Of Love and FanFiction.

Summery: Inspired by canon, fanon and crack pairings of Total Drama, several one shots of love for couples no matter how strange.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Total Drama Series.

Alright, another project of mine…I'll never know when to stop.

Right, I though of this today at work, I thought about how everyone here has preferences, we all have our favourite characters of Total Drama and favourite couples, and that may not suit the needs of other people.

For example, as you may or may not know I am an avid Bridgette and Geoff fan, I have been since I watched the very first episode of Total Drama Island and always plan to be a fan of theirs, some people reading this may look at it and think that they are the worst paring on the show and they both could do better.

Another good example would be the famous Courtney/Duncan/Gwen/Trent square, I've noticed that they are the most pivotal stories on this website, nearly most of them are based around one of those, I have no problem with that, I am in fact a Courtney/Duncan fan and a Gwen/Trent fan…however I am slowly leaning towards Courtney/Trent and Gwen/Duncan is a guilty pleasure.

You must be wondering where I'm going with this…well that is pretty simple:

I want us all as a Total Drama Community to be a lot more open minded about things!

Because we all have our preferences about our favourite couples we're all a little blind to notice other people's good works, I'm guilty of that too and I know I am, as soon as I read a story that either breaks Bridgette and Geoff up or they are not together in the first place I'm switched off.

But doing that we're all missing great talent here…and that is not what FanFiction is about.

So, how can you all come into this? Well, depending how many people show an interest to this then I want everyone to join me in writing a One-Shot about a certain Total Drama Couple every now and then.

Every month or so (depending on the results) I will announce a brand new couple, and it's up to you to write a One-Shot about the said couple. Then to make it a little more fun, I then want you guys to choose another authors' One-Shot and review that, or as many as you like!

Make sense…probably not, but hey ho, I just want to know if people fell the same way about this as I do, I just suppose I want everyone to bond a little more and get more involved in people's stories.

This is all coming from the World's Worst Reviewer…I want to be a better reviewer because I know I'm missing out there.

So, let's kick things off shall we?

I want you all to send in a Review letting me know if you are interested in taking part in this challenge, any kind of author and any kind of style can enter, that's all apart of the fun!

Then, a bit like my reviewer influenced story 'We're Getting Married', you can vote for your favourite Total Drama couple, and we may do that One-Shot next.

Please, please show an interest in this…another reason why I'm doing this is to beat down some of the infamous 'Troll' stories that are going around, I want to be in a tighter community that can stamp this kind of thing out and can't do it alone.

So, submit a review letting me know if you are interested and I will update more information soon.

PM me if you're unsure of anything

Much Love to you All.

Sakura Blossom Storm.