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Chapter 01

Beep. Beep. Beep

A groan came from the heavily covered bed. Cold; it was far too cold to want to move from the heating of all the blankets. The room was dark, curtains closing off the unknown condition of outside.

Beep. Beep. Beep

A hand reached out from under the covers and slapped against the side table, a voice hissing at how cold it was. The five-fingered appendage felt for the annoying sound coming from the alarm clock. Moving it around, it knocked over a dark blue cell phone, making it hit the carpet with a soft thud. The hand managed to blindly find the beeping offender and silence it.

It slipped back into the covers, delighted that it was warmed instantly. The figure in the bed moved about, turning over, trying to get comfortable again. It finally settled and tried to drift back into dreamland, but the blaring from the floor below interrupted that. The figure growled in between the third ring and threw the covers off, too angry to feel the coldness circle around it and caress the unclothed skin, the skin prickling and goose bumps forming.

The figure reached down to the floor below, feeling for the communication device and gripped it, pulling it up and pressing a button to connect the figure to whoever was on the other line.

"…Hello," the figure gruffly spoke, yawning for good measure.

"Were you asleep, kitty?" 'Kitty' groaned at the voice on the other end and made his way out of the bed and into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom.

"Yeah, what ya want?" 'Kitty' stood in front of his mirror, staring at the copy that was staring back at him. Dull, dodger blue locks in a chaos stood atop a wheat colored face. Bold and strong cerulean orbs with dark circles stared back as it trailed his eyes down the torso clothed in a three-button, long-sleeved thermal, skin only showing through the undone buttons at the top.

"It's 3, you still coming over?" The blunet frowned. All he wanted to do was pass back out on his bed, maybe grab some grub, and then sleep for the remainder of the night. "Grimm?"

"Yeah, yeah I'll be over in a bit."

"K, love ya'." He grimaced at the sickly sweet voice coming from the other line. He hated that word so much. He hated having to pretend to be…in love.

"Yeah…you too." Hanging up the phone, he set it down on the counter. Staring into the mirror, he willed himself to get ready and go.

It was Winter; chilly and freezing cold. Grimm, or Grimmjow as it was his full name, could see his own breath right in front of his face. The snow was descending from the gloomy heavens and it practically mimicked how Grimmjow was feeling - tired, dull and descending.

Life was not as good as it could be for the blunet and it showed on his face. Money was tight and every time he opened his door or answered his phone, someone was trying to get something out of him. His mother had passed away only a few weeks before and there was always some new expense that had to be paid.

It wasn't a good situation for a lowly club pianist, who really didn't have too many pennies to his name, but it was for his mother and he refused to let anyone else take care of it. He was glad he still had a job to even pay for his necessities, but sometimes he felt like the world was just digging their hands into his pitiful excuse of a piggy bank.

Grimmjow sighed as he pulled his bomber jacket tight around him. Walking in this weather wasn't a smart choice, but since his car was in the shop it was the only logical thing to do. Buses were an option, but he hated having to sit on one as the lot of passengers always stared at his unnaturally natural blue hair.

Children would come up to him, asking if his hair was made of blueberry cotton candy and elderly women always asked was he in his right mind when he dyed his hair that outrageously bright color. It got to be annoying after a while and he vowed never to step foot on a bus, unless it was a serious emergency.

He looked down at his feet, watching his snow covered black Timberland boots as they hit the ground below. He couldn't wait to get into a warm and cozy house and away from the chill. When Luppi had called him he had hoped it was to cancel their "alone time", but he guessed that was too good to be true.

The petite man would never pass up a chance to spend time with his beloved boyfriend. Grimmjow grimaced at how long he had actually been with Luppi. He couldn't believe how he dealt with the whiny feminine man for so long. Three years. Three long and stressful years. He didn't have the energy to break up with the smaller male, but he did feel bad for just leading him on.

As he made his way down the sidewalk, he caught sight of the liquor store he ventured to more than he was willing to admit. He thought that maybe he should buy some beer before heading over. Luppi didn't like when he drank, but he needed it to keep himself from thinking about the depressing parts of his life.

