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Chapter 15: Detention

Harry, Haruhi and Hermoine were all dragged by Pro. McGonagall to her office. All three of them were in trouble. After all they did get caught out of out of bounds.

"Great…" sighed Haruhi.

"Do you know how much trouble you have gotten yourselves into?" asked Pro. McGonagall.

""Is this about the dragon?" asked Haruhi.

"So you heard that rumor?" asked Pro. McGonagall.

"Haruhi!" scolded Hermoine.

"Look we were trying to help the school by getting rid of the dragon!" said Haruhi, "We shouldn't get in trouble for that!"

"Haruhi…" whispered Harry.

"Ms. Suzumiya… you were caught out of bounds." Said Pro. McGonagall.

"Oh that's what it's about." Said Haruhi.

"Seriously?" asked Hermoine.

Pro. McGonagall sighed, she knew that Haruhi had a tendency to jump to things easily, but it was still annoying when it happened.

"I've already said this is about how you're out of bounds." Sighed Pro. McGonagall.

"Oh… that's what it's about?" asked Haruhi.

Harry kept a straight face while Hermoine sighed at the strange girl.

"All three need to punished." Said Pro. McGonagall.

All three of them were silent.

"Now first off, 50 Points from Gryffindor Each." Said Pro. McGonagall.,

"What!" yelled Harry.

"No!" cried Haruhi.

"Also all three of you will have to do detention." Said Pro. McGonagall.

None if them complained, after all the 50 points each seemed worse.

She made sure all three of them got back to the common room.

The next day, the whole school found that Gryffindor Lost all those points.

All but Slytherin were angry with the three when word spread about what happened. The only people during this brief period of time that was willing to talk to them (besides Ron of confuse) were the Twins (they were such trouble makers they lost so many points though the year they lost count) as well as Snow and Itsuki.

And yes, it was a brief period in time they were angry with them.

Within a few days Gryffindor managed to win back all o the points they lost. Everyone figured that the house must have decided to buck up and work together to get those points back.

The rally would live on in Hogwarts legend for many years.

Because the points were regained very quickly, the three were now dreading their detention.

"You don't think it would be that bad would it?" asked Harry.

"It's probably just some chore." Said Ron with a shrug, "Fred and George does it all the time."

"Should we ask them what's it's like?" asked Hermoine.

"You want to ask Fred and George what's detention like?" asked Haruhi.

Hermoine blinked and realized, "Never mind, that sounds like a terrible idea…"

"I'm sure it will be just cleaning something." Said Ron.

Of course not too long later they were given notices to what their detention was and they would have meet up with Filch one night.

They knew that it was probably going to be unpleasant from the sounds of it.

And what was worse was that Malfoy was joining them.

So that was going to be fun… that was sarcasm by the way…

And soon enough it was time for that detention.

All four the students met in the Entry Hall for Filch, of course he grumbling about the good days when he could chain kids up in the dungeon, as he did he took them out of the castle.

Turns out Hagrid was going to be in charge of their detention.

"Hey there Harry, Haruhi, Hermoine." Said Hagrid.

"This is their detention. Don't be nice." Muttered Flitch.

"Oh right." Said Hagrid.

Flitch left.

"So where are we going?" asked Hermoine.

"The Forbidden Forest." Said Hagrid.

Haruhi managed to perk up when he said that.

"Students aren't allowed to go in there." Muttered Malfoy, "When my father hears about this?"

"So you can tell him you're trying to get out of detention?" asked Haruhi.

"Of course a weirdo like you would want this detention." Muttered Malfoy.

Harry got in-between them so that they couldn't fight any more.

"(Haruhi just stop.)" he told her in Japanese.

"(No way.)" muttered Haruhi.

"(Also I don't think getting another detention will net you another in the Forbidden Forest.)" Said Harry.

Haruhi pouted when he said that.

"So what are we doing?" asked Hermoine trying to ignore the three.

"There's something in the forest killing unicorns." said Hagrid.

"What really?" asked Haruhi.

"We're trying to find what it is." Said Hagrid, "All right! Two of you with me, two of you with Fang."

Malfoy looked at the dog.

"I get the dog." Said Malfoy.

"All right, but know he's a coward." Said Hagrid.

Malfoy paled a little.

Then it got worse for him.

He was paired up with Haruhi.

After being given instructions on what do to in case of danger they went to investigate.

"So what do you think could kill a unicorn?" asked Haruhi.

"Who cares." Said Malfoy.

"You know it's probably a danger to you too." Muttered Haruhi.

"Why should I listen to what a violent Mudblood says." Said Malfoy remembering the time Haruhi kicked him in the head.

Haruhi glared at him and contemplated what to do.

With Hagrid's group he had run into some centaurs at points.

Each one just going on how bright Mars was that night.

That was when they saw some bright sparks in the air, the sign that the other group pas in danger.

They arrived in the post and found Malfoy clutching his face and Haruhi glaring at him.

"She punched me!" yelled Malfoy.

"He called me a mudblood whatever that means!" muttered Haruhi.

Hagrid glared at Malfoy and quickly realized that he couldn't be with either girl.

"All right, Haruhi, Harry, switch." Said Hagrid.

They switched places.

Once they got back to looking Hermoine asked Hagrid, "Why did you switch me?"

Hagrid blinked.

"What do you mean?" asked Hagrid.

"That baka is just going to cause a lot of problems." Muttered Haruhi, "Even for Harry…"

"Oh…" said Hagrid, "I'm sure it will be fine."

With Harry and Malfoy, they searched, and of course Malfoy had to cause problems.

"Why are you even friends with her?" asked Malfoy.

"You wouldn't understand." Muttered Harry.

"You're using that as an excuse?" asked Malfoy.

But before the uh… conversation could continue they saw that something nearby. It was something standing over a dead unicorn. It was drinking its blood.

That was when Malfoy ran off crying with Fang following him.

The mysterious figure headed towards Harry.

However a Centaur came into rescue him scaring the thing away.

The centaur introduced himself as Firenze to Harry and gave him a ride in order to find the others.

He also explained what the thing was doing to the to the unicorn.

Drinking a unicorn's blood can save a person from near death, but would also curse them as slaying it was a terrible crime to slay something so pure.

"Do you know of anyone who would need it?" asked Firenze.

Harrys' eyes widened.

After a run in with some Centaurs chastising Firenze they found the others.

"Harry you're okay!" said Hermoine.

Haruhi walked over and punch his arm.

"That's for making us worry." She said.

Harry smiled.

"This is where I leave you." Said Firenze, "Be careful Harry Potter."

Harry nodded and he knew he had to tell them what he realized who was going after the Philosophers Stone.

"You're serious?" asked Haruhi.

"Yes." Said Harry, "He's weak but he's still alive. He drinking unicorn blood but it can't sustain him forever."

"If he uses the Philosophers Stone then he can use the Elixir of Life to come back." Said Hermione.

"Then we just have to make sure he doesn't use it." Said Haruhi.

"How do we do that?" asked Ron.

"I don't know yet!" said Haruhi.

Ron and Hermoine sighed while Harry laughed a little.

"Besides, I don't thin he'll make a move yet." Said Hermoine, "after all, he's scared of Pro. Dumbledore."

"You're right." Said Ron.

"I guess so." Muttered Haruhi.

Harry nodded.

As long as Dumbledore was in the school the stone was safe… even so they figured out all of the clues on what was going on… and hoped that he would be able to keep the stone safe, not matter what.

Next Time: Dumbledore leaves the school for important business, which means the stone is in danger. What will happen? Find out next time!