Chapter 2: The Beginning

The night of the dance was tonight and I was kind of freaking out about having so many dates. I was sort of hoping that maybe one or two of the boys would cancel or maybe they wouldn't be allowed to go to the dance or something so that I wouldn't have to have find out that I said yes to so many guys.

But I showed up at the dance anyway, with Rudolpha. Rudolpha was nice and she had a lot of money but she was also kind of ugly. She had long brown curly hair and kind of a big nose and her parents were always making her go to temple so she couldn't always hang out as much as I would have wanted to.

I showed up looking really cute and good looking while Rudolpha tried and did ok. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me as I entered the gym. I felt kind of shy but gave everyone a wave and they went back to what they were doing. But I soon saw all of the guys walking towards me. I hoped they wouldn't see eachother so I ducked behind a tower of balloons. I closed my eyes and put my hand over my heart and I wished that I could just go somewhere else and not have to talk to them.

And then….I was gone.