He groaned as he made his way into the store, feeling the warmth from the small heater on the ground at the side of the door.

"Hey, Starrk," Grimmjow spoke as he made his way to the back where the cold beers were held. He'd known Starrk since he was a teenager and they never broke off their friendship.

Starrk was laying his head over his crossed arms, pretending to sleep. He wished he could really close the shop so he could go home and sleep, but he had to pay the bills. Starrk grunted a hello when he heard his long time friend Grimmjow speak to him.

He watched as the blue haired man walked up to the counter and set down the six-pack of beer and the money to pay for it. Grimmjow chuckled when Starrk didn't even make a move to grab the money. "Starrk, you should really just go home. I doubt if anyone else will come in here. It looks like a fuckin' storm is coming."

"Yeah…you're probably right," Starrk said between yawning. He handed him a bag to put his purchase in and grunted a goodbye to Grimmjow. Taking his bag, Grimmjow waved towards the curly, brown haired man and stepped back out into the cold.

He shuddered and made his way back down the sidewalk, turning the corner and jogging across the slightly empty street to the opposite side. He passed by a couple of girls, bundled up in matching hats and scarves, giggling to each other. Making it closer to Luppi's place, he didn't pay attention and bumped into a shorter male, dropping his bag to the ground below.

"Hey, watch where you're goin', punk!" Grimmjow grumbled as he picked up his bag, hoping none of his beers had burst.

"You saw me walking here!" The voice was hoarse and sounded almost like it was being strained.

"And you saw me-" When Grimmjow rose to his full height, he looked down at the man that bumped into him and frowned. He saw eyes that were milky white and looking straight through him. Blind? Grimmjow's rage began to die in his chest and he wasn't exactly sure what to say. He looked down to his feet to see a long walking stick poking at the front of his boot.

I guess he didn't see me. Grimmjow looked back up at the face that was scowling in his direction. He was speechless, trying to figure out exactly what to say.

"I mean, uh, just be careful next time." The man's scowl deepened at the sympathy in the voice and turned around to continue his walk to where ever his destination was. Grimmjow listened as the walking stick clacked against the concrete path and disappeared after a while.

Grimmjow wasn't sure why he was still standing there looking in the direction that man was going, but something pulled at the strings of his heart, like when he found out his mother was sick. Swallowing, the blunet turned on his heel and continued on his way to Luppi's house, the blind, scowling, orange haired man still on his mind.

"Grimmmm, what took you so longggg? I've been worried sick." Luppi watched as his boyfriend came into the living room, his jacket and boots still on. He scrunched up his face in distaste and made his way over to help the blue haired man. Grimmjow had plopped down on the couch and placed the bag of beer on the coffee table, ignoring Luppi as the smaller man started pulling off his jacket.

He bent over and took off the man's shoes and threw them over to the side before standing at his normal 5'3 height and looking at Grimmjow on the couch. "Did you want something to drink? I have coffee brewing." Grimmjow grunted a yes and Luppi made his way back over to the kitchen. As he started to fiddle with the coffee maker he decided to start a conversation.

"So Grimm, what took you so long? It usually takes you only ten minutes to get here."

"Stopped by the liquor store." Grimmjow leaned back against the couch and shut his eyes. He felt one of his headaches coming on; something that had become the norm after his mother's passing. He rubbed at his temples and groaned at the discomfort.

"Is that all? It still took too long." Luppi's whiny voice was driving him crazy. He just wanted some peace and quiet for ten minutes.

"Bumped into someone on the way over. A blind guy."

"Eww, seriously? Did he even apologize?"

Grimmjow frowned, before replying. "Didn't have to. It was kind of my fault."

"What are you talking about?" Luppi came walking into the living room and sat on Grimmjow's lap, making the man gradually open his eyes. "He ran into you. if he wasn't blind, he could have seen you and it wouldn't have happened. I can't believe some people sometimes," Luppi said as he handed Grimmjow the cup of coffee.

Grimmjow's eyes flashed and he felt anger at what Luppi was implying. "So…you're saying it was his fault because he's blind?" The petite man scoffed as he rose from Grimmjow's lap.

