Title: We Make Plans (They Never Work Out Right)
Author: takeanotherturn
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Season 1
Warnings: genderswap (Male!Rachel), het sex
Summary: Getting knocked up at sixteen by the biggest gleek in the school was not a part of Quinn Fabray's plans.

We Make Plans (They Never Work Out Right)

It was without a doubt the worst party had Quinn had ever been too. Finn had bailed early on claiming that he need to go pick his mom up from the supermarket and Santana and Brittany had disappeared. This left Quinn at the mercy of Puck who'd spent the night flirting shamelessly with her, his best friend's girlfriend, and plying her with a steady stream of wine coolers in a blatant attempt to get into her pants. Luckily, she'd caught a break when he'd been called away to deal with a mysterious 'situation' upstairs. If she had to guess, Quinn would say the situation was probably a threesome with her missing friends.

The heat being generated by all the bodies in Puck's over crowded living room was unbearable and the loud music pumping out the stereo speakers was not doing Quinn's rapidly developing headache any favors. Setting down her half empty wine cooler, she pushed her way through the pulsating bodies until she reach the glass doors to the patio.

Once outside, she closed her eyes and leaned back against the house, greedily drinking in the cool, crisp night air, feeling better with every breath she took. A groan from her left made her eyes snap open in surprise.

What she saw shocked her. The last person Quinn would expect to find at one of Noah Puckerman's parties was Ryan Berry, the school laughing stock and whipping boy. His presence alone was almost as shocking as the fact that he was stripped down to his blue paisley boxer shorts and tied to a keg with what looked like Puck's sisters jump rope.

As she got closer, Quinn could see that he was soaking wet and there was a funnel laying abandoned on the ground next to him and she knew what happened. The jocks, probably Karofsky and the rest of the assholes on the hockey team, had tied Berry down and force fed him beer, spraying it all over him in the process.

"Heeeeey, Quinn!" Ryan slurred, looking up at her with a dopey grin. "Where'd my friends go?"

Quinn raised an eyebrow. "Your friends?"

Ryan nodded so hard she thought his head would come off. "Yeah, we were playing a game." He narrowed his eyes at her. "Why are there two of you?"

He was completely wasted and Quinn couldn't help feeling sorry for him, Ryan Berry was annoying and obnoxious and far too aware of his own amazing talent but even he didn't deserve this. She couldn't let him freeze to death in Puckerman's back yard, it wouldn't be the Christian thing to do.

Sighing, she crouched down and undid the ropes holding him captive. "Can you stand?" she asked, once she'd freed him. She didn't bother to go looking for his clothes, she knew they'd never be seen again.

Ryan scoffed, like she'd just asked him the stupidest question ever. "Quinn, of course I can stand, I've been walking since I was seven months old," he said pompously. "I was a very early bloomer."

Quinn stood back, looking at him expectantly. "Well?" she prompted when he didn't even attempt to move. "I thought you could stand."

"I can...I just seem to have temporarily forgotten how."

Definitely the worst party ever, Quinn thought as she leaned down and hooked her arms under Ryan's shoulders, hauling him up. She sent up a quick thanks to God that Berry was a relatively small guy, not as bulky as Puck and definitely not as tall as Finn, as she supported almost his entire weight and tried not to gag at the strong stink of stale beer that was wafting off his body. He smelled like a brewery. "Where's your car?"

"I can't drive, Quinn, I am far too intoxicated to safely operate a motor vehicle." Apparently even while drunk, Ryan Berry was still a walking thesaurus.

"I'll drive you."


Because I have an inexplicable soft spot for you. "Because I can't leave you here, I don't need your death on my conscience."

"Oh...It's parked out front."

Ryan leaned heavily on her as Quinn led him around the side of the Puckerman house and over to his sensible, reasonably priced hybrid sedan. Then Quinn realized that they had another problem, this is what she got for trying to be nice. "I don't suppose you carry your keys in your boxers?"

Ryan shook his head. Quinn tried to ignore the warm jolt that went through her when the action inadvertently caused him to nuzzle against her neck. "They're above the front wheel."

Leaning her drunken companion against the vehicle, Quinn crouched down and blindly groped for the keys until her hand closed around the large gold star key chain – a metaphor, Ryan had once explained to the glee club, for him being a star-.

She unlocked the car and carefully helped Ryan into the passenger seat, taking extra care to make sure he didn't bump his head, -the last thing she needed was him getting a concussion under her watch- before getting in herself.

She kept her door open to keep the interior light on so she could familiarize herself with the interior of the car before she started driving. Driving a stick shift while buzzed was going to be hard enough without knowing exactly where everything was.

