Though I'm moving teasers to Saturday, I thought I would give you two this week. Why? Well, first, because I'm grateful to have you. Second, the last chapter left some of you a little shaken as it resonated with your personal grief experiences. I appreciate and respect your experience. For others, the chapter came across a bit confusing and was not your cup of tea. I also appreciate and respect your experience. So, let's get back to Edward's POV...

She Gives Me Religion

Teaser One

Chapter Six

I settle into my pew and watch. Person after person comes to Bella to say a few words and then crumble in her company. She is their comfort, their strength. Bella even provides the tissues. How about you Bella? How about they comfort you? I regret giving her new ways to remove herself from this experience. Already too adept at disappearing, I should have given her tools for falling apart. No, no, she is falling apart. Charlie's stories, as brief as they were, painted a clear picture of her pain. I'll get her through this day and be there to pick up the pieces later.

Three men enter in suits too shiny for my taste. They're dressed alike, clearly drove in together, they are about the right age… I think we have Mike Newton's best buds here. Well, hello gentlemen. I think I'll have a few words to say to you before this day is through. Do you think it might have been a good idea to tell your buddy he was fucking up? Maybe let Bella know what she was walking into? They were together long enough, you must have befriended her, too. The leader stands almost a full head above the others. Swarthy, broad shoulders, a thick neck—you think you're tough, don't you? I can take you… and your friends. Ah, what am I doing? Damn it.

Oh, and yes, I adore reviews of teasers too! Anything you are looking forward to/ hopeful for/ fearful of, in regards to the funeral?