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Quorra POV

Sam had informed me that the place where his motorcycle was parked was called a parking structure. He said that you parked your vehicles there when there was nowhere else to park or sometimes for convenience. After a short ride in the car that Sam was using, we were in yet another parking structure but this one was different. Sam said that this one was for a mall, which he had told me was a place where you could get almost anything that you ever needed. He said that he needed to take me shopping for necessities that I would be needing in this world.

We walked into the main entrance and a large sign read, The Galleria, in silver cursive. My eyes wondered over everything in wonder, there were so many things here, so many different people. "Oh my goodness, Sam, this place is huge!" I said with a wide smile.

Sam nodded. "It has to be, there are a lot of stores here," he said as we started to walk along again. Silence fell between us for a minute or two as I continued to look around. "So where do you want to go first?" Sam asked, bringing me out of my thoughts and focusing on him again.

"Um…does it matter? I don't even know what I am supposed to be looking for Sam," I said with a slight frown as I looked at the stores that we passed.

For a moment I thought I saw him grimace but when I turned my head to really look at his facial expression. "Well, one, we are looking for clothes for you, and two, you need to find something that interests you, something that you would want to wear," he told me.

"Hmm…so you don't wear the same thing everyday like the suits that we were equipped with on the Grid?" I asked, confusion written on my face and coloring my tone heavily. That sounded so bizarre but sounded very interesting. I wouldn't be stuck in the same thing for forever anymore.

He was frowning now, an obvious frown that he wasn't trying to hide anymore. He pulled me into a store that was called American Eagle and stopped, turning to look at me. "So I guess we could start here then. I just need to find out what size you are…maybe someone could get you fitted, that would make this a whole lot easier for me," he mumbled as he turned away from me, scanning the store.

"Welcome to American Eagle, if there is anything I can assist you with please let me know," a woman said so fast that I almost couldn't understand her. Sam just nodded towards her with a smile on his face.

"Come on, Quorra," he said and I followed him quickly. We stopped at a few shelves that had a lot of jeans on them, or at least I think they were jeans, they fit the description of how they were portrayed in the books that I read. He took a step back and looked at me, scanning his eyes over me. "Now to figure out your size…" he mumbled but then he snapped his finger lightly. "Do you know the size of the jeans that you are wearing now?" he asked me.

What was he talking about? Why would there be a size in my jeans and what exactly did he mean by size? His sigh brought my eyes to look at him. He walked towards me and then behind me. "Hold on a second," he said and I felt his hands on my shoulders. He moved them to the collar of my jacket and I felt a slight tug on the fabric as he searched for something. Then I felt his hand on the skin of my back as he reached for something on the inside of my shirt.

His hands were so warm, his skin was so warm that I felt lost for a moment but I had no idea why. But as soon as the sensation hit me, it was gone, along with his warm fingers.

"Ok, easy enough, I guess I should have known that. Smalls," he said. "Now your jeans…" he trailed off and I could feel hesitation in his voice. His hand brushed the back of my jeans but then they were gone. "Ok, we are going to pick out some shirts for you and you need to go try them on. When you do, look into your jeans for a tag. It is small and is usually located here or here," he murmured as he pressed on my lower back and then my left hip.

I nodded and as we walked Sam pulled out different shirts from the shelves. There were so many different colors for shirts that you could wear here!

Sam walked us over to a little hall with a sign in the doorway that said fitting room. He turned and handed me the handful of shirts. I took them from his grasp and listened to what he instructed me to do. "Ok, try all of these on and pick the ones that fit you best and that you like. I will be over there waiting for you when you are done. And don't forget to check your jean size," he said to me as a women walked over to us. I nodded and he walked off slowly.

The lady smiled and counted the shirts in my hands and then gave me a number and led me to a small room. The door clicked shut behind me as I walked in and my eyes took in the place. The space was small and had a cushioned bench on one side of it and then two mirrors in the room. There were fluorescent lights running along the sides of the long mirrors.

I looked at the clothes in my hand for a moment, wondering how I would get them on me. I tried to remember from the many books that I had read if there was a clue. I knew that you could change clothes because Flynn changed outfits when he meditated.

