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Annabelle watched Kelly drive away with a sad sort of smile. Since Annabelle accepting Flash's offer of a drink, she felt like she saw less and less of Kelly, she felt like the head girl was avoiding her. However when the two were together, there was nothing different between them, they were the same as always. Turning away from the retreating vehicle, Annabelle walked back into her beloved school. Celia and Andrea had already returned to the dorms and were lounging in their respective areas when Annabelle arrived. She lightly sat on her bed, listening to the eerie silence that covered the school, as though someone had wrapped the stone walls with a thick woolen blanket to block out the noise. This new found silence in St Trinian's was unfamiliar to her, the lack of sound inside the school walls usually meant attack was approaching and to put yourself on guard; however, with so many students gone for the half term, a full force attack did not seem likely and so Annabelle let herself relax. Andrea looked over towards the young girl, noting how naive someone could be in their youth. Over the last two weeks, Andrea and Annabelle had become good friends, a friendship that seemed impossible at the start, to onlookers, had grown and survived between two people that could not be more different. Kelly was good friends with all the tribe leaders, however her friendship with Andrea seemed weaker than the rest. Kelly had known Taylor and Polly since they were first years, the three had quickly become good friends with no stereotypes or groups to separate them. In their second year, Celia and Chelsea became first years, although they were a year younger than the other three, they too became good friends. Andrea had not joined St Trinian's until Kelly, Taylor and Polly were in their third year and starting to choose their styles and groups. Andrea recalled with a slight laugh at how she had come to St Trinian's with a look already in place, she had already created herself by the time she had stepped foot in those famous halls and fitted in straight away with the group that was, back than, labeled 'Goths'. Although she had become friends with Kelly and Polly almost straight away, the groups separated them, causing their friendship to grow weaker then the friendships Kelly held with the others. Taylor had hated Andrea since she first set eyes on her, she already had the fine makings of a Chav, and her disgust for the Goth that had joined St Trinian's simply sealed her fate with the group of girls. Andrea didn't dislike Taylor because she was a Chav, she disliked Taylor because the girl had judged her and stereotyped her before speaking a single word to her, she couldn't understand how someone could dislike another being so much before getting to know them, but rather than talk to Taylor about her immediate disdain, she simply fought fire with fire and answered the girls snide remarks with cutting words of her own. Bringing herself back to the present, Andrea silently walked over to Annabelle, sitting herself beside the young girl. Giving her a gentle prod in the side, the young Fritton giggled slightly before looking at Andrea with a weak smile.
"What was that for?"
"You looked like you could use a smile. Annabelle, when Kelly comes back, you need to tell her."
Annabelle looked down at her lap sullenly, Andrea had been persistent with this, she just wouldn't let the topic go. When the emo had asked Annabelle why she had said yes to Flash, the girl had given her the truth, explained to her that she needed a sign of Kelly's feelings. This just seemed to fuel Andrea's argument, saying that she was sure Kelly felt the same and insisting that Annabelle was hurting her by doing this. However, Annabelle refused to listen to this argument, saying that she had no proof Kelly felt this and to let it go. Now, Annabelle Fritton looked back up at the emo with a fire in her eyes.
"Well if it seems so important to you then why don't you fucking tell her!" Annabelle's harsh tone made Andrea cringe, but she stared back at the girl with a determined look.
"Well? Why don't you Andrea? Since you care so much about it! Go on! Ring her up!" Andrea looked down at her hands and muttered something incoherent, her hair shielding her face from the eyes of the fuming girl.
"Sorry... Didn't quite catch that. Could you repeat it?" Although her words were polite, her voice was cold and heartless as her eyes stared daggers at the girl before her.
"I CAN'T!" The emo's head had snapped up her eyes were staring back at Annabelle, reflecting the look of the young girl.
"And why not?"
"Because Polly told me not to."