"Of course! That kind of handicapped person isn't meant to live in this world." Grimmjow set the cup of coffee on the table in front of him and glared up at the small black haired man.

"Why are you always so fuckin' rude, Luppi?"

"What! I am not. I am just saying what everybody thinks."

"Everyone isn't thinking that."

"They are too. Everyone can't be as perfect as me and people always think the world would be better off without them." Luppi began to speak foully about all sorts of people and Grimmjow could feel his blood boiling. He wasn't the nicest guy around, but saying handicapped people aren't meant to live had to be the cruelest thing anyone could say. "Don't you agree, Grimmjow?"

"Hell no!" Grimmjow's head throbbed with so much pain that his vision was blurry. He gripped his temples, massaging them. "Why the hell would I even think that!"

"Grimm? Are you okay?" Luppi came rushing over to tend to Grimmjow, when the bigger man pushed him away.

"Don't you dare touch me." He chuckled to himself. "I'm sick of this shit, always ignoring your deceitful ways and impertinent attitude. I can't believe I dealt with it for three fucking years."


"That…that had to be the most fucked up shit you have ever said." Grimmjow rose from his seat on the couch, swaying a little at the throbbing pain, getting strong and stronger. Nausea was forming and he grunted in discomfort, but was able to make it over to where his shoes were laying and slip them on, not worrying about the shoelaces.

"Grimm, what are you doing?" The blue haired man ignored Luppi to grab his jacket and put it on. He had to get out of there before he passed out on the man's floor.

"I'm leaving. What the fuck does it look like?" Grimmjow reached into his pocket, pulling out a small purple key and dropped it on the floor. "There's your key. I won't be needing it anymore."

"Grimm! Come back here!" Grimmjow made his way to the front door, leaning against the wall to keep himself upright.

"Fuck you, Luppi. This shit between us is fuckin' over." He threw the door open and stomped his way out. He felt great about what he had just said, but the twinge in his head didn't subside. He made his way back towards his apartment, swaying as his ability to see became worse. He needed to get something to ease his pain before he fell face-forward into the snow.

After walking for about five minutes, he saw a blurry brown shape that looked almost like a bench and he made his way over, falling onto it. He sighed when his vision started to become normal again. Obviously it was bad for him to move at the moment. He lay there, staring out into the street, watching cars slowly drive by.

"Maybe I should call someone to pick me up," Grimmjow mumbled to himself. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He pressed and held a random number, hoping it was programmed for speed-dial. He put the phone to his ear, listening to the ringing. He could see his hand shaking and sighed to himself.

"Aahhh, Nnoi!" Grimmjow grimaced and pulled the speaker away from his ear. He hated when his best friend answered the phone while he was screwing. After he was sure there wouldn't be any more screaming, he put the cell phone back to his ear.

"What da' fuck, alley cat!" Grimmjow would have chuckled at the frustration in Nnoitra's voice if he hadn't been in agony at the moment. "What th' hell do ya' want, man? Can't cha see I'm busy?" He slammed into whoever was below him to prove a point, making the voice moan quietly.

"Sorry man, but I need a ride." The line was silent for a moment before Nnoitra spoke more seriously.


"Yeah, bad as hell."

"Where ya' at?"

"A few blocks away from Luppi's, laying across a bench."

"I'll be there in a bit." The line went dead and Grimmjow slipped his phone back into his pocket. A few elderly ladies walked by and asked if he needed any help. He declined and they went on their way, but not before double-checking that he was all right. It had been ten minutes and Grimmjow was wondering where the hell that stick of a man was. He watched as people passed him by, looking his way to make sure he wasn't doing something suspicious.

"Mister?" He looked up to see a little girl looking down at him. She was carrying a few bags of groceries and her body was covered in a pink winter coat, her brown hair hiding under a hat that was colored a darker shade of pink. He noticed she had big brown doe eyes.

"What ya want, kid?"

"Are you okay? You look like you're in pain," the small girl asked.

"…'m fine. Haven't your parents ever told you not to talk to strangers?"

