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A Knight like No Other

Chapter 1

For what seemed the hundredth time, Princess Zelda of Hyrule peered out one of the large windows in her quarters. This particular window looked out to the gates of Hyrule Castle. She scanned the horizon once more. Why do I feel so excited? She thought. She had been keeping a lookout for someone to come up the road to the gates for some time now. She shook the thought from her mind and pushed a fallen strand of her dark brown hair back into place. Of course I have good reason to want to see him, another part of her argued. After all, he saved all of Hyrule...as well as me, and I never even really thanked him.

Still, she felt it strange that she waited so expectantly for his arrival. She had only been around him during the final battle with Ganondorf and also for a while when they traveled from Gerudo Valley back to the castle after Midna left; and he had barely spoken the whole time they walked. Zelda had seen him as someone who only spoke when he felt it necessary, or to those he knew well. Nevertheless, in that short time, she had found herself falling for him. She found her cheeks reddening at the thought. But nearly every girl in Hyrule dreamed of the handsome hero. He could easily have his pick of the kingdom. What were the chances he would return her feelings when he barely even knew her? She glanced out the window again, and this time she was rewarded. A horse and rider were quickly approaching the castle gates. The rider was somewhat hard to see in the distance though the sun shone brightly overhead. Zelda could however, see the horse quite clearly. The mare she had ridden once before was a deep brown with a white mane and tail. It galloped swiftly and gracefully along, seeming just as eager to reach the castle as the princess was to see its rider.

They were quickly drawing closer; she could feel the excitement coursing through her veins once more and hurried towards the castle's main entrance, trotting through the corridors more then walking. She forced herself to enter slowly when she reached the foyer. Her father, King Harkininian was already talking to someone, but he blocked her view of whoever he was speaking to. Though he was not very old, the king's hair and beard had already partly turned gray due to the stress of ruling such a large kingdom. As well as one that was subject to many attacks.

Zelda made her way forward to stand beside her father and her heart quickened at the sight before her. A familiar young man of sixteen had taken off his green cap and knelt on one knee, quietly bowing to the king.

It's so strange. He's the same age as me, the princess thought, and yet, he's saved an entire kingdom.

Link wore a green tunic and hat with a white shirt underneath. However, if you looked closely enough, between these two things the glint of chain mail could be seen. Aside from this he wore white leggings and dark brown boots and, as always, his sword and shield hung on his back.

"Please, rise Link," Harkininian said in his deep voice, "I would like to properly introduce you to my daughter, Princess Zelda."

Link got to his feet, his deep, silver-blue eyes twinkling brightly when they met Zelda's emerald gaze. Link bowed somewhat clumsily, not exactly used to royal etiquette. Did he blush slightly? Zelda wondered as he looked back up at her. But she quickly dismissed the thought.

"Your Highness," he said, his voice seeming to falter slightly. Now my ears are playing tricks on me, Zelda thought. However, her thoughts were broken as her father spoke again. "It's good to have you with us Link," he said, giving Link a pat on the shoulder. "I'm glad you chose to accept our offer. The ceremony to have you officially knighted will be tomorrow at noon." Then, turning to his daughter, he said, "Zelda, would you mind going to see if the servants have finished preparing the quarters a ways down the hall from yours? That's where Link will be living from now on." Both Link's and Zelda's eyes widened simultaneously; the Knights of Hyrule usually lived in the barracks a short ways from the castle. "O-Of course Father," Zelda stammered and quickly left the room.

"Um... Excuse me, sire. I-I guess I'd better get Epona and myself settled in," Link said, following suit.

"Oh you needn't worry about Epona," the king replied. "Since you are soon to be a knight you'll be assigned a squire to take care of your horse among other things. In fact, if I'm not mistaken he's already down at the stables."

Link's cobalt eyes widened once more. "Oh no," he breathed.

"I'm sorry?"

