Warning: This is a poem about child abuse. Reader discretion is advised. You have been warned.

My name is Sarah

I am but 3

My daddy sometimes

Hit me

I don't know what I did

To deserve such pain

But it must have been bad

To make daddy so mad

One night

He came home

Reeking of alcohol

He was in bad mood

That meant

In the mood

For causing me

Painful agony

He picked me up

And threw me to the wall

I screamed

As I made impact

I felt the cracking

Of my bones breaking

I hurt so much

But I didn't have the energy to cry

I saw a light

I hadn't seen light

In the longest time

I reached towards it

And landed

In Jesus' arms

He held me close

And said "No fear"

I would never feel

The pain

That my daddy caused

Ever again

I was in Jesus' arms

Safe and warm

I wish

That I could have grown up

To be a mother

To raise my children

They way I should have been

In loving memory of all the children that have lost their lives through abuse. I give you permission to re-post this on your profiles, so please do.