"And since when did you listen to the geeks?" Annabelle was starting to get suspicious now, curious. Her harsh tone had dropped but she kept the note of authority in her voice, the note that Kelly had taught her so well, the note that made people tell the truth whether they liked it or not. Andrea could feel the words being dragged from her lips and damned the day Annabelle Fritton had walked into this school. She sat there with her mouth clamped shut, refusing to say another word, but Annabelle took a guess, managing to get it in one.
"If you're doing as Polly tells you then you're not doing it out of free will, i mean, its you, Andrea. You don't listen to anyone except Kelly." Quickly Annabelle stood up and started pacing left and right in front of her bed, stringing things together in her mind. "That must mean she has something on you. Something worthy of blackmail." Annabelle stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the emo, her face softened and the fire in her eyes was extinguished and replaced with a caring look.
"Andrea, what does Polly have on you? Please tell me, i wont say a thing, I'm your friend, you can trust me." with a slight plea in her voice she sat back down next to the emo, but still, Andrea did not talk. Annabelle tried again, this time hinting her voice with authority. "Andrea, come on. The geeks should not have that kind of blackmail power over you unless you have something on them too." With a soft sigh, Andrea looked at Annabelle and let the words slip from her lips.
"My mum is a Chav. Polly threatened to tell Taylor and the rest of her Chavtastic little friends about it if i didn't keep my mouth shut around Kelly and everyone else that you liked her. She said that it had to come from you, no one else." Annabelle suppressed a giggle, knowing that now was not the time to laugh. She had known that Andrea and her mum did not see eye to eye, and that her mum did not approve of her chosen style, but she had never guessed this. Andrea had never hidden her style from her mum, and her mum had never tried to make her change it, but the differences between them drove the two apart. Andrea preferred to stay at school during most of the holidays and when she was home, her mum stayed well out of her way. Annabelle made a mental note to talk to Polly about her not using some ones family situation as blackmailing power and hugged the emo, murmuring promises secrecy and whispering apologies until Andrea felt better about the situation and walked away to find the younger years that had decided to stay at school for their half term.
Absent mindedly, Annabelle looked at the photo on her dressing table, she loved that photo, a thousand feelings and words captured in a split second moment. However a second item distracted her attention, a foreign item, something that was not usually there. On closer inspection she saw it was a piece of paper, a note, and underneath it was money. Notes of cash, just sitting there as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Baffled, she leaned in closer for a better look, as though to check it were real. Annabelle had had pocket money as a child, like any other, but never had she had so much money in one go, and it looked as though there were about £500 pounds just sitting there, waiting for her. She was so shocked by this discovery, she had not even noticed the other little item left there for her, the other little item that you would never find on Annabelle Fritton's bed side table. Hesitantly, she picked up the piece of while paper and unfolded it, hand trembling, and began to read.


Shocked? I thought so. I took the money out of daddy dearest's wallet when he came to pay us a little visit. I figured you'd put it to better use than he ever would. And anyway, after what he did, i thought you deserved it. Spend it, bet it, do what you will with it, its yours to use as you please. I have also left you the key to my room, just in case you need to get away for a bit, you know how to keep people out of there... Remember? Don't lose it though, that my key and if you do lose it, you wont be paying with money... If you get my drift. Call me if there are any problems. And don't let Andrea kill the younger ones... Or use them as sacrifices. Keep my bed warm for me Fritton.

Lots of love
Kelly x x x

Kelly never failed to amaze her, as she smiled affectionately at the letter and picked up the key, holding the cool metal in her hand, she felt like her head girl was never that far away after all. The smile still lingering on her lips, she deposited the money in her sock drawer, promising herself to count it later, and made her way out of the dorm and towards the head girls room. The sun was setting over the grounds of St Trinian's, leaving colors of red's and orange's to litter the sky, visible through the windows in the hallways of the school. In the head girls room, Annabelle sat on the bed and placed the key and note on the side. Lying down, she could smell Kelly on the pillows, the smell of her shampoo and conditioner mixed with the scent of her skin and perfume. It startled Annabelle that she could tell the difference between the three, but she didn't dwell on the thought as sleep claimed her for the night.

