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Chapter I




Ling Xiaoyu was sitting on a bench, in a small and quiet park of Tokyo.

She had just had four hours of classes and had come to relax in this park she liked at lot. A book on her knees, wearing a light pink dress and a black cardigan, she seemed to be lost in her book but, from time to time, she would look up and watch closely around her, as if she was expecting someone.

She was supposed to meet her friend Miharu who was late, as usual. The park was desert in that afternoon of autumn and Xiaoyu was enjoying the peace around her and the smooth weather.

After a long moment, while she was closing her book and looking up, she saw someone on the gravel lane which was running alongside the outside of the park. She thought it was her friend and she screwed up her eyes to see better, ready to yell at her for being so late.

She felt like someone had just punched her in the chest…

Looking indifferent to anything, the young man, entirely dressed in black, with his hands in his pocket and his face bent down, was walking quickly. Suddenly, as if he had felt the young woman's gaze on him, he turned to face her and their eyes met for a brief moment. She felt breathless. He looked away and kept on walking, as if nothing had happened…

Electrified, Xiaoyu bounced on her feet, threw her book behind her and ran on his direction.

"JIN !" she shouted.

He did not answer, and did not turn either, but she was almost certain he had stiffened when she had called him. He crossed a pedestrian crossing and turned at the corner of a street. Xiaoyu ran even faster and, when she finally reached the street in which he had disappeared, she noticed with despair that it was a dead end, and an empty one. Out of breath, she moved forward, with the crazy hope to find Jin but she soon had to face the facts : he had vanished into thin air...



It was the middle of the night, but her unexpected encounter with Jin was still fresh on Xiaoyu's mind, and she was tossing and turning in her bed. Unable to sleep, she got up and went to the kitchenette of her studio, careful not to wake Panda who was dead to the world in her big basket.

She poured some water in her little kettle and put a pinch of jasmine tea in a mug. The water started to boil and she went near her window, staring at the sky, lost in thought. When the kettle made a 'Bip', she turned to switch it off and pour the boiling water into her mug. Curls of white smoke rose up into the air. She stared at it during a moment then she sat on her sofa. Wrapping herself up warmly in a thick blanket, she turned on the little television laying on a piece of furniture.

As usual, the news channels were only showing images of war, destruction and violence. The late-night edition of the news she was watching was recounting the dreadful progression accomplished by the Mishima Zaibatsu in less than a year.

Ever since Jin had taken control of the multinational company, the world had plunged into horror. In command of the Tekken Forces, he had provoked war after war, liquidated almost all the governments and destroyed a lot of cities. In order to insure itself the word governance, the Mishima Zaibatsu had taken control of all the resources and raw material, such as oil and gas.

The media were muzzled, rebels were hounded and shot down and nothing seemed able to stop the chaos that was reigning over the planet. Thousands of people had died or disappeared after these atrocities. Tokyo, which housed the Head Office of the Mishima Zaibatsu, was under pressure, wholly controlled by the company. Soldiers patrolled relentlessly in the metropolis, at every street corner.

Like every time she was thinking about Jin, Xiaoyu felt her heart tighten in her chest. She could not believe that the young man she knew had changed to the point of being worse than Heihachi Mishima. For a long time, she had been making excuses to justify his actions, but she was losing hope bit by bit. She had tried many times to contact him, or meet him to talk to him, but she had failed every time.

Jin was untouchable. His bodyguards, Nina Williams and Eddy Gordo, were more effective than it seemed. Many people who had tried to approach him to get their revenge or talk to him had been eliminated.

Xiaoyu had naively thought he had remained her friend and that their relationship was still the same, but she had been gravely mistaken. She knew he had very few friends or not at all, but she thought he cared at least a little about her...

She turned off the television and got up to come near her desk on which a picture had pride of place. She took it. It was the picture Panda had given her at the end of the fourth Iron Fist Tournament. Jin and she, wearing their school uniforms, were smiling at each other while Panda was gazing before her with a wide smile.

Xiaoyu sighed, her heart feeling heavy.

If only she could turn back…

If only everything could be like it used to…



She was fifteen and had just arrived in Japan.

Taken under the wing of Heihachi, she had enrolled at the Mishima Polytechnic High School and housed in one of the sumptuous apartments of the Mishima Financial Empire. Confused by the discovery of a country so different from hers, she was spending her days learning the language and going to classes.

