I had waited sixteen years for this.

Pretty soon it would happen.

Pretty soon I would be everything I ever wanted to be.

Pretty soon I would be no longer considered a child.

Pretty, that's what I was going to become.


At the age of sixteen everyone would go through a surgery to become pretty.

So instead of spending my birthday with my friends playing tricks.

I was going to spend my birthday unconscious in an operating theater.

Having my skin peeled away, my bones grinded down.

My teeth pulled out and fake but nicer ones put it.

I would have my finger nails pulled off and they would be replaced.

Even my eyes were going to be changed.

My hair was going to be made perfectly straight and would be longer.

My one request to my surgeon.

"I want green eyes" I said before they started pumping the pain killers and other drugs to knock me out. "Do you have a preferred shade in mind?" the surgeon asked nicely.

"Yes, I want cat green, I don't care what else you do with me, just give me my green eyes please" I said. If I would have realized how vain that request was, I wouldn't have made it.

But it was considered normal to want something in your aprance that you did not have.

If you where happy with the way you where, they thought you were crazy.

But right then and there if David would have burst through those doors and asked me if I wanted to stay ugly.

I would have blinked a few times and call for help.

But now if he would give me that chance I would take it in a heartbeat.

You're wondering where I'm coming from with this and everything.

Well what I thought would be a normal life ended up to be one of the most bizarre yet wonderful life anyone could have ever wished for.

If you're crazy enough.

"Megan" a voice called.

"Megan" a voice called again.

I felt dizzy.

I opened my eyes and slowly sat up.

Smiling down was the surgeon.

"You got your green eyes just like you said Megan" he said handing me a mirror.

My skin yelled with pain.

It felt like I had fallen asleep on the beach.

I felt like a littlie.

I looked into the mirror and saw this dark haired beauty with shining green eyes.

"And if you change your mind, just come to the hospital and we can resurge them" he said smiling.

The doctor was handsome.

But not in the dreamy way.

Like any other middle pretty he had a face that anyone could trust.

My crumblies had that face.

Speaking of my parents Jan and Adam walked up smiling broadly.

"Well, our only daughter is now a beautiful pretty" Jan said.

"Your little brother is so excited to see you" Adam said smiling back.

They left eventually.

I was left to my own devices inside of a spacious dorm room.

With a hole in the wall that gave me what I wanted.

All I had to do was ask nicely and describe it with detail.

Not so hard.

I tried it out when I decided it was time to lose the boring grey cotton dress they gave me before I left. "Skinny jeans with a pair of black boots and black halter top" I said.

The light blinked and it booted up and then out came the neatly folded clothing.

I put it on and found everything fit perfectly.

I grabbed a hair band and tied my new long straight hair up.

I wasn't doing anything super fancy today.

Just me getting use to this town.

I started by taking a walk.

The place seemed to be deserted besides a couple or two walking around.

Some having picnics in a pleasure garden.

One group of pretties where swimming in a pool.

I shuddered and backed away from the pool.

I hated water so much.

I walked on and on until I saw a group of pretties floating on hover boards.

I gazed at the hover boards curiously.

I loved hover boarding.

I smiled to myself and ran back to my dorm and soon had my hover board under my arm and was walking outside.

I kicked it to life as I leapt on.

I thought I would feel uneasy on the hover board but instead I felt surer of myself then I have ever had on a hover board.

Due to my new muscles.

Ignoring the burning all over my body I leaned forward.

I shot through the trees.

I laughed joyfully as I zoomed around.

But I noticed something odd.

Every time I saw the rare hover boarder they were just floating with the breeze.

Maybe that was the way to do it in new pretty town.

I slowed down in the public places not wanting to look stupid.

But the moment I got into the woods I would speed up again.

I closed my eyes and let the feel of my hair whipping around my head.

I pulled my hair out of its tight hold and allowed it to fly everywhere.

My board buzzed and I got a warning ping.

I was entering restricted area.

I halted and turned sharply.

I flew up a few feet and then zoomed off in the opposite direction.

When I got back to my dorm I sighed.

I did not have any friends in or out of pretty town.

I had always been a loner.

So I guess I wasn't going to be getting into any of the big bashes.

But it wouldn't hurt to try out a few hotspots tonight.

After doing my research I found a few cliques I might want to consider joining.

One was a fashion clique.

I had always had a thing for fashion but couldn't really shine into that area.

Dorm uniforms where to be worn all the time.

There was a clique all about hot air balloons.

The hot-airs or something like that.

One clique caught my eye in particular.

The crims.

Let's pause the story for a moment.

If I had known what was in store for me with the crims.

I would have ran even faster to them.

If I had known where it would lead me, I wouldn't have wasted my time in the fashion clique.

I nodded and got up and decided the fashion clique was good enough for me.

I checked the feeds and found they where partying at Valentino mansion.

They were having a formal.

Perfect, formal was my good spot.

I smiled and got to work on a new dress design.

My alarm pinged me at seven warning me I had to get ready for nine.

I bravely got up and inserted the memory stick I had saved the design on into a slot in my wall.

The whole in the wall hummed slightly and out came everything in the design.

I then laid it on the bed and showered.

I got dressed and styled my hair and did my makeup carefully.

I sighed and nervously left my dorm.

In the elevator a few pretties where laughing and talking.

They stopped talking when they saw me and their faces twisted in shock.

I looked down self consciously.

I had messed up.

They stared at me as I walked out of the elevator.

The walk down to the bash was the same.

People stopping their conversations to stare at me.