Andrea was doing a good job of keeping the younger girls in line. For a moment, she thought that being head girl was easy and that anyone could do it, but then the cold hard truth came crashing back to her, realizing that there was only five girls she had to keep an eye on, where as Kelly had to watch out for hundreds; she was only dealing with a miniscule percentage, and she suddenly had a new found respect for their head girl. Andrea was in charge of one first year, one second year, two fourth years and one fifth year. It was the two fourth years, however, that caused her the most trouble. One Chav and one Emo, in the same year. The worst combination you could have. The Chav was Alison Brewer, however she disliked her name and was known as 'Ali' among the students and teachers of St Trinian's. She was the girl that always had a prank hidden up her sleeve, always had a trick to play on some poor, unsuspecting victim and rebelled against any authority figure that tried to force her into line. The Emo was Rowena Alexandra. Generally a quiet girl, her pale flawless skin and perfect features gave her a look of innocence, but looks could be deceiving, once fired up, the girl had a hot temper and was not one to be crossed on a bad day. The two girls had been best friends during their first and second years. They spent every moment they had together and loved each others company. However in their third year, everything went downhill for the two girls. They had always assumed they they would like the same things, be in the same groups and have the same friends. But as they got older, Ali started listening to Beyonce, wearing track suits and popping gum, where as Rowena got into rock music, loved her Criminal Damage clothing and chose big black eyeliner over sparkly pink eyeshadow. They couldn't help liking different things, it was just who they were. But when it came to the point that they were welcomed into their different groups with open arms, they knew it was the end. Not because Chav's and Emo's hated each other, but because both had felt let down by the other. They each swore to the other that no matter what group they went into, they would be together. When Rowena didn't decide to become a Chav, Ali was furious at how her best friend could abandon her like that, how she could completely disregard her promise. And when Ali didn't become an Emo, Rowena was hurt at how her friend could let her down and forget about her. Each girl held a grudge against the other for those exact reasons and their friendship died, leaving the girls with only their memories of those happy times.
The weather was getting colder and the season was switching into winter. For the first two days of the half term break the skies opened and unleashed its load onto the earth. rain hammered onto the windows with dull thuds. However, Monday afternoon brought a ray of sunshine to the grounds of St Trinian's, one of the last bright days England would see until early spring. The rain had stopped falling and the sun bounced off the rain drops still clinging to the leaves on the trees and blades of grass. It was exactly a day like this that classed as a 'bad day' for Rowena. Staring venomously out the window of the fourth year dorm, she narrowed her eyes at the sky and cursed the heavens above for such a bright day. She did not consider it beautiful like most other people, she believed that beauty lay in the pounding rain and lightening that ripped through the sky, causing screams amongst small children. So it was no wonder, when Ali came through the door her music so loud on her iPod, you could hear Katy Perry singing Fireworks through the headphones, Rowena just snapped.
"Could you either turn that shit DOWN or OFF! Before i come over there and do it for you!" She had turned herself fully to face the target of her anger, glaring at the Chav that had, in one split second, become the victim of her fury. Ali simply removed each headphone from her ear, slowly, taking her time, she pressed the pause button on her iPod, wound the headphones round the little device and looked at the emo, smirking.
"Wot? Sorry, did ya say sumfink?"
Rowena glared and turned back to the window. Muttering under her breath. Ali let her signature smirk linger across her features, figuring out the best way to go about her attack.
"So, Rowena Ravenclaw. Hows tha' dead toda-"
"I told you not to call me that!" Her words came out in a snarl as she turned back to the Chav, a threat written clear across her features.
"Buh tha's your name innit? Rowena Ravencl-" Ali couldn't finish her sentence as she was cut off by the young emo girl, jumping up from her seat and shouting at the top of her lungs.
"SHUT UP ALISON!" Ali was so startled by the sudden outburst, she was temporarily lost for words, giving Rowena a chance to jump in with a come back.
"What about your name? Brewer! Is your father a drunk or something? Works with alcohol by any chance?"
"Ma name ain't Alison! Its Ali! And, ma dad works high up in da government, fanks very much! So I'd shut ma mouth if i were you, yeah!" Ali took a threatening step towards Rowena, making her intentions clear.
