Dear myself,

Do you know who you are? No, Who are you? You are certainly not England. Nor The United Kingdom of Great Britain. May I ask who are you?

Well how do you know you're not England? How do you know you're not The United Kingdom of Great Britain? One, how should you know? If you do not know yourself, how would you know at all? Can you feel it? Can you feel yourself...withering away? How CAN you be England when...about nobody knows you? The United Kingdom of Great Britain was lead by someone great, WAS someone great. But that person is dead. Not so Great anymore are we? Where are your colonies...? America..? Gone. Canada? Gone. Hong Kong? Gone. Sealand? Gone. You don't have you? Where are they? Wasn't Hong Kong taken away from you? I do not know. America and Canada...they have taken independence. It stings right? Independence. You know the definition all to well, am I wrong? Sealand? He has left by now, no? You are alone. You have nobody there for you. You do not have a hero. You are a damsel in distress but no hero? Oh please tell me...please tell me...

Who are you?