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Experiments in the name of Science

Captain James T Kirk was sitting on the bridge, and he was Bored. With a capital 'B'. This was never usually a good sign, especially not for the people around him, as it more often than not meant that he was going to get them into some kind of trouble, and even more so when he had an Idea. Oh dear. He had a small smile on his face which meant… Yes. He had an Idea. Spock turned away from the captain and Vulcan-not-sighed. Today was not going to be a good one.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2345.7

We have been travelling through space for several months now, and nothing of interest has happened. Crew morale is running dangerously low, and I have taken it upon myself to provide some entertainment. I shall conduct some…er… experiments, which will hopefully boost spirits, enabling my crew to work at optimum efficiency. Kirk out.

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