The new eighth year common room was quite different from what all the students where used to. Harry, Ron, and Hermione found that out quickly. Instead of their usual warm red and shining gold the common room was dressed in silver, purple, gray, black, and white. The desks in the corner of the room were made of black wood with black wood chairs that adorned purple cushions. Couches dressed in cool colored, silk pillows sat in front of a warm looking stone fire place. Large stained glass windows, that portrayed all four house mascots, flooded the room in multi-colored light. On either side of the main entrance were two staircases. All the eighth years stood frozen at the door though. There were no house colors and the dorms were located an equal distance away from the other houses. There were no divisions, nothing to create separation. Harry could have stared at the room all day, until Draco Malfoy decided to push past him.

"Get out of the way potty!" He yelled and snickered at the golden trio. Harry just rolled his eyes and was about ready to tell Draco off, when Devlin showed up.

"Shut up," She said to him quickly. Draco opened his mouth to say something, but had apparently decided against it, and shut his mouth. She glared at him, which Draco quickly returned. They held their glaring contest, while other students moved around them to their dorms. They stayed this way, until Ron had the idea to insult Draco.

"Malfoy I didn't know you were so soft around your girlfriend," Ron said and looked at Harry expectantly. Hermione slapped him on the arm, and held a satisfied grin from his yelp. Devin and Draco looked away from each other. Draco's cheeks tinged pink.

"I'm not his girlfriend." Devin rushed up to the girls dorms where Hermione followed her. Pansy chased after her as well. Draco set his icy glare on Ron before leaving. Harry shook his head at Ron before leaving as well. Ron found himself face to face with a smirking Blaise Zambini.

"What are you smirking at?" Ron asked, wishing it had come out more venomous. Ron tried to keep his hatred of Slytherins at low since this new school year, but with Zambini standing there looking like he had devised some devious plan, reminded him of his hate for their ignorance.

"I'm just looking forward to this interesting year," Blaise said and turned to go to his dorm. He turned around once more to Ron, the smirk still on his face. "See you later roomie." Ron watched him go and wandered why he agreed to go back to Hogwarts. He should have just joined the Aurors straight away. It was too late now.

Hermione raced after Devin, vaguely aware that Pansy was following her. She saw Devin enter a room at the end of the hall and went after her. Pansy was only a few feet behind. Hermione entered the room and stopped in awe. She knew that Devin had thrown herself onto one of the beds, but Hermione was stuck in the doorway. The new dorms were nicer and brighter than her old Gryffindor dorm had been. The room was still a circle, but with four beds instead. The old room's dark woods and deep colors were replaced with a lighter look. The bed posts looked like white tree branches that held lavender colored bed clothes and grey and blue pillows. The walls were the same lavender shade and the floors were light wood. Big clear windows gave off natural light and a view of the lake. Hermione only moved when Pansy pushed past her. She saw Pansy stop too.

They both shared a look of disbelief before remembering who the other was. Devlin who had sat up at their entrance looked at them curiously. She stood in front of both them and snapped her fingers in their faces. Hermione moved around the room until she noticed that the bed closest to the window's headboard had her name written in gold letters. She noticed all of her things were there as well. She saw that Devin's bed also had her name. She looked at the other two: Luna and Pansy. Hermione tried to her hide her distaste, but Pansy looked plain out raged.

"Looney AND Granger!" She bellowed and turned to glare at Hermione who looked taken back.

Devin rolled her eyes at Pansy. "Calm down Pansy," she said disinterested. Devin gave Hermione an apologetic smile and a half shrug before looking back at Pansy. She tugged on her short black hair and averted her gaze from Hermione to the floor. Hermione sat down on her bed and looked down as well. They stayed in an awkward silence until Luna drifted into the room. A dreamy smile graced her lips. She simply danced to her bed and sat down, oblivious to the situation.

"Hello everyone," Luna said peacefully. They all turned to look at her. Devlin grinned back. Hermione gave her a meek smile in return, while Pansy struggled to contain her rage. Luna smiled again before falling gracefully onto her bed. Devin giggled at Luna's antics. Her laugh faded into the silence. Devin moved to her trunk and moved to get ready for bed since it seemed no sort of truce would be made tonight.

Pansy looked at Hermione, who now swinging her feet back and forth on the edge of her bed. Pansy swallowed the lump in her throat and let it crush the nervous fluttering in her stomach. She was slytherin and they didn't let themselves get nervous about any as an apology. A year ago Pansy would have thought that Slytherins didn't apologize, but she had no right to arrogant any more. She slowly approached Hermione's bed, hating the sounds of her shoes on the wood. Hermione looked up as she approached.

"I'm sorry," Pansy said looked down. It was so quiet that Pansy wondered if it was even heard. The sounds of Devin had stopped and Pansy heard Luna sit up in her bed. Hermione looked up at her. She looked like she might say something, but Pansy cut her off. "I'm so sorry. I know ruined everything. I was just so scared. I thought that since I was slytherin I would be protected and I was from the Carrows, but everyone at school hated me. Everyone glared at the snake on my chest and they thought I was a death eater. Even slytherins were too afraid to talk to me. I had the company of Crabbe and Goyle, but that isn't much. Blaise and Draco were just as secluded. We couldn't talk though. Draco had that disgusting mark on his arm and he was too afraid to do anything, but stare into space for hours on end. Blaise would lock himself up in his room. I was alone and frightened. I'm sorry."

