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The half term was over and St Trinian's was once again alive with the students it housed. Every girl that attended the school had happily raced back through the double doors as though it were their life line, as though being away from their beloved school had brought them all to the brink of death. It didn't take long for the girls to settle back into their normal routines and by Tuesday afternoon, the dorms were, once again, a mess and the newly built shed had been blown up by the twins. Kelly hadn't had an opportunity to talk to Annabelle since she had returned the pervious Friday, when they had been suddenly interrupted by a breathless Andrea, who gasped something about her hair and garden shears. Since that moment, Kelly had been too busy with preparations of the new term to spare a moment with her best friend, and had been going through, what could only be described as, withdrawal symptoms. Over the past four days, Kelly had become increasingly snappy and cold towards the girls, beyond her usual amount. Annabelle had infiltrated her dreams at night, leaving her with a feeling of loneliness when she awoke, and raising her already short temper to extreme levels. It was only after Kelly completely ignored the twins as they wished her a good morning did the girls really start to worry. Kelly had a soft spot for the first years, everyone knew that, and it was also common knowledge that she had an even softer spot for the Sopranos, so when she brushed aside their cheery hello's and left them standing with crestfallen expressions, the girls knew someone had to talk to her. Chelsea had been the girls' first choice, she knew the ins and out of the heart like the back of her hand, she knew them almost as well as she knew the ins and outs of the human body. But when asked to talk to their head girl about her increasing attitude, the Tottie frantically shook her head with eyes as wide as dinner plates. Nor would she elaborate to the girls exactly why she wouldn't do it. The girls did not know, however, that Polly had threatened to cut off the Posh Tottie hotline if Chelsea got involved with Kelly's love life, and Chelsea knew this had everything to do with Annabelle, so stayed thoroughly away from it. Eventually Polly declared she would do it and went to confront Kelly. What with there being no camera's in the head girls room, nobody knew what Polly said to Kelly, or what had exactly happened. All the girls knew was that after half an hour of watching the head girls room from the camera placed in the hallways, both the girls strode out of the room and separated. Kelly heading down towards the Foyer and Polly back up to the dorm, where she refused point blank to indulge the girls with details of what she had said.

After some stern words from the head geek, Kelly left to seek out her friend, discovering Annabelle relaxing on the window seat in the sixth form common room. Taking a deep breath, Kelly sat next to the younger girl and let a small, but entirely sincere, smile play across her lips, before sighing. 'Its time…' she decided '…To deal with the matter at hand.'

"Annabelle, we need to talk."

Annabelle had discovered in the seventeen short years that she had been alive, that whenever anyone said 'we need to talk' it was always bad news. It never meant anything good. And she suspected that it would, again, be one of those times, and hearing it from Kelly just made it that much worse. It hadn't escaped her notice that Kelly hadn't been herself the last few days; Annabelle was fully aware of her friends increased temper and could see, under the foundation and powder, the bags that lay just beneath Kelly's eyes. It was a tribute to how strong their friendship was, that she had noticed the change in her friends attitude from a couple of sightings in the halls between classes and a few sentences of conversation before Kelly was called away for 'Head Girl Duties'. Raising her head to meet Kelly's eyes, she let out a soft sigh and nodded, secretly wondering how long until Kelly would be called away again.

"Annabelle, I need you to know, that kiss before the half term… well, I didn't do it because of your bet. It was because-"

A loud buzzing erupted from between the girls cutting Kelly off, closely followed by a tinkling tune Annabelle had as her ring tone. Sighing, Annabelle picked up the phone that had interrupted and looked at the caller id.

"Ignore it Belle, we have to talk. Please?"

Serenely, Annabelle looked up from her phone at Kelly, the head girl's eyes full of pleading and the offending device still ringing in Annabelle's hands. Apologetically, Annabelle shook her head and asked Kelly to forgive her with her eyes.

"I can't Kel, it's Flash."

Letting out a soft groan, Kelly looked away. She had been hoping to talk to Annabelle before Flash decided to call and set up their date, but now, she didn't see the point. Quietly waiting until Annabelle had finished talking to the spiv, Kelly silently wondered why Annabelle had agreed to it. The younger girl had always made her dislike for flash perfectly clear, so why had she agreed? Was she up to something? Possibly sweetening him for some outrageous deal she had planned? Hearing the small beep of Annabelle hanging up, Kelly looked back round, the girls face was unreadable as Kelly searched for some hint that she might have called the whole thing off, that maybe she had changed her mind. However there were no hints on Annabelle's face, so Kelly had to resort to the more common means of gathering information.