"I…don't have any parents," she looked down at her feet, "but my brother always said to help those in need." Grimmjow looked down away from her eyes and sighed. He couldn't believe he looked so pathetic that even an unknown little girl was worried about him.

"You wanna' help me? Then get me some damn aspirin!" The girl flinched and frowned. She wasn't sure if she should say anymore, but she did anyway.

"Sorry, sir, I-I didn't mean to-"

"Look, kid, I'm sorry I snapped. I'm just having a really bad headache and it's making me a little testy."



"My brother gets them a lot too. Uhm, if you don't mind me saying, I can give you some tips on helping them." Grimmjow looked back up at her and waited for her to speak. He would try anything if it could get rid of his headaches for a while. "Well, you can try peppermint oil or tea, which usually helps my brother. I fix him a lot of different foods, but if you can't cook, than peppermint tea usually works. Fish works too, but it has to be tuna or trout and spinach works as well."

He frowned at the list of food. He loved fish, so that was a good thing to try, but he didn't even buy peppermint or any other kind of tea. He despised tea. "Thanks kid…" She smiled down at him before reaching in her grocery bag and pulling out a small white ceramic cup wrapped in cellophane. She stepped closer to the bench and placed the cup down next to Grimmjow. He frowned at it, before looking up at her.

"It's peppermint tea. I figured you might not buy some, so…Don't worry about me though, I bought a whole pack. I hope it helps you." She waved and went on her way, leaving Grimmjow to stare after her in bewilderment. He looked back down at the cup. He never understood why there weren't more people like her.

He sighed again. He guessed he could try the tea, even if he really hated it. He wanted to stay away from his prescription drugs as much as possible. He didn't need to start getting addicted to them, just because they relieved the pain. "GRIMMJOW!" Said man winced when he heard his name being yelled. He looked up to see Nnoitra standing across the street next to his car.

"Finally," he mumbled to himself. Raising himself off of the bench, he groaned at the feel of the headache coming back. He grabbed the cup, slipped it in his jacket and made his way to the car, hoping his pain would stop.

"Alright, ya' big blue cat." Nnoitra pushed Grimmjow onto his couch after finally being able to get the blunet home. He was glad that he got here before the snow started falling harder and hoped he would be able to get back home to his little blond waiting for him. "You gon' be okay by ya'self?"

Grimmjow lay across his couch, his eyes tightly shut, trying to will away the throbbing in his head. He didn't even seem to be aware that Nnoitra was staring at him with a frown. "I think I'll manage."

After Nnoitra made sure Grimmjow was okay, he left. Grimmjow lay on his couch staring at his TV. He grabbed the remote from the table and clicked the ON button, before throwing the remote back. He figured he could be lazy for a few hours before he had to go to work. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and set it down in the coffee table. He slipped his hand back into his pocket and pulled out the small cup of peppermint tea. He stared at it for a minute before rising from the couch and making his way over to the kitchen.

He set the tea down and grabbed a light blue mug with a cat face on the front from his cabinet, pulling it down and placing it next to the ceramic tea holder. He went through his other cabinet, looking for a teapot that had belonged to his mother and pulled it down. He never knew how to make tea, but if it was anything like coffee he could manage.

After getting frustrated for a while, he was finally able to make him a cup of steaming hot peppermint tea. He sat at his kitchen table, the TV sounds in the background. He raised the cup to his nose and smelled the spicy aroma of the tea and immediately remembered the same smell from the man he had bumped into earlier that day.

That fiery tangerine hair with light streaks of lemon and spots of white snow in it. That peachy skin, that looked smooth to the touch. That prominent scowl that made him look like he was angry at the world, those eyes, those bright milky white eyes that only saw darkness, and that smell. That strong smell of spicy, but delicious peppermint with an undertone of chocolate.

He had never liked when people mixed chocolate and mint together, but it worked on the orange haired man. Grimmjow sighed as he took another sip of tea. He was free from Luppi and his whiny voice and he encountered that fiery blind man. To top it all off, it seemed his headaches were subsiding. He grinned to himself. The day had started awful, but it finally turned into something decent.

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