One day, almost three weeks after her arrival, she decided to go training in order to limber herself up. She put on white sweatpants, a black sport bra and took a bottle of water and a towel with her. When she arrived in front of the door, she heard voices coming from the room and realized that two persons were fighting. Uncertain, she balked at entering then she softly pushed the door.

Heihachi was standing in the middle of the room and a man was facing him. The room was very big, with light green tatami forming a square in the center, and sophisticated sport equipment on the sides. When the old man noticed her, he stopped and came near her.

"Xiaoyu-chan, you have finally decided to give up your books!"

"Yes, Heihachi-sama, I was missing training."

"Hahaha ! Perfect, perfect! Jin, come here!"

The young man turned and obeyed. Xiaoyu could not stop staring at him. He was tall, as much as Heihachi and was very muscular. His black hair was spiked upwards, and some locks were falling on his forehead. But what stroke her more were his eyes, hazelnut eyes, gentle and melancholic

"Here is my grand-son, Jin Kazama", Heihachi continued. "Jin, this is Ling Xiaoyu."

They bowed. Xiaoyu kept her eyes on the floor, confused by Jin's closeness. He was looking at her without showing anything but impassivity.

"Xiaoyu comes from China. She will take part in the tournament. She is going to live here with us and will attend the Mishima High School. Be kind with her!"

"Yes, grandfather," he answered in a quiet voice.

"I have some business waiting for me, you two can just train together," Heihachi said before getting out of the room.

They remained both silent before Jin finally said:

"How old are you?"

"Almost sixteen."

"You're quite young to take part in such a dangerous tournament."

"You cannot determine a good fighter by its age", the young girl said, "but by his ardor and willpower."

Jin seemed surprised by such an answer but he smiled.

"You're right. You must be talented if my grandpa has decided to take you under his wing. What is your fighting style ?"

"Hakkesho and hikaken. And you ?"

"Mishima style karate… And Kazama style self-defense," he added with a hint of pride.

Xiaoyu hesitated a little moment then asked him:

"Do you want to train with me? It's been a while since I haven't trained and I'm a bit out of shape," she added with an embarrassed laugh.

He stared at her then nodded before going back to his kata. She started to warm herself up, and ran several laps of the room, before staying next to a wall. She began with stretching, especially with her legs. It was really important for someone practicing a fighting style like hers, which required a great suppleness. She did the three splits, staying several minutes in that position, so that her muscles became suppler.

After a while, she got up and did the handstand, her body entirely straight, and she started to move forward slowly, going back and forth. Then she stopped and bent her arms, and started making some upside down pull ups. When she had done about fifty, she got on her feet, breathless and covered in sweat. She offered herself a few minutes of break and drank some water. Catching her towel, she dried the sweat on her forehead, lower back and belly. When she looked up, she saw that Jin was staring at her and she blushed.

She turned and went back to her training, making many cartwheels and butterfly kicks. She finally got balanced on one leg and stock up the other behind her, so that her entire body would form an I. She did the same thing with the other leg and remained still, observing Jin.

He exudes such a considerable power... but his moves lack fluidity, the young girl thought. However, he mustn't be giving everything he has right now, I'm sure he's terrifying in a real fight...

Entirely ready, she started her kata too. After a while, she turned her head. Jin was still staring at her, arms crossed and frowning. She frowned too. What was wrong?

"I understand better why you focused so much on warming up, and why it's based on stretching", he said slowly.

"Suppleness is very important for kicks", she said. "The suppler you are, the higher you can kick."

"Suppleness and speed are precious weapons in a fight", he admitted, "but without power you'll just grow weary and your opponent will defeat you easily. Power is the most important thing…"




How could she have known they would end up like this? His thirst for power was the only thing that was leading him since he had taken control over the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Xiaoyu was scared. Jin was increasing every day the number of enemies that wanted to kill him. Even if he seemed invincible, the young woman knew that one day, someone would manage to see through his defense. And she did not want to lose him. Even if he ignored and avoided her, living in a world in which he would not exist did not have any meaning for her.

She knew perfectly well that she was a fool to love him. But there was nothing she could do to go against her feelings. Her heart had chosen him, and she had to submit. She had kept it secret for years. Only Miharu had suspected it, and she was supporting her as much as she could. Sometimes, she just wanted to shout, shout endlessly, to get rid of the pain and sadness she was accumulating. Shout him she loved him with all her heart, all her soul. Shout him to let her be part of his life like before, not to abandon her.