I breathed in deeply at the door.

The pretties at the door where to shocked to say anything so I dove in.

they probably let me in just for everyone's amusement.

I could see it now.

The rumors.

"Hey did you hear about that new pretty who came to a fashion cliques bash in out clothing? She was hideous!" the imaginary person in my head repeated this to me.

I walked into a hallway and looked into a mirror that was hanging in the hall.

There stood a girl with her long brown hair with a reddish tint was shining in the light.

It was neatly put up.

Her green eyes glowed, the golden specks shone.

She had eyeliner on that emphasized her eyes.

Her face paler then anyone could imagen.

Her lips perfectly red and round.

Her long green dress that touched the ground and hid her flats rippled down her in such a way it looked like a green waterfall.

The color of the dress also matched her eyes perfectly.

It looked fine to me, but I guess I wasn't meant to be in a fashion clique.

I sighed and walked to a party tower.

I sat there on a balcony watching the sky line.

"Hey! You! Come here" someone shouted.

I turned and saw two girls smiling at me.

I looked around and saw I was the only one on the balcony.

I shyly stepped forward.

"You have to come with us!" one of the girls said grabbing my hand and pulling me.

They pulled me through the party tower and onto the roof.

There a group of pretty girls and handsome guys stood waiting.

They all had sky blue on.

I gulped nervously.

The girls had bought me here to be ridiculed and made the laughing stock.

"Angie look what we found!" one girl said.

"It's that little mouse everyone has been whispering about" the other said.

A very pretty girl looked up from her date and her face froze in shock.

She walked forward and circled me.

"Where did you get this design?" she asked.

"I.i.i made it I" I said.

The girl named Angie nodded to herself.

"The makeup?" she asked.

"I did it myself" I muttered looking down.

"Well, I guess you will do, welcome to the clique" she said smiling.

I did not know what to think.

I nodded and smiled weakly.

Angie grabbed some Champaign off a tray and handed it to me.

"Loosen up Hun, this is a bash get drunk" she said.

I smiled and sipped the sweet drink.

The two girls from before cheered and clapped me on the back.

Everyone pressed in to welcome me.

I introduced myself and they were surprised this was my first night out.

"Thanks for letting me in Angie, I appreciate it" I said.

She smiled and went back to her date.

He was extremely handsome.

He nodded to me and winked before turning his attention to Angie.

"I can't believe you guys let me in" I said to the two girls from before.

"Well how could Angie not let you in? You're extremely pretty; I'm surprised the pretty committee let you out of the hospital! I think your prettier than any other pretty out hear" one said.

"Ya, come on look in the mirror and then at us and tell us your not prettier" the other said.

"But Angie acted like I was the lowest form allowed in, she acted like I barely made It in" I said.

"Ignore her, she is jealous. She did not want us in at first because we are twins." They both said.

I looked at both girls carefully.

There red hair was two tints away.

One darker than the other.

Their eyes where similar but one darker blue then the other.

They both had the same facial features but different cheek bones.

They must have been identical before the operation.

"why dose you two being twins make it bad?" I asked.

"twins are hot these days, and anything that could be considered hotter or prettier then her she dosent like. She had to let us in so her clique would have good credit. She sees your pretty so she made it seem like your some lucky little rat who is her new dress up doll. But in honesty you're a sweet cute mouse" the girl with the darker eyes said.

"I'm bree" the one with darker hair said.

"And I'm Ashley" the one with the dark eyes said.

I smiled.

The rest of the night was one long party.

The sun was rising when I stumbled home with bree and Ashley singing some popular song on either side of me.

"Hello ladies" a group of boys jeered at us.

"Oh go get a life" Ashley laughed.

"You told them Ashley" bree laughed.

"This is my dorm" I said grinning stupidly.

"Cool! We don't remember where are dorm is" Ashley and bree giggled together.

"Then come crash with me" I yelled out grabbing their hands.

"Okay! Floor is rather cozy" bree joked.

I woke up around five p.m snuggled in-between the twins.

I groaned as I sat up.

I had a headache.

Bree got up next and she stumbled over to the lights and turned them on.

I closed my eyes "turn it down" I complained.

"We got to wake up" she mumbled.

"Bree I'm going to kill you if you don't turn those lights off now" Ashley said from under the covers. "Shut up ash" bree said.

Fifteen minutes later a service tray came in loaded and Ashley and I where finally sitting up.

"Hear drink this Megan, it will help" bree said handing me a bloody Mary.

"More alcohol?" I asked.

"Yea weird huh? But it will stop the room from spinning" she said sipping her own.

Ashley was chugging hers down more than sipping it.

The bloody did make the room stop spinning.

"Wow, why do you guys do this every night?" I groaned standing up.

I was still wearing the dress from last night.

My hair was tangled and messy.

"Because it is fun while doing it, hangovers are just a bad part" bree said stretching.

"Well, I'm crashing again" I mumbled.

"No you're not, we have a bash tonight" Ashley said grabbing my wrist.

"Casual" bree said.

"Maybe we should shower then" I said trying to ignore the dull ache.

"We are going to our dorm, tonight's color is green in your honor" bree said.

"See you there" Ashley said smiling.

They left and I showered and dressed.

For the next two months this is how I was.

Partied then woke up feeling like shit and partied until I couldn't feel anything.

This was a good life, or so I thought.

But then I had a run in with the crims.

I got out of the fashion clique.

Then began my rebellious life that would change the globe.

That would help change how people thought.

That would change me forever.