"Wait!" Ryan suddenly shouted. "I should tell my friends that I'm leaving, it's the polite thing to do."

"They're not your friends, Berry."

"But they said-"

"They only did what they did to make fun of you," Quinn snapped, sometimes Ryan was too trusting for his own good. "I wouldn't be surprised if there's pictures of you tied to that keg all over school by Monday."

"But...Why would they do that?" He asked, looking at her with sad brown eyes. Quinn felt a deep pang of sympathy go through her. Which was only understandable, she rationalized, he looked like a kicked puppy. Anyone with a soul would feel sorry for him.

"Because they're assholes. Look, don't let it get to you, okay? You're better than them."

Ryan's smile was blinding. "Yes, I am. I expect that while I am treading the boards on Broadway, they will still be here...most likely repeating twelfth grade."

Quinn giggled at him. There was the Ryan Berry she knew and wanted to punch in the face, she much preferred him to the sad, vulnerable one that made her want to wrap him up in her arms and never let him go. "I expect that you're right."


Ryan had fallen asleep on the short drive to his home but luckily Quinn didn't need directions to the Berry's house, she driven past it enough times with her friends. Throwing rotten fruit at the local queer's home was almost a weekly event. She just hoped that the quick nap would sober him up.

Not wanting to touch the beer soaked boy, Quinn cranked up the volume and turned on the car radio. Some generic pop song came blasting out, jolting Ryan awake.

"Eden's not the better Elphaba!" he exclaimed, looking around wildly until his dark eyes settled on Quinn.

"Are your parents home?" she asked, once he'd calmed down. She hoped that they were, then she could just dump him on the door step, ring the bell and leave him for them to deal with.

"No, they're at a convention in Cleveland."

"Of course they are," Quinn sighed. This really, really wasn't her night.


Getting Ryan into his house and up the stairs into his bedroom had been relatively easy, it was deciding what to do next that was the hard part.

He was sprawled out on his bed, still sticky with the beer that had been sprayed all over him, his normally impeccably styled dark hair plastered down against his head. Quinn couldn't just let him fall asleep like that, call it her good deed for the year.

She looked around the house until she found a bathroom and collected a wash cloth and a bowl of water, bringing the items back to Ryan's room. She paused in the doorway to look at him, really look at him, for the first time that night.

Underneath all the argyle and atrocious sweater vests, Ryan Berry was unexpectedly ripped. Logically, Quinn knew that he was in good shape, he lived a very active lifestyle and was taking a ridiculous number of dance classes a week but God, he was easily the hottest boy at McKinley. Why hadn't anyone else noticed? Finn's body was soft, bordering on pudgy, Puck was bulky and sometimes reminded Quinn of a gorilla and for some unfathomable reason they were considered the most desirable boys in school.

But then there was Ryan with his lean body and toned muscles that were clearly the result of constant fluid movement rather than countless hours pumping iron like Puck's, his broad shoulders and chest that tapered down into narrow hips, his V-cut and washboard abs. If Quinn had to compare his body she'd say he looked like Zac Efron at his absolutely prime...only better. Then there was his face; soulful brown eyes, long eyelashes, a nose that was big but fit his face perfectly, large pouty lips and a strong jaw. Clearly, she'd been delusional if she'd ever thought that this boy was undesirable.

Feeling the first stirrings of arousal, Quinn shook her head and entered the room. She sat on the edge of the bed and dipped the cloth in the bowl to wet it before bringing it to Ryan's face.

His eyes opened lazily. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you stink and you're all sticky."

"No, I mean, why are you being nice to me?" he asked, his eyes wide and vulnerable.

Quinn moved the damp cloth down his chest and abs, feeling the muscles dance under her fingertips. "I'm a nice person."

"Not to me," he said bluntly, with his usual lack of tact. Another annoyingly admirable thing about Ryan Berry was that he was honest to a fault and didn't believe in lying just to spare someone else's feelings.

"I know." Quinn dropped her head, feeling an unfamiliar wetness between her legs as she wiped down his abdomen, nearing the waistband of his boxer shorts. "I'm sorry."

"I see you, you know."

Quinn looked up guilty. "So you're not blind? I was beginning to wonder with the clothes you wear," she quipped, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

"No, I..." He grimaced in frustration, unable to find the right words to express himself. "I see you, the real you. You're not like them, you try to be, you want them to think that you are, but you're not. You're better."

"Trust me, I'm not."

Ryan reached up and cradled her chin with gentle fingers. "You are," he said, looking at her adoringly. "Otherwise you wouldn't be here right now."

