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HunterXVampire Prologue

-Nine years earlier in the canon story-

Akasha Bloodriver was trudging through the mountains, leaving behind the limo at the base of the mountain. She knew he was living here. It was so much like him.

Thwak! Thawk! Thwak! Klang! Klang! Klang!

Akasha knew she was close as she heard metal hitting on metal. The sound was incessantly entering her ears. She soon arrived at a river that had a rocky area around it. There was a cabin on her right. She sensed his presence and knew "he" was here. As she was going to knock the door, she felt like a thousand blades stabbed her from all sides. But, nothing happened.

"Akasha-san? Is that you?" cried a muffled familiar voice from the cabin.

"It's me, Aono-san. Can you open the door?" she cried out in affirmation and asking him.

The door opened to show Aono Tsukune covered in soot.

"Good morning, Akasha-san! What brings you here?" he asked cheerfully.

Akasha smiled, but Tsukune could see sadness in her face.

"I need to talk to you about something, Aono-san."

Tsukune gestured her inside, "Please, come in!"

She did and saw a simplistic living room. It was big and there was an old T.V., a couch, a table, and a couple of chairs. Tsukune pulled the chair and offered her the seat. She complied and sat on it. He went over to the opposite side of the table and sat in his own seat.

"So, what are you here for, Akasha-san?" Tsukune asked.

Akasha hesitated at first for a couple of minutes. Then, Tsukune stood up. He told her, "Give me a minute, let me go get some snacks and tea."

He ran off before she could say anything. She smiled at his integrity, but she was saddened that she was going to entrust him with a burden. Tsukune was back with a plate of cookies and had tea for the both of them. He sat them on the table and blew on the tea for it to cool off. Akasha stared at the cup for another couple of minutes. Tsukune waited for her. He knew that she would do that if there's something important for her to say.

Finally she said, "Tsukune-san… I want you to watch over my daughter."

Tsukune stopped blowing on the tea and looked at her in the eye, "What?"

"Not right now… but when that time comes… when someone comes after the blood that's inside me…"

There was a silence.

"Akasha-san, why not Issa?" Tsukune asked.

Akasha smiled sadly, "Moka won't find a normal life if she stays with him."

Tsukune frowned and closed his eyes. He opened them again and said, "Akasha-san. I'm sorry. I really can't. I… committed too many sins to even watch over someone so… young and… innocent at the moment. I can only sully her."

Akasha stood up and bowed. She pleaded, "Please, Aono Tsukune-dono. You're the only one who I can truly trust!"


Akasha continued, "You have the strength and kindness that I need to watch over Moka! "

"Akasha…" he said louder.

"You founded the Hunter's Association and are regarded as the fourth Dark Lord…"

"Akasha…" he said again louder than the last.

"It doesn't matter how much you dir—"

"AKASHA!" this time he cried.

Akasha flinched at his outcry. She saw Tsukune's painful visage and her heart broke. Then, she stood up and looked at him with pleading eyes. Tsukune was extremely weak to those eyes. He looked at the side and palmed his face.

"Give me… some time to think…" he said while palming his face.

She nodded and said slowly, "I'll be back… in two days. I'm sorry… Tsukune-san."

She bowed in farewell and left. Tsukune swore he saw tears in her eyes. After she had completely left, he slammed his fist on the table, breaking it neatly in half.

"Damn it, Akasha-san… You come here and ask me things like this…" he muttered, "I… don't know…."

He trudged slowly back to the forge and hammered the metal down. Tsukune remembered Moka. The cute little girl who is the daughter of Akasha… and that Issa Shuzen. She looked like a miniature Akasha in her younger days in many aspects. He remembered how happy Akasha was when she was born. Of course, he was glad for her and she deserved that happiness. Tsukune understood that the Shinso blood in Akasha is going to separate her from Moka someday… What really unnerved him was the fact he… HE is going to raise Moka when that time came. Tsukune swiftly remembered his past before he met Akasha and the other two Dark Lords. He shook his head. Him, a murderer of many, raising a child? A laughable idea Akasha has proposed.

But, he knew she didn't have much of a choice. With Touhou Fuhai as a boss of a Mafia gang and Tenmei Mikogami with a tendency to use others for his own gains… he could see why.


Tsukune finished forging the blade and dipped it in the water to cool. It was of fine make. The blade was sharp and the weight was just right. He then chanted a few enchantment spells on it. The katana glowed and when it stopped glowing, a couple of insignias were inscribed on the nakago. Each insignias represented the abilities of the enchants Tsukune put on the blade. He then sharpened the katana and fit the tsuka. The tsuka was a wooden one wrapped in a white cloth so that sweaty palms won't make it harder for it to use. Then the saya was made and he sheathed the katana with it. Tsukune was tired from the construction and laid down on the couch. He thought about whether he should really agree to Akasha's wishes. Slept overcame him and he lay still like a statue.

2 Days Later…

"I'll do it," Tsukune said as Akasha sat with him in the living room, "I'll watch over her."

Akasha was silent. Her eyes held gratefulness and sadness at the same time.

"Thank you…" she murmured.

Tsukune poured the tea for her and slid it to her side.

"Drink, I don't want to see you be emotional here," Tsukune said.

She nodded and drank the tea.

"However, I will have Mikogami help me in raising her," he said.

She froze and the tea burned her mouth as she left the green liquid touching her lips. Then she set the cup down on the table and said, "What…?"

"Akasha-san, understand my predicament…. Please. I… never can really raise her. I'm not a child raising type of a person. But, I will watch over her and protect her. Isn't that good enough?"

Akasha frowned and closed her eyes.

"Please, Akasha. I swear no harm will ever come to her."

She nodded, "Very well. So as long as you promise."

Tsukune nodded as well, "Thanks."

-Few Years Later, Moka is Nine-

Moka was panting heavily before Tsukune who was robed and had a fearsome Hannya mask on to hide his identity. She tried so hard to even touch him when they started the fight.

"No way… Onee-sama is having this much trouble against an outsider… Who is he?" Kokoa breathed in shock.

Kahlua could only shake her head in wonder as she saw the battle at hand. Tsukune was unarmed. He was a swordsman and a jujutsu master at the same time, but he was stronger as a swordsman. He raised a finger and gestured her to come at him. Moka growled in a way that was cute to him. Tsukune gave a small grin. She roared a battle cry and came after him.

Moka attempted to kick him in the shin with a low kick, but Tsukune lifted his leg to avoid it. With the leg she used to kick, she used it to set up her next kick towards the torso with the other leg. Tsukune caught the foot and locked it in a painful manner. Moka frowned furiously and gritted her teeth in pain. Pride stopped her from screaming. Then, Tsukune pushed her away. Moka landed on the ground with her bottom.

"That's enough!" Akasha said as she arrived, "I've been waiting for you…"

Tsukune nodded.

"Who is he…? Mother?" Moka panted.

Akasha smiled, "An old friend."

Akasha and Tsukune went towards the balcony where there was a table with a few chairs. Kokoa, Kahlua, and Moka followed them. The group sat on the chairs and started to sample the treats that were left on the table.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" Akasha asked.

Tsukune nodded, "It is."

(In the story, Tsukune is actually wary of showing his identity to others. But, he will show himself when the Youkai Academy season starts)

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