"I have to go sire," Link said quickly before darting out the huge oak doors that led to the courtyard. He immediately ran for the stables, where he'd left Epona. Bursting through the doors, for a moment he could only stare as his fears were realized. A young boy of about fourteen reached slowly for the horse though she shied away visibly and it was easy for Link to see she was agitated. Her usually calm eyes were wide and fearful and as the boy tried to draw closer she reared up in fear. When she came down again, she would've fallen on the boy had he not quickly side-stepped. Link quickly stepped forward, grabbing Epona's reigns before she reared again and whispering soothingly to her. Slowly, she calmed down and, after a moment, Link turned to the boy behind him and offered him a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry," he said, "She doesn't take to strangers too easily. A couple months back she got kidnapped by a bunch of moblins so..."

The boy's dark brown eyes grew wide at this statement. "She did?"

"Yeah, this is Epona by the way," Link said, running a hand fondly down the horse's muzzle. The boy's eyes grew wider still. "Then you must be Link!" he exclaimed, then quickly bowed to the hero. "Oh wow," he continued, awe evident in his voice, "you're the one who saved all of Hyrule! I couldn't believe it when the head knight himself came and told me I was to be assigned to you!"

Link gave a slight laugh. "Yeah, but I prefer not to talk about it. I just did what I had to. So, since you seem to already know my name, what's yours?"

"Oh, I'm Matt," the boy said with a smile. He had dark brown hair that nearly matched his eyes and, though only a couple of years separated them in age, he stood quite a bit shorter then Link. His long, messy bangs hung down into his eyes and he was simply dressed in a dingy, white shirt, brown pants, and boots.

"Well, Matt," Link replied, returning the boy's smile, "Its nice to meet you."


Zelda slowly made her way down the corridor leading back toward her own quarters and made her way past them, going still farther down the passage. Her feet moved without her direction as her mind was far from thinking of where she was headed. The mere sight of a certain messy-haired hero made her heart and mind race. She immediately chided herself for thinking of him; nevertheless she couldn't push the thoughts away. She sighed inwardly. 'Darn it, Link, why do you have to be so shy?' Even if he was to live in the castle now she felt like nothing would change much. As far as she could see, Link only said what was necessary, at least to those he didn't know. Nevertheless the princess was determined to try everything to bring him out of his shell. She sighed to herself once more as she entered what was to be Link's room.

How can you be so brave one minute and so utterly shy the next? she thought. She glanced around the room; a few maids were still scurrying about, not noticing her presence. "Is everything almost ready?" she asked. Suddenly, they were all facing her, each giving a little curtsy.

One of them stepped forward. "Yes, your highness," she said quickly. "We were just leaving."

With that they all departed and Zelda was left alone. It's kind of strange that Father is letting a knight live in the castle, she thought. Not that Link doesn't deserve it. Zelda's mind drifted back to his countless heroic deeds. He never spoke of them, but his work was the talk of nearly all of Hyrule. Most of all, she remembered his final battle with Ganondorf, which she herself had witnessed. All of those things had taken place less then two months ago and at times the king of evil still haunted her dreams. She could still see it, Link stood bravely facing him, the Master Sword drawn, never letting his guard down. However, at one point, Ganondorf seemed to break straight through his defenses. Link's shield fell and, seeing his opportunity, the king of evil struck a horrendous blow with the long sword he held. The hero gave a cry of pain and, for a moment, crumpled to the ground. Even now, she could hear Ganondorf's bone-chilling laughter fill her ears. "Link!" she had shouted, pounding a fist on the force field around him as well as Ganondorf. Epona's neigh of alarm was a near shriek. "Please..." Zelda whispered, "You... You can't die. Hyrule needs you... I need you."

But then, as if in answer to her pleas, with great effort he had risen to his feet. And, though blood ran freely from a deep gash in his stomach, turning a large part of his tunic a sickening red, he had gone on to defeat Ganondorf. Still, the memory haunted her both day and night. She shuddered slightly. How many times had she woken up screaming at night after horrible nightmares caused by that memory? At least she could take comfort in knowing he was here in the castle with her.

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