Then it clicked and I smiled happily at my realization. I took off the already unzipped jacket and then got the shirt over my head. I was left in my jeans and undergarments. I picked up one of the shirts but then stopped, holding it in my hands. How did I know which way was the front? How would I know if I had it on right?

Something white inside the top of the shirt caught my eye and then I understood. Maybe since the tag that Sam had looked for on my clothes were in the back, this tag would go in the back as well. It made sense, right?

I slid the shirt on and turned to the mirror. The shirt was similar to what I had seen in the mall, users wearing shirts similar to this one. I liked it, it was not long sleeved, short sleeved was what I think they called it and it was a pink and blue color with words that said American Eagle on it. It felt like it fit on me so I took it off and put it by itself.

The next two were different than the first, a little more classy, that sounds like a good word for it, both were long sleeved and one had a collar on it while the other had a neck line that dropped to form a V about two inches from the base of my neck. I put them in the same stack as the first shirt. The fourth shirt that I tried was very loose fitting and dragged out to my thighs. I guess that was what Sam meant by making sure they fit me. I put that one in a different stack by itself.

Then I remembered what Sam had told me to do. A tag…. I ran my fingers across the waist of these jeans and found a button and zipper. I undid them and since there was nothing else that would help me get them off, I just pulled them down, hoping that I was doing it right.

I picked them up and looked inside for the tag. Sam was right, it was in the back. The first thing that I read was a number. It said 1 and then there was a dash and then a 2. What did that mean? it was a fraction, one half, how is that supposed to help me find my jeans size. I read the rest of the tag and was disappointed to find that there was only print about something called a washing machine and it looked like instructions on how to wash these jeans.

I sighed and put them back on the right way. Sam was going to be disappointed since I didn't know my jeans size.

I tried on the rest of the shirts in no time, thinking that I was getting the hang of it and then picked them up when I was done. I walked towards the entrance with the clothes in my hands when the same girl came up to me. "I hope you found everything easily. I can take the clothes that you don't want," she said and I paused, wondering what she meant.

OH! Maybe she meant the shirts that I couldn't fit. I handed her the pile of shirts that weren't of any use to me and handed her the number that she gave me earlier.

When I walked out of the fitting room, Sam was exactly where he said he would be. He smiled as he saw me and walked over. "Are these the ones that fit you?" he asked and I nodded my head. "Good, and did you check your jean size?" he asked me.

"I looked but it talked about instructions for something called a washing machine and at the top of it, there was a fraction, it said one over two, or I guess one half. What does this have to do with-?"

"Quorra, that is a jean size, it means that you are in between a one and a two. You could fit either one," he said as he guided me to the jean rack again. He picked out several different types, some that were skinny, others that flared at towards the ankle, some were navy blue, a dark gray, black. Some even had designs on them, on the back of the pants, which I think were resting on pockets.

"Come one, Quorra, we have a few more stores to go to and I should probably get you something to eat. Are you hungry?" he asked as we started to walk to a person behind a counter.

"Um…hungry? I thought I just get livations to keep me powered up," I said with a frown.

"Food is your livation now, along with drinks. You don't eat synthetic food anymore, you get to eat and taste the real stuff now," he said and a moment later we stopped at the counter. Sam grabbed my shirts and put them on the counter, along with the jeans and a few things that I saw he had bought for himself.

I understood what was going on now. He had to pay for what he got. Flynn had told me about this and explained why this had to happen. He said that it was how the world functioned, how they kept the economies and money flowing.

I turned my attention to the person behind the counter and almost jumped in surprise. This man, he looked quite young, I didn't know a correct age for it, was staring at me with a strange expression on his face. Even when I met his eyes he was still staring at me. I smiled shyly at him, wondering if I hadn't done something right but I heard Sam clear his throat. I turned to look at him as he made a slight grunting noise and glared at the man.

His eyes moved away from me and he finished putting the clothes in bags. Sam handed the man a plastic card and then received it back after a few moments. The man placed the bags on the counter and Same took them. "Thank you," he said in a gruff tone. "Quorra," he said and I started to follow him, glancing at the man behind the counter again to find him looking at me in the same way he had just a minute ago.

