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Harry, Haruhi and the Philosophers Stone

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Boy who Lived Meets the Goddess

Haruhi Suzumiya was an ordinary girl. With ordinary friends and an ordinary life. But she was going to change that.

It all started when her father got a job in England, he parents wanted to see one last baseball game before leaving Japan. It was then she realized how small she was, seeing everyone in the stands. She realized that she was unimportant and nothing special about her. Granted she was only 7 but it still has a profound impact on her.

That was when she decided when she got to England she would meet someone special.

When she got to school, she had picked up English very quickly knowing she was going to live there for a long time.

"I'm Suzumiya Haruhi… I mean Haruhi Suzumiya." Said Haruhi.

"In Japan they say their last names first." Explained the teacher.

"I just moved here from Japan. And if you're a time traveler, ESPer, alien or slider I want to be your friend." Said Haruhi.

Most of the class laughed expect for one boy, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was seen as a freak by his family, his parents were dead and the family he had were horrible people. His cousin Dudley (Who was the one laughing the hardest) was the school bully and prevented him from having friends.

Harry couldn't helping wondering if she was serious.

That lunch Harry approached Haruhi.

"Um… hi." Said Harry.

"What do you want?" asked Haruhi.

"I was wondering if you were serious." Said Harry.

"Of course I was, why wouldn't I be?" asked Haruhi.

"Looks like the freak found a girlfriend." Said Dudley.

Harry looked at Dudley and his gang, he didn't know what to think. Although they were cousins they looked very different. While Harry was scrawny and had black hair, Dudley was basically a baby whale with blonde hair.

Dudley then pushed Harry aside took Haruhi's lunch.

"What is this stuff?" he asked.

"It's Japanese food." Said Haruhi.

"Is that so." Laughed Dudley, then he began to eat it.

Haruhi glared at Dudley, however since Dudley and his gang wasn't looking, Harry grabbed Haruhi and he ran to hide from them, they went to a good hiding place right near the gym

"What was that about?" asked Haruh.

"Dudley's gang like to play Harry hunting to beat me up and since I talk to you, they'll going to beat you up to make sure I don't have any friends." Explained Harry.

"Why does he do that that?" asked Haruhi.

"Because my aunt and uncle encourage it." Said Harry, "They make me sleep in a cupboard and everything."

"Wait you have no friends and you live in a cupboard." Said Haruhi realizing how horrible it sounded.

"They went this way!" yelled one of the members of Dudley's gang.

Harry grabbed Haruhi's arm. And the next thing they knew was that they on the roof the gym.

Sometime later, both Harry and Haruhi were with the headmaster. That was when Harry's aunt and uncle as well as Haruhi's parents.

"What did our nephew do this time?" asked Vernon Dursley.

"He and our new student Miss Suzumiya climbed up the roof." Said the headmaster.

"We didn't do it!" said Harry.

"Of course you did!" said Vernon.

Mrs. Sakura Suzumiya glared at Vernon.

She asked something to Haruhi in Japanese, Haruhi answered and explained something to her. As she was done, Sakura scowled then had an evil smile. An evil smile that Daisuke Suzumiya knew well. He asked his wife what was her idea.

"What are they saying?" asked Petunia Dursley.

"The Suzumiya's moved here from Japan." Explained the headmaster, "So it's only natural they talk things out in their native league."

"Dursley-San… my wife wanted to ask if we can came over to dinner tonight. After all it seems like Haruhi-Chan wants to friends with your nephew." Said Daisuke.

"Whatever." Muttered Vernon.

"I like to know to cook English food." Said Sakura in broken English.

"I'll teach you." Said Petunia unsure what to say.

Haruhi whispered something in Harry's ear, one that made him both afraid and excited.

That night right before dinner, Vernon was telling Harry what to say and what not to say.

"Tell them that sleeping in a cupboard is normal for English children." Prodded Vernon.

"Yes uncle Vernon." Sighed Harry.

"Honestly." Muttered Vernon, "I don't know that girl wants to be friends with you for."

"That girl is weird. She asked if there were aliens and time travelers in class." Said Dudley.

Vernon chuckled, "What kind of girl thinks like that. There's no such thing as that."

That was when the door rang. The Suzumiya's arrived.

"Welcome to the Dursley residence." Said Vernon.

"Harry. Can we go to your room until dinner is ready?" asked Haruhi.

Harry nodded and he took her to his cupboard.

Sakura shut the door.

"You stupid." Said Sakura.

"What?" asked Vernon.

"You abuse your nephew." Said Sakura.

Daisuke calmed his wife down.

"Haruhi told us that you keep Harry in a cupboard. We excepted that you would try to cover it up."

"What's going on?" asked Petunia.

"Do you want to get arrested for child abuse?" asked Daisuke.

"Why would the police trust some immigrant over me a respectable member of the neighborhood?" asked Vernon.

Daisuke laughed, "Because I work for the Japanese consulate." Said Daisuke, "I may new to this country but I'm already respected in the country."

Vernon paled.

"There rules." Said Sakura.

They laid down the ground rules: Harry gets the smallest bedroom. He also gets a bedroom at the Suzumiya's (which is just around the corner on Wisteria Walk) which he can stay any night he wants, They will no longer call him "Freak". They will no longer force Harry to take dives in his grades after they found out about this tidbit. They're also not allowed to lie to the neighborhood that Harry is a crook, as that was some Sakura was going to straiten out also Dudley has to do his fare share of

"Do all of those things and I won't tell my friends at the child services." Said Daisuke.

Vernon said he would agree. All because he felt that Daisuke was bluffing, after all he could be some worker at auto plant for all he knew.

That night Sakura was tucking Haruhi in to bed.

"(Do you think Harry's uncle will do all that?)" asked Haruhi.

"(I hope so.)" Sighed Sakura.

Sakura left Haruhi in her room, as she drifted off to sleep, she thought of something, "I know Harry was the one that made us teleport. I know it… I wish I was like him…"

In a castle in Scotland a magic quill came to life and wrote a name in a book "Haruhi Suzumiya", indeed things would change for both Harry and Haruhi.

The next day, at Grunnings, the company Vernon ran. He decided to call the nearby Japanese consulate.

"May I speak to Mr. Suzumiya." Said Vernon with an evil smirk.

"One moment please." Said the sectary on the other end.

After a few seconds, he heard a voice say in a Japanese accent, "Oh Mr. Dursley, Sakura thought you would think I was lying."

And Vernon paled considerably, indeed things were going to change.

Next Time: Harry and Haruhi are now 11 and the best of friends. However they may be spilt apart because Haruhi is being sent to a fancy private school. However Harry is being sent mysterious letter, who are they from. Turns out by going to his second home he'll find out.