Quinn looked away, unable to hold his intense gaze any longer. Her eyes settled on the tenting of Ryan's boxers and she felt herself flush. It made sense, she supposed, he was a teenage boy and even on the days when she felt unspeakably fat Quinn still knew that she was considered to be reasonably attractive plus she was touching him. Of course Ryan had an erection.

Licking her lips, Quinn let her hand unconsciously drift towards the large bulge. Just because she'd vowed to remain celibate didn't mean she wasn't curious and there's no way she could do this with Finn without him expecting more. She paused, her fingertips barely skimming the fabric of his boxers, and looked up Ryan who was staring back at her patient, hooded eyes; seemingly content to lay back and let her do as she wished.

"Can I?" she whispered tentatively. He probably wouldn't even remember this in the morning and even if he did and told, nobody would believe him, tonight she was free to explore.

He nodded, lifting his hips so she could drag his underwear down his muscular legs. His hard cock sprang free, jutting up proudly in the air, pointing towards Quinn as if it was demanding her attention. It was easily the biggest penis Quinn had ever seen...Okay, so it was the only penis that Quinn had ever seen but still, to her it seemed huge.

She moved in for a closer look, taking in the red mushroom shaped head -this meant that he was circumcised, she remembered that from health class- and the pulsing veins that ran along the shaft. It was pure curiosity, of course, that made her reach out and trace her fingers down it. She yelped and jerked her hand back when it twitched of it's own accord, making Ryan laugh.

"It's not funny," she grumbled, pouting petulantly at him.

"You're right, I'm sorry. It has a mind of it's own sometimes," he said with a soft grin. If it was anyone else, Quinn would've felt patronized but for some reason, coming from Ryan, the teasing felt nothing but deeply affectionate.

Turning her attention back to his cock, Quinn wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft. Ryan let out a strangled moan as she gave it an experimental pump. "Is this okay?"

"Uh-huh," he whimpered as pre-come started to leak from the head.

Quinn looked down at it, fascinated. She wanted to taste it, she wanted to take his length in her mouth, feel his hardness against her tongue, drink down everything he had to offer her. But she restrained herself, a voice that sounded an awful lot like her mother's whispering in the back of her mind that he pees out of the that same hole and it wouldn't be at all sanitary.

The throbbing ache between her legs had become unbearable. Quinn shifted, trying to find a position that would alleviate it but all she succeeded in doing was spreading her wetness all over the insides of her thighs. She'd never been this turned on before and she knew that her panties were ruined.

Stroking Ryan's shaft in a lazy rhythm, Quinn cupped his balls in her other hand, rolling them between her fingers and palm. It felt odd, but like everything else about this little encounter, arousing.

She wanted him inside her, she realized with a start. She actually wanted to have sex with him. For the longest time, Quinn had believed herself to be asexual, she'd just never felt the urge to go further with Finn. Finn never made her want more than chaste kissing on her couch, he'd never made her nipples strain against the fabric of her top, he'd never made her wet. Now she realized it wasn't a matter of her not wanting to have sex at all, it was just that she didn't want to have sex with him.

Maintaining a vow of celibacy had been easy when she had no interest in sex, when remaining pure was of paramount importance. Now that she had Ryan Berry's dick in her hand and the evidence of her arousal was leaking down her thighs, it felt like none of that mattered. All that mattered was she wanted him and he wanted her and the fact that nobody would ever know.

Quinn released him and stripped her shirt off, taking her bra with it. "Do you want me?" she moaned, straddling Ryan's stomach, the head of his cock bumped against the small of her back.

"Yes," Ryan gasped, looking up at her with such reverence and adoration that she knew this was right. He was the one she wanted to give this precious gift to.

She took his hands in hers -his soft, delicate, piano playing hands- and ran them up her body to cup her breasts. "Then take me," she commanded in a raspy voice.

Ryan's eyes darkened and he surged up to kiss her, his hands firmly massaging her breasts as their lips and tongues moved against each other desperately. Quinn's hips jolted against him as he ran his thumbs over her pebbled nipples.

"Do you have a condom?" she breathed against his lips. She was ready. Oh God, she was so ready.

He pulled back and looked her blankly. This was Ryan Berry, he probably thought he was going to be a virgin until he was forty, of course he wouldn't have a pack of condoms just lying around in case the head cheerleader and president of the celibacy club decided that she wanted to give it up to him one night. He whimpered pathetically, his dick rubbing against her back, smearing pre-come on her skin.

