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(Kiss me)

She grabbed his hand desperate. She only wanted to delay him a little bit more. He turned to see her surprised. Before he could even say something she kissed him. A desperate kiss, on that was looking for comfort.

He dropped the bag, which made a loud sound when it hit the ground. With his free hand he took the girl waist pulling her closer to him, while he deepened the kiss. He didn't understand what was happening, or why she kissed him like that. In any moment while they kiss he let her hand go. It was just like the hold world spin and made everything backwards.

They slowly separated when their lungs scream for some oxygen. She looked him with a small blushed, she has just act without think. Her hand move by herself and before she knew it, she was kissing him passionately. She just felt like doing it.

He stared deeply at her beautiful blue eyes. They show fear, worries and love. He separated their hands and putted his on her cheek. Winry put her over his y closed her eyes. She only wanted to make that moment to last a little longer, she wanted to him to not leave.

"Winry" she opened her eye to meet those golden orbs that hypnotized her. "I'll be back a soon as I can. I promise." He said in a whisper. She nodded resignedly. She knew Edward had to leave. He kissed her again gently.

"Take care." She said to him before he passed through the door. "I love you…" whispered sadly.