

"Harry, as long as I've got you here," Draco said turning away from the chuckling Hermione. "I was just wondering what's going to happen at my father's next appointment …?"

"Don't worry, I'm going to be there like always," Harry sighed, he didn't really want to, but it was a favor he agreed to do for Draco after he had became an Auror. Lucius Malfoy insisted on being shown respect even in his disgrace. And what better way than having the Boy-Who-Live to be the one to interview him each year to make sure he deserved his parole. If Draco hadn't asked him, he wouldn't have gone near that job, but knowing that it made Draco and Narcissa time easier, he agreed to do it.

"Thanks," Draco sighed, he didn't like saying that word very much, especially to Harry, who was now half rival and almost friend to him. "You know, I never thought I would be a twenty-four year old still living with his parents."

Ron sniggered at that. "You're lucky you found a girl that would marry you knowing she had to live with her in-laws."

"Yes, I am lucky," Draco smiled genuinely and even his eyes warmed as he thought of his wife. He considered himself lucky with everything that Astoria has done for him.

"I think we're all pretty lucky actually," Hermione said kissing Ron on the check as she got up. "Are you ready Malfoy?"

"Whenever you are Granger," Draco answered.

"It's Weasley now," Hermione corrected.

"I prefer not to think of you that way," Draco said.

"Oi!" Ron complained. "And what's that suppose to mean!"

"Use your imagination Weasel," Draco smirked.

"Honestly Ronald," Hermione rolled her eyes, "he was just smiling like a git at the mention of his wife."

"I was not smiling like a git!" Draco complained.

"Yeah, you were," Harry said.

"Whatever," Draco huffed though he clearly wasn't that bothered, he still left the caf with Hermione.

"He's still a git," Ron commented, though he didn't seem to care about that anymore as he attacked his food.

"Maybe," Harry shrugged, he lost interest in this conversation too as he impatiently waited for an owl to come to him.


"Do you really have to keep bothering me about this," Sirius complained as he handed glasses to his cousins Andromeda and Narcissa. "I'm happy."

"Of course your happy," Andromeda rolled her eyes, "but don't you think you could be happy and a productive member of our society?"

"Well of course I can be … I just don't want to be," Sirius said, he had never gotten a job of any kind and he wasn't planning on that changing any time soon.

"Daaaad," a boy screamed before entering the room. He had dark hair (just as perfect as Sirius's use to be) and grey eyes that had a mischievous glint to them. "Dad! Teddy stole my toy."

"Oh really?" Sirius asked with narrowed eyes, "that doesn't sound like Teddy … are you sure that's how it happened?"

"No it's not Uncle Padfoot," a girl said, she had sandy hair and a heart shape face, and though she was upset that she didn't inherit the metamorphmagus ability like her mum and brother that didn't stop her from idolizing her big brother.

"You're supposed to me on my side," the boy that was now in Sirius's arms complained.

"So Reg, are you going to tell me what really happened?" Sirius asked; he had named his son after the bother he still missed.

His son made a pouty face, "you don't believe me daddy."

"Not with that face," Sirius chuckled. "What have I told you about lying Reg?"

"Make sure it's believable," Reg answered with a sigh.


"Sirius!" Andromeda gasped.

"What?" Sirius said with a smirk, "it's good advice."

"What do you expect Andy, he's still just a big kid himself," Narcissa smiled at her older sister and they exchanged exasperated looks.

"So now, little man, what happened?" Sirius asked his son again.

Reg just shook his head.

"We just wanted to hear one of your stories, Uncle Padfoot," Teddy said coming into the room.

"And you say I don't have a job," Sirius said to his eldest cousin, "taking care of these rugrats is a full time affair."

"Well, I can't argue with that one," Andromeda allowed as her granddaughter sat next to her.

"Story," she demanded.

"Okay Delilah, I'll tell you a story," Sirius said smiling at the girl. Tonks had insisted that she had normal name … or at least not a name like Nymphadora.

However, Sirius didn't even get to start the story because just at that moment an owl flew into the house. Sirius quickly picked up the note and read through it, though he knew what it was going to say. "I've got to go," he said a smile spreading across his face.

"What is it Daddy?" Reg demanded.

"It's from Molly, Ginny is going into labor!" Sirius said excitedly and handing Reg to Andromeda. "Can you look after the kids?"

"Of course," she said.

"But I want to go to Harry's!" Teddy pouted, Harry was still his godfather.

"Yah, me too!" Delilah agreed.

"Me too!" Reg echoed.

"You know that the other kids are probably going to be there too," Andromeda pointed out. "Victoire at the very least."

"I want to go!" Teddy demanded again and Sirius chuckled.

"Alright, kids, I guess we can all go," he gave in, musing Teddy's hair and took Reg back from Andromeda. "You guys are welcome to come if you want," he added to his cousins.

"I think we'll just stay here for a while, I'm sure there are already going to be too many people there, but give Harry and Ginny our congratulations," Andromeda said and Narcissa nodded in agreement.

Sirius then used the Floo out of his house with the kids. He couldn't believe that Harry was already becoming a father when he himself only had done it five years before this. He could still remember Harry as a tiny baby himself, and how it felt holding the kid for the first time. He hated the fact that it was twelve years later that he got to see Harry again. He clearly remembered Harry as the little boy that … well … tried to kill him the first them they meet face to face, but he preferred to think of time when he asked Harry to live with him and how excited Harry was about that.

