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BB: Hey Ryan, can you give me the rights to Glee?

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Naya: Sorry, but you don't own Glee.

BB: Yeah, I knew this would happen, but atleast I got to meet the Glee cast and the person who plays my favorite character.

Naya: Flattery gets you know where, but I did appreciate the comment!

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To say Santana was angry, would be a complete understatement. She was overly furious. The angry Latina couldn't comprehend that after taking Finn's virginity, he didn't follow her around school like a lost puppy. But deep down, way deep down, Santana always had a little crush on Finn, ever since the two met in 3rd grade. This is bull shit! I can't believe that he went running back to Rachel fucking Berry! Can't he see how fucking hot I am! Any guy in this school would kill to have their virginity taken by the Latina goddess. But I don't want any of the low-life guys in this crap of school. I want the guy that chose fucking Man Hands over me. Santana won't admit this to anybody, not even her girl best friend, Brittany. Santana's little secret is that she is completely in love with one Finn Hudson, ever since they first met back in elementary school.

*Flashback Sequence*

A little 8 year old girl named Santana has just moved from Mexico, to Lima, Ohio. So the little 8 year old has a little accent, she's really shy, and she doesn't know anybody. When Santana's first day of school in Lima finally arrived, she was immensely nervous. As she walked into her into her 3rd grade class, her teacher Ms. Wilson introduced her to the entire class. With Ms. Wilson's help, she lead Santana to her assigned seat. Santana noticed that the boy she was sitting to was really tall. She couldn't help, but stare at him for a really long time, wondering if he was an actual 3rd grader or a 5th grader due to his height.

"Hi, Santana! My name is Finn." he said with so much enthusiasm that it made Santana feel really welcomed. Although, she did wonder about the butterflies she got when he said her name.

"Uh, hi. My name is Santana." a really shy Santana responded with her little hispanic accent.

"I know, the teacher just introduced you, and I just said your name." Finn said, smiling his signature goofy, dimpled grin.

At that, Santana cheeks flushed a deep shade of red because she forgot about her teacher introducing her to the whole class. For the next 2 hours, Santana stayed quiet, hoping that Finn wouldn't bring up the little incident that happened to his friends. Soon the bell rang, dismissing everyone to recess. Santana walked out oto the playground and sat on the swing set alone, just watching all the other kids playing with their friends.

"Hi, Santana!" a voice said that Santana instantly recognized. The only voice she recognized was no other than Finn.

"Hi, Finn." Santana replied in a really low whisper.

"Why aren't you playing? It's recess." Finn asked.

"I don't know anybody, and I haven't made any new friends yet. I'm really shy." Santana said. At this point, she was in near tears.

"You're wrong. You already made a new friend." he said in his friendliest voice.

"I do? Who?" Santana asked looking around to see if her friends back in Mexico was here, they weren't.

"Yeah! Your my new friend. Don't tell anyone this, but can I ask you something?" Finn asked whispering into Santana's ear.

"Sure. What do you wanna ask?" Santana said, desperate to hear what Finn has to asked.

"Can I be your new best friend? Because you don't know a lot of people here, so I thought you would need one." Finn started to ramble due to his nervousness.

"Sure! I would love to be your best friend!" Santana screamed out with pure happiness.

*End of Flasback Sequence*

Santana sat on her bed as she thought about the time she met Finn. Man, it was so easy back then. I used to walk down the walls of WMHS with boys following me everywhere, constantly wanting my attention. But now, I get a slushie to the face whenever the glee club does a number or when I get a solo, which is freaking rare because of Berry getting every solo. Then there's Finn. Since he's dating Rachel, he barely notices me, he never says, "Hi", gives me hugs, or smile his special smile reserved only for me. I just can't believe that when I told him that I wanted to date him before his mom's wedding, he rejected me, not even hesistating to say, "no" claiming his love for Rachel. After the dwarf walked in, I walked out and overheard him telling Berry he loved her. It broke my heart, when said that. Santana thought to herself remembering that after she heard Finn declared his love for Rachel, she bit her toungue and held back the tears as they were about to fall. He chose me over her, again. That was the sentence Santana thought everyday night, right before she goes to sleep. Everyday she saw her best friend look at the dwarf with lovey goo-goo eyes, she felt a pang of jealousy, and a sharp stab to the heart. No wonder Santana was a bitch all the time, it was because of Finn. Sadly, the football player was unaware of Santana's feelings for him.

Every night, as she laid on her bed, she would think about the good times she and Finn had. The stupid adventures they went on, the dreams that they would dream, sleep overs, playing video games, etc. The two did everything together. As for now, they were just aware of each other, not bothering to even say a simple, "hello" to each other. They got so distant that they wouldn't even talk to each other in glee club. Santana would honestly kill to go back to the simpler times. When her, Brittany, and Quinn would be the best of friends and not argue or fight each other to stay on top of the school, when Finn would come over to her house whenever he wanted to, when Rachel wasn't in the picture, when her and Puckerman were pretty close friends and not fuck buddies, and most of all when her and Finn would always talk about each other about, well, everything. But the most amazing memory she ever had was well, freshman year, when Finn and her were still the best of friends, when her two best girl friends were inseperable and trustworthy, when her and Puck would pull pranks on Finn just to see his reaction.

*Flashback Sequence*

It was the first day of freshman year, Santana Lopez was walking down the halls with her two girl best friends, Quinn and Brittany. The three girls were walking down the halls wearing their Cheerios uniform, taunting every boy they walk by because of their Cheerio skirt pleats swaying back and forth. Santana was ecstatic for this day, she would finally see Finn again. You see, Finn and Puck went to football camp for the whole summer, she saw Puck yesterday, he bulked up that's for sure, but she wanted to see Finn. She kept wondering to herself if Finn would look somewhat the same. Before Finn left for the summer, Finn was 2 inches taller than Santana, and very lanky, she kept thinking what Finn would look like. She went to her first period class after a failed attempt to look for Finn in the high school crowd. Santana took a seat in the back with Puck sitting in front of her.