"What did he want?"

"We made plans for tonight. You know the restaurant in town, that really classy place? We are going there for a meal and then to The Cross Keys pub for a couple of drinks."

The thought of Annabelle going on a date with flash made Kelly gag, knowing that Annabelle was going through with it however, made her want to throw up. Getting up, Kelly started walking towards the door, realising that finishing what she wanted to say was going to be pointless.

"Kelly, where are you going?" Annabelle's voice called out after her, an almost pleading sound in her voice. But Kelly couldn't stay, she wouldn't stay.

"Head Girl Duties. I have things to do." She called over her shoulder and swiftly left the room, making a bee line for her bedroom.

For the rest of the day, Kelly avoided Annabelle, rejecting phone calls and ignoring texts were easy enough. But when Annabelle cornered her in the hallway that afternoon and told Kelly she needed help with picking an outfit for the evening, Kelly found it a bit trickier to get out of. She tried the usual 'I cant I have head girl duties' But Annabelle was quick and ready for that response, coming back with 'And you have duties as a friend too, I need your help!' She tried telling Annabelle to get Andrea to do it, but the younger girl was quite right when she stated that she was going on a date, not to a funeral. Eventually, she had to give in and agree when Annabelle down right demanded Kelly's help, and she watched as Annabelle strode away happily, with an obvious spring in her step, pleased with her victory. So it was with great reluctance that Kelly opened her bedroom door at seven o'clock that evening to allow Annabelle entrance. Noticing that the younger girl's arms were full of clothes, Kelly let out a soft chuckle.

"What are you laughing about?" Annabelle's voice held traces of humour, as she was glad to see her friend was laughing again.

"I was just wondering, did you knock on the door with your head or something?"

"Oh ha ha, very funny. Shut up and give me a hand with these will you?" Although the comment was purely sarcastic, Annabelle couldn't stop the smile forming on her lips, throwing her mock annoyance out the window.

"Yes your fucking highness" Kelly quipped back and took the clothes from Annabelle, dumping them on the bed.

Kelly had thought that while getting ready, Annabelle would want to talk about flash and her upcoming date with him, but the younger girl barley mentioned it as they danced to music and Annabelle tried on multiple outfits. Finally she settled on a Black, one strap pencil dress, with light purple and black heels and a light purple elasticated belt placed just under her bust. After, carefully applying her makeup, Annabelle turned to Kelly and did a quick, seducing pose, before straightening up and smiling at her friend.

"So, what do you think?"

Kelly was temporarily lost for words. What did she think? She thought that the dress complimented her waist wonderfully; that its shortness showed off her perfect thighs and the cut of the neckline gave the whole outfit elegance. She thought the shoes complimented her legs and the belt added a splash of colour to the dress while showing off her bust. In whole, she thought Annabelle looked terrific and couldn't tear her eyes away from her. Kelly couldn't bare it, she hated the thought of Annabelle dressing herself up for an evening with Flash, it made her feel sick. Kelly had spent the entire half term trying to sort her head out, trying to work out what was going on inside her mind, and once she had finally figured out her feelings, she had to return and watch Annabelle play dress up for him. Annabelle's phone, which had been abandoned on the bed, started buzzing and beeping, indicating she had received a text, and walking away from Kelly, she went to check it.

"He is downstairs. Time for me to go. Is it okay for me to leave my phone here? No pockets to put it in I'm afraid." Smiling, Annabelle switched off her phone and left it on Kelly's bedside table. As she walked towards the door she looked over her shoulder at her startled friend and said "Thanks for all your help Kel. Don't wait up for me." And shut the door behind her.

Shaking herself out of her trance, Kelly quickly perused Annabelle, calling out for her to wait, and catching up with her at the top of the stairs.

"Annabelle, don't go. Please, just, stay here. Don't go." The mask had fully slipped and Kelly was displaying all her emotions, pleading with the girl not to leave. This worried and scared Annabelle at the same time. Thinking that possibly Kelly was upset about something and needed a friend for the night, or she genuinely did like Flash and didn't want Annabelle going out with him. The mixture of emotions written across Kelly's face were hard to decipher, but she saw one flicker past that she knew very well; affection. It was the same look that Flash had when he looked at Kelly, the same look that Annabelle had to hide whenever she was around Kelly. But who was the look for? Herself or Flash? That's what she needed to work out, that was the whole point of this date. Sceptically, Annabelle pushed for information, hoping beyond belief that lady luck might favour her.

"Why?" Annabelle spoke in a voice of innocence, as though she couldn't see the emotions on her friends face, as though she genuinely had no idea why Kelly might want her to stay.