"It's okay," she soothed, running her fingers through his wavy hair. "It's okay, baby. I'll just be on top and you can pull out."

If Ryan had been sober, he would've put a stop to the proceedings then and there to deliver a lecture on how that was most certainly not a reliable method of birth control and insist they find a suitable prophylactic. But he wasn't sober, he wasn't even close.

He fell back against the bed, unable to support himself any longer when Quinn stood to remove her skirt and panties. "You're beautiful," he whispered tenderly as she straddled him again, making her blush bashfully.

She positioned him at her entrance and dropped herself down, impaling herself on his cock. She let out a squeak, feeling like she was being split in two. Settled against Ryan's pelvis, his full length sheathed inside her,she breathed in through her teeth, struggling not to cry at the burning pain. Why did people do this?

"Are you alright? Did I hurt you?" The concern in his wide brown eyes made Quinn melt.

"You're just really big," she hissed, smoothing her hands over his rippling abs as she waited for her body to adjust to the unfamiliar intrusion.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, looking genuinely contrite. Quinn shook her head, chuckling to herself. Only Ryan Berry would apologize for having a large penis.

She leaned down to kiss him, moaning as the movement caused his cock to shift inside her. Finally, it was starting to feel good instead of hurting. Quinn rocked her hips experimentally, sighing against Ryan's pouty lips at the sensations the friction caused. Now she understood why people had sex.

Bracing her hands on Ryan's chest, Quinn began to rock her hips in a smooth rhythm. "Ryan," she moaned wantonly, wanting more but not knowing how to get it.

With a guttural groan, Ryan thrust up into her, grasping her hips to aid her in sliding up and down his dick.

They moved together frenetically, Ryan's fingers digging into her hips, Quinn's scratching down his abdomen, trying to find purchase as she rode him.

She could feel something building inside her, she felt like a spring being wound too tight, it scared her but she didn't want to stop, it felt too good. Ryan's hand left her hip to press his thumb against her straining bundle of nerves and Quinn shattered, white lights going off behind her eyes as her muscles clenched down on his dick.

Quinn panted, still delighting in the aftershocks as she came down from her high. Ryan was grunting, thrusting frantically up into her. He threw his head back, his brow furrowing as his entire body tensed. Quinn felt the first spurt of his semen inside her and immediately dismounted him, using her hand to finish him off. She watched in fascination as several ropes of thick come sprayed from his penis, coating his tensed stomach in white fluid. There was just so much of it, for a brief moment she thought that he was never going to stop coming.

Semen dribbled down over her hand as she continued to jerk Ryan off. Finally, he went limp, relaxing back into the bed with a content smile.

Gathering Quinn up in his arms, one hand palming her ass possessively, Ryan looked at her with adoring, heavy lidded eyes. Still quivering from her orgasm, Quinn broke eye contact and nuzzled into his chest. "I'm glad I did this with you."

"Me too," he said, his voice huskier than she'd ever heard it. He affectionately kissed the top of her head. "I love you, Quinn, I've always loved you."

Quinn froze, her entire body stiffening. Oh god, what had she done. She'd broken her vow of celibacy. She'd cheated on her boyfriend. She'd had sex with the biggest loser in the school. She'd taken advantage of a boy that loved her. Squeezing her eyes shut and willing herself not to cry, she tilted her head back to look at him. His eyes were closed, his breathing deep and even. "Ryan?" He was asleep.

I need to get out of here. Quinn thought, slipping herself out of her lover's arms. She frantically gathered her clothes and redressed herself before grabbing the wet cloth and wiping the drying semen from Ryan's body, resisting the urge to taste it. She gently tucked his flaccid penis back into his boxers, ignoring the way it twitched in her hand.

She stepped back and looked down at him to inspect her work. It looked like nothing had happened, there was no evidence of her being there and if he did happen to remember anything, it could easily be written off as nothing but a wet dream. Nobody would ever know.

Ryan was sleeping peacefully, his dark hair falling across his face, a hint of a smile on his soft lips. He was beautiful. It seemed like an odd way to describe a boy but it was the only word Quinn could think of that would do him justice. Ryan Berry was beautiful and all Quinn Fabray wanted was to crawl back into that bed and fall asleep in his arms.

Instead, she turned her back on him and walked out the door, knowing that once she left the house she would never acknowledge what had happened between them, not even to herself. When she walked out that door, she was born again; a virgin, a girl who has never know the carnal pleasure of a man's touch, a girl who would never even dream of cheating on her handsome, popular, devoted boyfriend. A girl who'd never thought of Ryan Berry as anything other than an ugly, annoying loser.

That was the way it had to be.