"Hey, Santana. Why did you choose to take a Spanish class? You're fluent." Puck asked.

"I wanted an easy A. And I can just daydream all day." Santana simply replied.

After the bell rang, the Spanish teacher walked through the door with a happy smile on his face. Santana was shocked that there was a smokin' hot teacher, but she definitely knew her limits. The first few minutes were spent on Mr. Shue talking about what they were going to learn this year. A very tall looking boy walked through the door with a blush starting to creep on his face.

"Sorry I'm late, Mr. Schue. Got stuck in traffic." the tall boy answered as he took a seat next to Santana.

Santana looked over to the boy with a glare. That was the seat she was saving for Finn, but that giant took it. Screw him. Santana thought to herself still glaring at him. After about a half an hour of Mr. Shue talking about this year, he let the the class talk for the next hour. Santana was grateful for that, she swore that if he didn't stop talking, she would definitely fall asleep and get on the teachers bad side. Puck turned around and bumped fist with the tall boy sitting next to Santana. She raised her eyebrows up at Puck, asking him if he knew the boy.

"Honestly, San-Tan? You don't remember your best friend since the 3rd grade? I distinctly remember you with your little accent." The tall boy asked.

"Finn! Is that really you! You're a giant! And you look really hot." Santana said. Instantly blushing as she realized she called Finn, "hot".

"Awww. Thanks for the compliment, San. And yeah, this is really me. I grew a little and gained some muscle." Finn said hugging Santana. She gladly returned the hug.

"Wow Finn. I'm impressed. You don't look awkward anymore." Santana said teasing Finn.

"Thanks Santana for the awesome compliment." Finn said with his voice dripping sarcasm.

Santana, Puck, and Finn talked about their summer and what they did. Santana thought she went through hell when she was conditioning for Cheerios, but Puck and Finn went through much worst. The two guy best friends been through so much, 2 miles in the hot sun, another 2 miles with football gear, then an hour working out pushing themselves to the max, 300 crunches, 150 crunches to the left, 150 crunches to the right, 70 pull ups, 10 minutes holding a negative plank, and 3 laps around the football field doing high knees with their football gear. By the end of the day, the guys would be super tired and they would eat so much food containing protein which caused them to bulk up. Puck and Finn were telling Santana about the time him and Puck snuck off to go buy candy to gamble on, but they almost got caught by one of their coaches. Once the bell rang, the three best friends walked out laughing about the time Finn nearly peed in his pants when Quinn, Puck, Brittany, and Santana scared him. It was like that for the whole freshman year, full of laughs and fun. But things really changed when Finn and Quinn started to date.

*Flashback Sequence Ends*

Santana was at the point of tears right now, her eyes were red and she was hugging herself trying to stay strong. Every single time when she would think back on the wonderful memories, she would end up like this, crying her eyes out, and wishing with all her might that all the pain would go away, but it never does. She liked Finn too much to move on, she loved the memories to much to forget about them. Santana knew this was not good for her so she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Since sophomore year, she looked the same whenever she saw herself in the mirror, the only emotion that was displayed on the Latina's face was hate. Hate for Finn and Rachel being together, hate for Rachel, hate for her life being like this, hate for herself because she let this happen to herself. If she didn't hide her feelings for Finn, she would probably be with him right now. She regretted that mistake since Quinn and Finn got together.

She washed herself up and changed into a pair of PJ's. Usually she would were something like lingerie, but that was for when she was with some guy doing "it". Now she gave up on all the low-level guys, hoping that one day Finn would come to his right mind and know that the girl that will truly love him, would be the girl he's been friends with for years. Santana now wears a pair of normal blue plaid PJ bottoms, and an over-sized T-shirt of Finn's that she stole during freshman year. Somehow whenever she wore the over-sized T-shirt, she felt Finn's arms wrap around her body, whispering sweet nothings to her. Santana could even smell Finn's scent, it always smelled like pine, her favorite smell on the earth. I have to find a way to get Finn back. Even if I have to tell Berry about that night in the motel. The next time she really pisses me off, I'll let the secret loose. Santana thought to herself with a mischievious smile. Then her smile disappeared when she thought about the consequences, she would really lose Finn if she told Berry about their night. He would probably never talk to her again and Santana doesn't want that. She then started to think of a different plan to win Finn's heart. Her phone rang, pulling Santana away from her plan making. That's weird, I don't usually get a lot of texts anymore. Santana thought to herself with curiosity showing in her eyes. She picked up her phone and saw that she got a text from Finn. Santana opened Finn's text and it read:

Frankenteen: Santana, can you go on Facebook? I really need to talk to you. :) - Frankenteen.

The Latina took her time debating whether should should go on Facebook and talk to Finn. It's been a really long time since he's sent me a message that he signed with his nickname I gace him when we started to hang out. Santana let out a sish as she took her laptop on her desk and plopped onto her bed logging onto her Facebook account. Once she signed on, she got rid of all her notifications that were filled of Rachel tagging her in every pic she appeared on. Berry is too full of herself. She only tags the background people just to make them feel included. I can honestly care less. Santana thought, rolling her eyes at Rachel's attempt to include everyone in. She then got a message, and the name on the royal blue bow, was no other than, Finn Hudson.

Finn: Hey, San-Tan :)

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