Once he got into the Potter's house he walked into the living room which hosted most of the Weasley family, the kids went immediately to the corner that had the other kids (including as Andromeda had guess, Victoire). Sirius on the other hand went to Arthur shaking his hand and asking excitedly, "did I miss anything?"

"Just Gin cursing at Harry when he got here," Ron was the one that actually answered.

"Yeah, well that happens," Sirius chuckled remembered the shouting that he had to endure when Emmeline was giving birth to Regulus.

"And it doesn't get any better with time," Arthur added, smiling fondly. "I think you were the most difficult out of all of them," he added nodding his head at Ron.

"Even more so than the twins?" Ron asked.

"Actually their birth went surprisingly smooth," Arthur chuckled. "The only time they seemed to not cause trouble."

It was around that time that Remus came.

"What's this … is the professor actually ditching work?" Sirius said patting Remus on the back. Remus had been offered a job back at Hogwarts a few years ago and he was happy to accept it.

"All of my classes were finished for the day," Remus said, "I did run into Severus on my way out though."

"Oh … and what did that slimy git have to say?" Sirius asked, though the insult no longer held the venom it once had.

"He said he was going to make the most of his 'James Potter' free years at Hogwarts and he's already looking for his next job," Remus said.

"Darn, why couldn't Harry of had a kid sooner, if that was all it took to get rid of Snape," Sirius said with his barking laugh. "Reg is going to have to suffer four years with that git."

"He's not that bad," Remus said laughing himself. "He's gotten a lot better since … well … you know."

"Yeah," Sirius agreed.

"Well, anyway, Neville and Minerva also send their regards," Remus added, changing the subject.

"Oh, yeah, so does Andy and Cissy," Sirius added.

More people seemed to keep piling into the room and everyone talked excitedly as if they were at a party.


"Gin!" Harry shouted as soon as he popped into the house (well before people had started gathering in the living room) that they shared together. He had just got the message that he had been waiting for and he ran to the master bedroom out of breath. "Are you okay …" he asked when he got in the room and saw her in their bed.

"Do I look okay Potter?" she snapped, her face was sweaty and she was breathing heavily.

"Oh Harry dear, thank goodness your here," Molly said, "now Ginny, keep breathing."

"What the hell else do you think I'm going to do, Mum?"

Harry was glad to find out that his ability to keep a clear head in a battle seemed to kick in at that moment and he acted without thinking. Moving to support her and doing everything that Molly had taught him to do in the last few months. It still wasn't easy, and the labor seemed to take hours … days maybe … but eventually it happened.

He was in the bed, Ginny leaning against his chest exhausted but she had a tire smile on her face as Molly handed them their crying son. Ginny cradled him to her as Harry squeezed her closer to him with one arm and added his other hand to hers.

"He's everything I imagined and more," Harry said awed that the tiny baby, with a tuft of red hair and blinking blue eyes seemed to fill his heart with so much joy. "You're going to cause me so many headaches, I know it," he cooed to his son with a wide grinned wiggling his finger in front of the baby as James reached up and grabbed it. "Yes you are."

"He's already caused me enough headaches," Ginny giggled and looked up at Harry, who beamed down at her and kissed her briefly.

"When are you going to be ready to have another one," he asked.

"Not for a long time Potter," she grumbled and he laughed. "And from what Mum said, you probably wouldn't after a few weeks of being a new parent."

"I know, I know," Harry agreed. "But at his moment, I can't wait to have ten more just like him." '

Ginny didn't say anything, but she leaned back into his arms and he could feel that she knew what he meant. They had stayed in there just the three of them in comfortable silence for a while before the bedroom door opened and their family and love one came in to congratulate them.

First was Ron and Hermione, little James's godparents. They were closely followed by Sirius, who insisted on calling James his grandgodson, causing Harry to laugh. Then Emmeline was by his side telling them congratulations … then it was Remus and Tonks … when the twins walked into the room, Harry remembered throwing a pillow at them (the only thing he could throw) and they just laughed it off … the rest of the Weasley family seemed to come in and out of view and Harry wasn't really sure what was said or done, all he knew was he had never been happier in his life.

A/N: I hope you like my ending to this story. I decided to have this chapter only be eight years from the end of the Battle for two reasons. One, I didn't really want to mess with the way that JK had ended the series because I really love that ending. Two, I thought I've said it more than once that Harry was really looking forward to starting a family of his own and this was the day that he would finally get that. I tried to include everyone in this so that was why I added the part with Sirius to show more of the characters.

As for a sequel, I'm not sure if or when I will do it, but it would probably be about how they get from the battle to this epilogue. I would have to say that the sequel would likely deal mostly with the development of the relationship and not have that much action, which is another reason why I think it's good that I'm ending this story here. For one thing, I tried not to have too much Harry/Ginny in this story because half of the people don't like that pair and the other half want more of it. It hard to appease everyone but as long as Voldemort was still alive and a battle going on, there was a focus that I could write about and it was understandable that the romance was in the back ground (with the exception of perhaps Ron/Hermione because that's my favorite pairing and I like writing it).

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