Pansy had tears falling down her cheeks by the time she had finished. Luna looked on with an expression of distant sadness. Devin kept her eyes on the floor, while Hermione surprised everyone. She moved and hugged Pansy. Pansy was shocked, but she couldn't help, but openly sob into Hermione's shoulder. Hermione soothed her hair down. "It's alright Pansy."

"It's not!" She choked out.

"Pansy we all do things out of fear. I know that you thought giving Potter to the Voldemort would protect you." Hermione said and found forgiving Pansy easier that she would have thought. They stayed like this until Pansy had managed to control her sobs.

"You don't understand! I lied that night!" Pansy practically yelled though as she tried to control her breathing.

"What do you mean?" Luna's mystical voice drifted to them.

"I told everyone we should give Potter to him because he would easily killed Potter, but I didn't want that. I wanted Potter to win. Draco, Blaise and I were trapped in a secluded hell. When Draco didn't come back after Easter I knew something was wrong, but we couldn't say anything. Hogwarts was lined with death eaters there was nothing I could do, but support you know who. Believe me Granger it's always been Potter. Even Draco will admit that death eater talk and slytherin pride were what was keeping us alive. I wanted Potter to save us that night and I wanted it fast, so I faked hate." Pansy admitted before she broke into tears ago.

"It's Hermione."

"What?" Pansy asked looking at Hermione. She mindlessly wiped tears away.

"If you want this to work then you have to call me by my first name." Hermione said simply and offered Pansy a slight smile and extended hand. Pansy gave a cry of joy and hugged Hermione.

"Thank you." She breathed into Hermione's messy locks. Hermione blinked away her own tears. Luna smiled and Devin grinned. As Hermione and Pansy detached, they each wiped away a tears. Devin gave them both an overjoyed look.

"Yay! Roomie love!" Devin cheered pumping her fist in the air. Hermione and Pansy exchanged a glance before laughing at the too happy girl.

To find out that he would be sharing a room with Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zambini was another thing adding to Harry's dread. He should have expected it though. There were no house colors, so why separate the dorms either. The dorms were different looking than his dorms. It was all black woods and steely grays, midnight blacks, and pearly whites. The names of his dorm mates were written in sliver print on the headboards of the beds. His was right next to Ron's which was by Blaise, which of course was next to Draco's. Harry didn't exactly fancy waking up almost across from two slytherins each day, but he would have to endure it. Draco looked up as Harry entered, but quickly avoided his gaze. Harry went to his own bed and laid down. He busied himself with studying the ceiling.

"Do you know how Devin is?" Harry heard Draco ask as Blaise entered the room. Blaise's response was too quiet to be heard from where Harry though. They continued a whispered conversation that Harry could not make out. Harry toed off his black school shoes and considered just sleeping in his black pant and gryffindor sweater and tie, but then Ron entered the dorm. His expression was one of disbelief and thinly veiled anger. Ron made a non-intelligible grunt towards Harry and got ready for bed. Blaise and Draco had stopped talking as soon as Ron entered. All four boys dressed for bed and turned out the lights. The heavy silence made it easier to sleep for them all.

Harry and Ron waited outside the girl's dorm stairs for Hermione the next morning. Harry tried to ignore Ron's now unstoppable complaining of their room situation. Harry saw Luna and Devin come down from the dorms. They both donned their Ravenclaw attire. When Luna wandered past and said Hello to Ron, he gave another famous grunt. She just smiled at Harry. He noticed she was blushing, but he put it off to something else. He grinned at Devin.

"Why hello Harry," She ginned back up at him.

"So how was your first night here?" He asked.

"It was interesting for sure," She said slyly. Devin loosened the tie around her neck. "I've never had to wear a school uniform before." Harry looked at her surprised and was about to ask further, but Ron butted in.

"Where's Hermione?" He asked rudely. Devin glanced towards the stairs and back at him. She didn't seem to mind his rudeness at all.

Ron moved his gaze to the dorm stairs and everyone heard Hermione's laughter float down the circular staircase. Ron waited impatiently. Harry almost expected him to tap his foot as well. Harry finally saw Hermione and was relieved, but that soon passed as he saw she was laughing with Pansy Parkinson. They didn't seem to notice Harry's surprised expression and Ron's pure rage. Pansy skipped off to an equally shocked Blaise and angry Draco. Hermione beamed at them both. "Hi boys."

"Hermione, why were you talking to that cow?" Ron demanded in an angry whisper. Hermione rolled her eyes and Harry glared at Ron. He made his way over to Devin and Luna.

"Honestly Ron! The war is over and she apologized. You would have done the same if you were in her position." Hermione scolded him. Ron looked outraged and looked at Harry for support, but he had already left.

"I would have never given up Harry no matter my house. I would never leave!" Ron argued. Hermione glared at him this time.

"If I recall you did leave actually. You didn't leave a school full of able fighters. No, you left your two best friends." Hermione said coldly and quickly left to find Harry.

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