Alright! So the end of the month is really near and so far the people that have entered this month are as follows:





And…that's it? Only five? Come on guys! We need to try a lot harder than this! You were all so keen at the start of this and it really has gone downhill! Come on and try a little harder!

I hate to be a bit of a nag but otherwise I fell like I'm doing this for nothing so…let me know that you're still interested in this and write a One-shot for me…please?

The nagging's over now…I promise. Just please try a little harder with this, for me?

Anyway, I'm going to keep this open for a little longer to see if I get any more entries, plus I've got some things to do this week so I might not get to write my One-Shot for a few more days.

And, I'm going to see Glee Live tomorrow! And I'm so excited! :D

Also, GwendolynD sent in a review asking about the challenge for this month and sorry for not making it clearer…

With this challenge it can have anything to do with Heaven or Hell, so it can be both or one.

Like for example you can do a story about just about Heaven, or you can do a story just about Hell. As long as it's about one of them its fine.

I don't want to give too much away but the One-Shot I'll be doing at the end of the month will be just about Heaven, so, do with that what you will!

It will be open for another week or so just so we can get a few more entries. So please do enter, if I'm not satisfied by this month then I might make the next round the last…sorry.

So please help me out here. Thanks

Sakura Blossom Storm.