"Because… well… because…" Sighing, Annabelle shook her head and walked away from Kelly, saying that Flash was still downstairs and it was rude to keep him waiting. With a look of disbelief, Kelly watched Annabelle walk off and then returned to her room. Even after she had asked her not to go, she still left. Still in a state of shock, Kelly sat on her bed and stared at the wall, wondering why Annabelle chose Flash over her.

Flash hadn't wanted to set up the date; he didn't want to go through with it. But he also didn't want lots of questions from the girls about why he had called it off, nor did he want to dead with a pissed off Annabelle. So reluctantly he had called her, reluctantly he had put on his best black jeans and shirt and reluctantly he had driven to St Trinian's to pick her up. But standing in the foyer, watching her descend the stairs, he cursed himself for even thinking of having called it off. He took in her entire appearance like Kelly had, but while the look in Kelly's eye when she saw Annabelle had been affection, Flash's eyes only showed a sort of hunger, as they lingered on her legs. Smiling when she had stopped in front of him, he offered her his arm, which she declined, and they walked out. He even forgot to glance around and see if Kelly was watching them.

Polly had watched the entire thing on CCTV and was furious at Kelly. Why hadn't she told her? Why hadn't Kelly just come out and said it? With her eyebrows narrowed, Polly stalked out of the dorms and walked to the head girl's room. Not pausing to knock she flung open the door and walked straight in, stopping in front of the figure sat on the bed.

"Kelly! What are you playing at?"

With a look of confusion, Kelly regarded the head geek in front of her and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?"

"Kelly, you just let her walk out of here with Flash... you just let her go!" of all the times the head girl had infuriated her, this was definitely top of the list. The usually determined senior had just given up, without as much as a fight. Kelly was surprised by the brashness of the geek, and stood up to face her.

"Polly, I tried to stop her, I asked her to stay. She left anyway. There was nothing I could do."

"You could have told her the truth. You're Kelly Jones for Christ's sake! If anyone could have made her stay, it's you!"

"Telling her the truth would just cause more trouble than its worth."

"Or it could be the best damn thing you do! Don't just give up Kel, go and tell her. Go after what you want." Rolling over Polly's words in her head, she realized the geek was right.

She knew it was going to come out sooner or later, that Annabelle would end up finding out one way or another. So surely it was better finding out from her? Before Chinese whispers had a chance to twist it, deform it, and Annabelle get the wrong end of the stick. Nodding at the geek, Kelly grabbed her car keys and walked to the door, pausing in the doorway to smile her thanks at Polly. It seemed, however, that the universe did not agree with the geek, as it threw everything it could at her. The pouring rain as she ran to her car, made the driveway slick, and difficult to run on in her heels, making her loose her balance on more than one occasion. But once inside her car, she smiled, and said aloud to the world that it would have to do better than that. She spoke too soon. Apparently the world was laughing back at her, as it took her several attempts to start her car. Eventually though, the engine roared to life and she sped out of the gates. The rain came crashing down harder, making it near on impossible to see out of the windscreen, leaving her to guess her way down the familiar road towards the town. She played out the conversation in her head, trying different ways to say it, but each sounded worse than the last. How do you explain to your best friend you have feelings for her? That you want to be with her? There just seemed to be no right way about it. Then there was the fear of rejection, the fear that Annabelle would laugh in her face at the thought of it. That she would cringe at the thought of it and request that Kelly stay away from her. That, god forbid, she leaves the school out of embarrassment. Kelly tried to push the thoughts from her head, but they kept creeping back up on her, kept taunting her, kept chipping away at her confidence. She turned the stereo on to block out the voices, but she should have known better than that, she should have known by not that there is no successful way to block out voices in your head. She had been trying to do exactly that for the past two weeks, to no avail. Groaning she switched off the music that had started to fill the car and listened to the raindrops hitting the metal roof, her windscreen wipers were working at full speed creating a screeching sound across the glass. With a dark chuckle, Kelly decided it was listening to a bad orchestra. She vaguely wondered how far behind them she was, she hadn't left that much longer after them, and had been breaking the speed limit by at least twenty miles per hour, she couldn't be that far behind, surely? Squinting through the glass, she spied a car up ahead of her and sped towards it, but when close enough to it, realised it wasn't the school spiv's car and switched onto the oncoming lane to get round it. Moving back into the right lane, she could see the little lights of the town up ahead, little dots of yellow in the not too far distance. Smiling to herself, she pressed down on the gas and sped faster towards her destination. Either the universe had given up trying to stop her, or lady luck had intervened in the situation, because she was lucky she didn't have a crash. Slowing down as she got into the town, she swerved her car through the narrow streets, looking for the restaurant Annabelle had said Flash was taking her to. She had almost given up, and headed straight for the pub when she saw it, the small white building with gold painted around the windows. Bitterly she thought to herself 'Flashy. Usually too expensive for his taste though.' Parking on the double yellow lines right outside of the building, she got out of the car and once again into the pouring rain. Her shirt was now so drenched, you could see the black lacy bra beneath the sodden material and her hair was allowing little drips to fall from its ends which landed on her neck and collar. With a breath of relief, she walked into the restaurant and up to the woman behind the wooden stand near the entrance. Kelly read the small name tag on the woman's blouse, it read 'Amber' and Kelly smiled.