We walked out of the store and started to walk down the mall again. "What was his problem, Sam? Was he mad at me? What did I do?" I asked, truly thinking that I had made him mad.

"Trust me, Quorra, you didn't make him mad, probably the exact opposite of mad," he said with a short chuckle but it didn't sound the same.

"So I made him happy? Oh, that is good then. But why was he staring at me like that. It didn't look like he was happy, he looked…" I trailed off, not knowing how to place that face.

"I will tell you later…maybe," he said as we walked past other stores.

I stopped and looked at him. He was hiding something from me and I knew it. He stopped when he realized that I wasn't walking along with him anymore. "You are not telling me something, Sam Flynn. What is it?" I asked as I walked closer to him.

"Now is not the time for it. We need to finish shopping for you. I promise to tell you later," he said with an amused smile.

"You better keep that promise and I won't forget, I never do," I told him as we started to walk again.

We stopped in front of a store called Victoria Secret. Sam turned to look at me with a frown. "I think you are going to have to do this part by yourself," he informed me.

"Why?" I asked, completely confused. He had helped me pick out clothes in the other store why not this one.

"Because if I go into this store…I will look like a perv," he said with another laugh.

"What is a perv?" I asked him.

He sighed. "I will tell you that later too. Long story short, this is a women's store and clearly I am not, therefore I should not go in," he told me.

I nodded, understanding him. "But what am I supposed to buy here?" I questioned him.

He groaned slightly and neared me, pulling me to sit down one bench in the center of the large walk way. "There should be an article of clothing underneath your jeans and another one under your shirt. Do you know what I am talking about?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yes, there's-"

"No, no, you don't have to tell me, I already know. You are going to get those things and if you want to, I think they may have some shirts, pajamas, and jeans or whatever. Just buy whatever you want. Here," he said as he pulled out the plastic card. "If they ask for a signature just put in cursive… Quorra Flynn," he said. "But I don't you will have to."

I nodded and he stood. "See that store over there? I will be in there if you don't see me sitting here when you come out. I need to get you a phone," he said as he pointed to a store that said at&t.

"Ok, bye Sam," I said as he walked away and I walked into the store. This store was very different than the last one. There weren't as many colors here and there were different fabrics.

I pushed my thought away to start looking for what I came in here for. I walked around until I found what I was looking for. There were many different styles of these undergarments, underwear was what caught my eye, so I guess that is what they are specifically called. There were different styles, just like the shirts and jeans that I had gotten earlier.

The sizes were like the jean sizes so like Sam had said, I picked out ones and twos. I picked eight, a number that was close to the amount of jeans and shirts we got. I wondered about the styles. I knew how to put them on but they didn't look exactly as comfortable as some of the others.

Two of them were silky, one black and the other red. I got another two that were called hipsters, one was purple with a pretty frilly lining on the top and the other was pink with black stripes in it. I only got one that was called a thong because it didn't look very comfortable, it was black with a pink design on part of it. I also got one boy short that was blue and pink and something called a V-string that was a dark purple. Lastly, I picked up an underwear called a bikini that was a silky red color with pink hearts on it. It seemed like the one that I was wearing now because it looked the most comfortable.

I moved on to a section that said bras and looked like the object that I was wearing underneath my shirt. I stopped as I realized that I didn't know my size for that.

I needed to check the size of it like Sam had instructed me to do with the jeans. I went into the fitting room but paused as I saw a sign catch my eye. It said Bra fittings.

I neared the sign, thinking it would be easier to do that than go through my layers of clothes to find my size. A lady came up to me then. "Would you like any help?" she asked.

I thought about my answer for a moment. "Yes," I murmured. "Can I get one of these?" I asked her as I pointed to the little poster thing.

She smiled. "Sure, give me a second, let me get a caddy," she said and then disappeared behind a door.

After I finished I walked back out of the fitting rooms and picked out a few of these undergarments. I found the check out counter and handed the girl Sam's card. I didn't have to sign anything like Sam said might happen.

I thanked her like Sam had and started to leave when I saw a colorful part of the store. It was called Pink. I smiled and walked in and saw that it was like the other part of the store except a lot more colorful and there weren't just undergarments. There were pants, they looked like jeans but were called sweats and different shirts. Also, like Sam had mentioned, there were pajamas, which I now understood that users slept in.