"I'd like to see you make me. Better get all your fighting out of your system, aren't you due to start having kids next year? Chav's like you breed like rabbits!"
"Righ'! Dats it! These hoops are coming out now! Im'a send you six feet under lil' emo kid. Dats where you wanna be init? Your goal in life is to die!" Ali started unclipping her gold hoops from her ears, serious about her threat.
Rowena's shouting had carried through the walls of St Trinian's to the sixth form dorm. Alerting Andrea, Annabelle and Celia to the argument that was taking place. With one look at each other, Andrea and Annabelle hurried out of the room towards the source of the commotion, entering the dorm just as Ali was chucking her hoops onto the nearest bed and advancing on Rowena. Taking one look at the situation, Andrea walked straight towards Rowena and stood behind her, turning on the Chav.
"Trust you to pick a fucking argument Alison!" Being an emo herself, Andrea immediately went to defend her own, instantly blaming the Chav when the two older girls really had no idea who had started it. Knowing that Andrea would not let an emo take the fall against a Chav, Annabelle sighed softly and stepped in, taking charge. She knew Kelly had left Andrea in charge because she was the oldest, but when it came to this, she didn't have any choice. Andrea would thank her for it later.
"Right. Ali, go and help Miss Dickinson, i think she is in the English room sorting through the works of Shakespeare, go and give her a hand." Annabelle looked at the Chav, her voice full of authority.
"I didn' start it. It wos her! Punish her!"
"Now Ali!"
"You ain't head girl anyway. You cant tell me wot to do!" Ali turned on Annabelle, defiant and rebellious. She did not like being told what to do, especially from some former Cheltnem snob.
With a raised eyebrow Annabelle removed her phone from her pocket and dialed a number, raising the phone to her ear and waiting. Ali was bewildered by this change of action but went along with it, holding her chin high and narrowing her eyes. After a couple of seconds Annabelle let a smile cross her lips, her eyes sending a death glare at Ali.
"Hey Kelly. I was wondering if you could have a word with a stuck up, ignorant Chav who goes by the name of Ali." Her smile widening even further, she nodded and then held the phone out to Ali, indicating that she should take it. Ali didn't know whether the girl was bluffing or if she had actually called the head girl, but she didn't want to find out. Glaring once more at Annabelle, the Chav stomped from the room to help the English teacher, leaving the other three in the dorm. Annabelle held the phone up to one ear and happily said "Hang on, lets see if the other one gives us any trouble." before rounding on Rowena.
"You can go and help Miss Cleaver clean the hockey sticks, unless you want to stick around and talk to Kelly. She's not very happy we disturbed her holiday." With wide eyes, the emo instantly ran off to complete her punishment before the phone could be forced onto her. Smiling to herself, Annabelle muttered an apology into the phone, said goodbye and hung up, turning to a bewildered Andrea. The head emo was so lost in what had happened, she forgot to have a go at Annabelle for taking control when she was the one left in charge.
"Did you really just call Kelly and disturb her on her holiday? Is she really pissed off at us?" Giggling, Annabelle smiled at the emo and shook her head.
"No, I'm not that stupid. I called Polly, she always picks up. She was a little confused at first, but then understood what was going on and went along with it."
"But... How did you know it would work?"
"I didn't, but if you were them, would you want to risk it?"
"Not particularly." The two girls chuckled and walked back to the dorms together, Andrea making a mental about that little stunt.

The days passed from then with no real incidents. Ali and Rowena got into a couple more fights throughout the remainder of the break but nothing as serious as the first one. Ali had managed to empty the emo's leave in conditioner bottle out and fill it with hair bleach, causing the emo's hair to go ginger, resulting in her having to use one of Andreas emergency black hair dye kits from her stash. In rebuttal, Rowena stole all of Ali's bra's, knickers and thongs and hung them from various trees throughout the grounds... In the pouring rain. When the Chav had managed to reclaim all her underwear, it was all ruined, including her very expensive La Senza bra. The only thing that stopped an all out war between the two girls was the fear that Annabelle or Andrea would call 'Kelly' again and let her deal with them. Something neither of them wanted to face.
