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It was about noon when there was a knock at the door, looking up from the book she was reading, Kelly called for the person to enter and closed her book absent mindedly. The door swung fully open and Annabelle strode into the room, turning to meet Kelly's gaze.

"Flash is here. He wants to see you." She said simply. Kelly let out a quiet groan and rolled her eyes.

"What does he want?" She was silently hoping the meeting would be simple and brief.

"No idea." Annabelle replied, "I didn't stick around long enough to find out. The Totties' behaviour was starting to sicken me." She heaved a sigh and dropped herself onto Kelly's bed.

"Behaviour?" Kelly questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, behaviour" the younger girl answered with narrowed eyes and a sickened look. "You know the usual; flirting, giggling and twittering on about one thing or another. They are only doing it to get something out of him, and the stupid fucker is falling for it." She laughed slightly at the end of her statement but it was an emotionless laugh, a cold laugh.

"What are they after?" Kelly kept her voice calm and even, not letting panic show across any of her features. The thing about the Totties was that they could easily get most things themselves, what with being as slutty as they are, but to get Flash to get it for them it must either be very dangerous or very hard to get. Kelly knew this and it worried her.

"No idea, like I said, I didn't stick around long enough." Annabelle looked straight at Kelly, un-blinking. Kelly used to be able to read Annabelle like a book, but lately, it was getting more and more difficult to figure out what the girl was thinking.

The head girl let out a soft sigh before saying "okay, tell him I will be down in a minute. Thanks Annabelle." and with a small smile watched as Annabelle walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind her. Kelly wasn't sure why, or how, but she missed the old Annabelle, the Annabelle that wanted, no, needed to be reassured. The Annabelle who craved praise from authority figures. The Annabelle who actually gave a damn about the things and people around her. Kelly wasn't sure why but she hated what Annabelle had become, despised the coldness of the girl. It wasn't normal, it wasn't right.

"She says she will be down in a minute." Annabelle called down the stairs to Flash as she descended. She didn't even look at him as she passed him towards the main hall, making a mental note to ask the Totties what they were after.

"Annabelle! Wait!"

Pausing and gritting her teeth slightly, Annabelle turned on the spot and walked back towards Flash, stopping when there was roughly a metre between them. She was impatient and wanted to leave, she wanted to get away, from him, from everything.

"I was wonderin' if you'd like ter go an grab a drink with me at some point?" His words seemed to tumble out of his mouth, each one tripping over the last in a rush to get them all out. Everybody around them stopped at his words, turning to look at him, and then at Annabelle. They were all silent and waiting, watching with no embarrassment to the scene unfolding in front of them.

"I thought you were into Kelly, Flash?" Annabelle inquired. "After all that was the impression I, and most of the student body, got after the numerous times you have asked her out and stopped to check out her ass as she walks." Her eyebrow rose at her comment, challenging him to prove otherwise, daring him to tell her she was wrong. It wasn't that she disliked Flash, no, he was friendly enough and he had his uses. What Annabelle disliked was the effect he had on the majority of the other girls in St Trinian's. The way the girls acted around him and spoke about him, she just didn't see what was so appealing in him, what was so attractive. To Annabelle, whenever Flash was around, the only two people in the entire school that had their heads straight were her and Kelly, everyone else seemed to lose all purpose and common sense when he was around, two things you should never let go of in St Trinian's.

"Ah, yeah, well…" He was stuttering, trying to figure to what to say to her response, trying to think on his feet. "I know I don't really have a shot with Kel, an you're a nice girl, jus' thought it would be fun is all." He ran a hand through his hair and shuffled a lot as he spoke, praying he hadn't cocked up.

Everyone around them looked as though they were watching a soap opera, mouths agape and eyes bulging, however, unknown to everyone at the foot of the stairs, Kelly stood at the top, half hidden in the shadows. She had been watching along with everyone else, just not quite so obviously.

"Wow Flash, second best. Nice one." Annabelle's voice was cold and dripping with sarcasm. "Sorry but no, Flash. You're not my type." And with her final word she turned and walked straight into the main hall without a backwards glance. The muttering and whispering followed Annabelle into the hall but the girl did not bat an eyelid to the hushed tones of her peers.

Kelly stood still at the top of the stairs, replaying the scene in her mind's eye, trying and failing to figure the girl out. It had only been a few weeks since the heist and in the weeks following up to it, her and Annabelle had become good friends, they became close, closer then Kelly had let anyone before. But in the last couple of weeks Annabelle had become withdrawn and cold, never letting anyone in, never letting anything slip. Her smile had become rehearsed and fake and Kelly hadn't heard the girl give a real laugh in days. Something had happened, something was wrong and Kelly knew she needed to find out what, before Annabelle did something she would regret.

Kelly had quickened her pace slightly as she walked down the stairs towards the dumbfounded Flash. Removing any hint of amusement from her face or voice at his rejection she stopped next to him, getting his attention immediately.

"What's up Flash?"

"Nuthin' Kel. Nuthin'. Someone has placed a big order of vodka. More than the usual amount. Some Russian party I fink. The normal batch won't cover it. I'm gunna need just over double that amount for next Friday. Is it gunna be possible?" Flash's voice was all business as he spoke to Kelly, clearly trying to forget Annabelle's comments to him.

'A refreshing change' she thought to herself. "I can't see any reason why not. It should be do-able. It will most likely be ready mid next week. I will set the twins on it this evening." She flashed him a heart stopping smile as she spoke, he nodded and left the school as quickly as physically possibly, knocking over matron in the process.