But she could not.

She closed her eyes and started crying…



The next morning, Xiaoyu was awakened by the strident ringtone of her alarm clock. Still exhausted by her crying of last night, she rose with difficulty. She did not see the mug she had put on the floor and unfortunately stepped on it. She stumbled and fell on the ground, cursing, while the mug was rolling under a chair. She struggled to get up, grimacing. The sun was breaking through her window blinds and she felt less moody. Bringing all her strength, she went to take a shower, to wake up completely.

A quarter of an hour later, she was ready. Ever since she was at university, she was not required to wear uniform and she appreciated to be able to dress like she wanted. This morning, she was wearing skinny jeans, a white tank top and a black cardigan, a simple but convenient outfit because it would allow her to run or fight if necessary and, with the things as they were, it was more cautious. Seated in the kitchen, she was eating cereals while staring at Panda who was devouring her breakfast.

"You're eating like a pig!"

Panda growled, looking outraged, and Xiaoyu burst out laughing.

She gently scratched her head, put her bowl into the sink and went to brush her teeth. Catching her keys and her school bag, she wished a good day to Panda who had gone back to sleep, looking satisfied, and then she got out of her studio. She ran down the stairs, nearly felt, came out of the building and took the direction of the university.

Miharu and she were registered in the college of social studies. Miharu had always loved history and Xiaoyu was attending foreign languages classes. The advantage compared to high school was that they had fewer hours of classes and therefore could have more free time to work. Miharu had managed to be hired in the library of her college, which ensured her enough money to pay for her school fees. Xiaoyu was giving Chinese classes in a posh high school so that she could pay her rent.

When she had come to apply at university, she had been told that her fees had already been paid for the three years of her bachelor's degree. She had remained speechless, and when she had asked to know who had paid it for her, the secretary had looked frightened and had confessed that she could not reveal any name, otherwise she would be fired.

Xiaoyu had not insisted not to cause her any trouble but, deep down, she knew that there was only one person to be able to pay such a sum at once and to be able to put so much pressure on the university. Even if sometimes she was doubtful, she wanted to believe it was Jin.

When she arrived at the entrance, she saw that a crowd had been formed before one of the walls of the enclosure. Interested, she approached elbowing people out of the way. Students were boiling with excitement and she got snatches of conversation.

"Can you believe it! This is the sixth tournament!"

"I hope there will be fights in the street, it's so great to see them fighting!"

"Do you think Jin Kazama will participate?"

Her heart bounced in her chest when she heard the name of Jin and she frowned to see the large poster pasted on the wall. KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT 6. Someone gave her a jog and she turned to see her friend Miharu.

"I tried to call you as soon as I saw the poster," she says. "You knew about it?"

Xiaoyu shook her head. Her mind was garbled. Why a new tournament so soon after the last one? Why Jin, who almost had total control of the world, was thus playing his position?

"You're gonna be part of it?" Miharu asked.

Xiaoyu remained silent a moment, then turned and pushed her way through the crowd. Her friend followed her without saying anything. When they were distant enough, she faced Miharu.

"It's the only way I have left to see him. I've tried everything so far."

"You really think you'll be able to approach him, even during the tournament?" the young woman, who had immediately understood that her friend was talking about, asked. "I'm sure the security will be reinforced around him, it's a very big risk he's taking."

"I know," Xiaoyu replied with a sad smile. "But I have nothing left to loose. This is my last chance. If I fail this time, I'll give up for good."

"Don't be so pessimistic," her friend told her with a smile. "I'm sure he'll listen to you. He'll have no choice, you can be really stubborn when you want to!"

Xiaoyu had a chuckle that did not sound genuine to her ears.

"The reception for the launching of the tournament is taking place in two weeks. You have time to get ready," Miharu added with a serious face. "Show him who you really are. You're 18, you're not the girl he has known anymore, you're a woman."

"I can't behave like a real woman with Jin…"

"Oh don't worry! I'll help you!"

"And that's supposed to be reassuring?"


Laughing, they moved towards the entrance of their college.

At the end of the day, Xiaoyu had entered into the King of Iron First Tournament 6...