Miss Fritton called Annabelle to her office on Wednesday afternoon for a chat. Annabelle was not sure what this meant but would not refuse the request from her aunt. Knocking on the door, she walked in on the sound of 'Enter!' and sat on the sofa opposite her aunts desk, twisting her hands in her lap.
"You wanted to see me aunty?"
"Yes Annabelle, i have a matter of urgency i need to discuss with you." Miss Fritton changed her features to a look of seriousness and eyed her niece wearily, she was not sure exactly how best to approach the topic but there were some things she would not leave un said. Standing from her desk and taking a seat next to Annabelle on the sofa, she took one of her nieces' hands in her own and patted the back of it softly.
"Now Annabelle, i know that being a St Trinian is all very new and exiting to you but i do not think it wise you dating the school spiv." Miss Fritton gently shook her head at this and she once again stood up.
"Actually aunty i-"
"Whiskey? I just have your best interests at heart dearie and its just not a clever thing to do." she poured to generous measures of the amber liquid into too glasses and handed one to Annabelle as she spoke, sitting herself back down on the sofa.
"Umm thanks, but you have the wrong ide-"
"I mean, you are only seventeen, he is in his late twenties. There is over ten years difference between you two."
"But that's not why I'm-" Annabelle was struggling to get a word in edgeways as her aunt kept cutting her off.
"But if you really feel for each other and think you can make it work then i wont stop you. But i do not think you are making the right choice Annabelle." Sighing to herself, Annabelle downed the Whiskey just for something to do, feeling the now familiar burn at the back of her throat and warmth as it hit her stomach.
"Aunty, really i don't-"
"I know, you don't think i should get involved in your love life, just don't say i didn't warn you." Annabelle looked at her aunt for a split second, astonished, before rolling her eyes and putting the empty glass down on the table.
"You may go now Annabelle. Thank you for coming" and with a toothy smile, her aunt waved her from the room and Annabelle walked out of the open door in a daze, wondering what had just happened. For a split second she wondered if her aunt was playing her for a fool, if her aunt knew exactly what was going on and was testing her. Stopping in her tracks she rolled that idea back through her mind, that sounded exactly like something her aunt would do. Shaking her head slightly she carried on walking, still slightly bemused at her aunts tactics.

The sunny weather had now completely disappeared as rain clouds took over the skies and haunted the open air above St Trinian's, Threatening another downpour. All of the students were due back Saturday afternoon and it looked as though there would be no sun to greet them as they came through the gates. Annabelle had been sleeping in Kelly's room during the half term, the familiar smell of the head girl lulling her to sleep each night. however, by Thursday night, Annabelle realized that the smell was getting fainter. Her own scent covering up the one she so longed to be close to. With a slight pout, she nestled her head deeper into the pillow, as though digging for gold, just to feel closer to Kelly.
Friday afternoon came quickly as the morning flew by. Andrea was attempting to stop the first year and the second year girls blow up the new shed that the gardener had taken the liberty of building while the majority of the students were away. She had done a good job, until the girls had turned on her and started chasing her round the gardens with a pair of gardening shears, yelling at the tops of their voices that she needed a hair cut.
Annabelle was sat on her bed in the dorm, browsing through shopping websites when a familiar sound made her head snap up. The faint clicking of heels, growing steadily louder throughout the halls. She knew Kelly was not due back until the next day and let out a soft giggle, muttering to herself.
"I want her here so badly that i am now actually hearing things. Kelly bloody Jones, your going to be the death of me."
Going back to her online shopping, the noise stopped and she smiled. She knew was imagining things. For a moment, everything was calm and quiet, until Annabelle felt something odd... Like she was being watched. Not St Trinian's cameras watched though, like really... Watched.
Hesitantly she looked up and scanned the room. Her eyes landing on a familiar figure leaning against the door frame.
"Honey! I'm home!"

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