"Hi Amber. I'm looking for someone."

"Okay, what's the name?" Amber looked down her nose at Kelly, taking in the soaked school uniform and dripping hair. She did not like people wasting her time, especially not sodden school children.

"It will either be under Harry or Flash" Kelly couldn't keep the hopeful glint out of her eye as amber checked the list.

"Sorry, nobody with those names has checked in."

"Oh, okay. What about Annabelle Fritton?" The woman rolled her eyes at Kelly and proceeded to check the list again.

"No, there is nobody on here with that name either."

"Are you sure? Can't you check again?" Amber finally lost her temper and frowned, at Kelly, showing her displeasure.

"Yes I'm sure. Now can you please leave?" Kelly stuck her middle finger up at the woman and strode out of the restaurant, muttering 'Snobby Cow!' under her breath as she left. Deciding that her speeding and reckless driving had probably caused her to beat them there, she started looking around for the familiar faces, when she hears Annabelle's voice to the right of her.

"Kelly? Kelly! What are you doing here?" Annabelle and Flash were huddled under an umbrella that flash had retrieved from his car. The younger girls face showing disbelief at the sight of her friend.

Hurriedly, Kelly walked over to Annabelle and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from flash, away from the entrance to the restaurant and into the pouring rain.

"Kelly! What are you doing? I'm going to get soaked!" Annabelle protested but allowed Kelly to drag her away. Flash's face lit up, 'Kelly doesn't want Annabelle near me, she wants me for herself! I knew it!' and he grinned, his plan had gone exactly right, just how he had wanted it to.

Annabelle was standing in the rain, in front of Kelly. Her hair was deflating by the second and the silence between them felt like hours, rather than seconds. Annabelle opened her mouth to say something but Kelly beat her to it.

"Annabelle, I need to tell you that… well I…" Kelly looked into Annabelle's face, confusion mixed with curiosity and did she detect a glimmer of hope? Struggling for words, it had not gone how she had planned. But then again, she hadn't planned any of this. She hadn't planned racing into town at eighty miles per hour, or flipping off the staff member in the restaurant, or even telling Annabelle how she felt. She hadn't planned any of this, yet it seemed to be working out quite well so far. Annabelle was starting to worry, Kelly had stopped speaking, searching for words, yet seemed to go off into a world of her own. Just as she opened her mouth once again to speak, Kelly cut her off before she had even managed to start.

"Oh fuck this!" And before Annabelle knew what had happened, Kelly pressed her lips to Annabelle's, putting as much feeling into that one kiss as she could manage.

Pulling away, Kelly searched Annabelle's eyes, looking for signs of a reaction, a sign that she had maybe done something terribly wrong, a sign for life even. Annabelle had been stunned, surprised, gob smacked. She realised that she had just got the one thing she most wanted, and she was just standing there like an idiot. Blinking a couple of times, she looked back into Kelly's eyes and smiled, realizing that it had been her all along, not Flash. Placing her hands either side of Kelly's face, she leaned in and whispered.

"Took you long enough." Before pressing their lips together in a second, but equally blissful, kiss. They momentarily forgot that the rain was pounding down around them, that Flash was watching them, that they were standing in the middle of the pavement in public. But even if they had been fully aware of these factors, they wouldn't have cared; they were both too busy basking in the moment. Pulling away again, Annabelle looked over Kelly's shoulder towards the car and then back towards the girl. An idea forming in her head.

"Come on Kel, Let's go back and get you out of these wet clothes."

Walking back towards the car, hand in hand, they left the stunned and confused Flash behind them, completely forgetting about him. And as Kelly opened the passenger door for Annabelle, she looked to the skies and said a silent thank you, before walking round the car, getting into the drivers seat and speeding off back to St Trinian's.

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