I picked out two shirts, sweatpants, and then a few things that were shorter than the pants, they were called shorts, I should have been able to figure that out on my own. I got two pairs of pajamas, one set said Pink on the back of the bottom while the top said Let's Go All The Way on the front. I had no idea what that phrase meant but it must be important since it was on the top in the first place, right? The second set was a pair of shorts that said Pink as well and a shirt that was black and said Love Pink. I picked out two things called tank tops and then two more panties.

I was starting to not like shopping very much when I finished paying for the clothes. Was it always like this? Did you always have to buy this many things? I picked up my bag and then left the store, ready to find Sam and leave.

Sam was sitting on the bench with a phone in his hand. I sat down next to him softly. "Hi," I said with a smile. "I got everything I need and even those pajama things you were talking about. Here is your card back. Are we done now, because I am starting to become unamused," I told him as he looked up.

He chuckled at me but shook his head. "Almost."

"What else could there possibly be? I have to give the Grid some credit, it made stuff like this a whole lot easier," I said with a small laugh at the memory.

"Oh, just simple stuff, maybe a few shoes and some socks is all. But we can take a break if you want. We can go to the food court so you can try some human food," he said as he eyed the bags in my hands curiously for a second.

"Ok," I said as I stood as well as Sam. He led me to the food court and led me towards the lines. The amount of people here was even more than there were in the large halls, and it was much louder.

"I think the best place here is Chick-Fil-A. I know you will love it, it is one of my favorites. Do you want to try it?" he asked as he led me towards the small place.

"Sure," I replied as he steered us through a ll of the people. I saw these really tiny people then, very small, and very playful and energetic by the way the were moving around. "Sam are those users too?" I asked as I glanced at the little things again.

"Yes, Quorra, those are kids or you may have heard of them by the name children. They are not yet adults which is why they are so small, they have to grow and age first," he told me and I nodded in understanding. I had heard of children in a book before and from Flynn talking about Sam when he was a kid.

The children and the two adults, I was guessing those were their guardians or parents, if I am right, got into line behind us. There was a little girl and a little boy, both of them jumping around and pushing each other. The line moved slowly and I almost jumped to the ceiling when I heard this unfamiliar noise.

It was a cry, I knew that but it was very high pitched. I turned slightly and saw the little girl on the floor. I frowned as I understood, she had fallen or maybe pushed by her brother. "Is she ok?" I asked, concern filling my eyes.

"Yes, just throwing a tantrum, the other kid just took a toy from her," he told me and he looked partially annoyed as he glanced down at the kids but he was still smiling.

We were next in line and Sam ordered for both of us. He told the man that he wanted two number ones and a milkshake for him and then he turned to me. "Anything specific you want to drink?" he asked me.

I shook my head, looking at the options for drinks with confusion. I hadn't tried any of that. He got me a coke and we stepped aside to wait for everything.

After about three minutes they handed Sam a bag and two cups. I helped him and he led us to a table that was fairly high and had to chairs on either side of it. He set the bags down on the floor and I did the same. We both sat in the chairs opposite each other at the same time. I eyed my drink as he set down a bag on my side. "So what does this taste like? Anything like the livations?" I asked him.

"I don't know, I didn't need those, Quorra, remember," he said with a humored smile. "Just try it, I promise it won't kill you," he said as he put a tube looking thing into my cup and then one in his as well.

I placed my lips over the weird tube and then took a sip. I laughed softly as I felt it sizzle in my mouth. "It is really fizzy, it has a good taste though," I told him.

"The bubbly feeling is bicarbonate, I am pretty sure you have heard of that and most people like Coke," he told me. I nodded.

I took another sip as Sam took a sip of his drink. It was different from mine, it was white with mixed in black freckles of some sorts. He had called it a milkshake but I still had no idea what it was. "Do you want to try mine?" he asked sincerely as he pushed the milkshake closer to me.

"No, it is yours, Sam," I said as I moved the tube thing around in the cup.

"Quorra, it is fine, seriously," he promised as he pushed the drink closer to my side of the table. I hesitantly put my hand on it and he nodded for me to keep going. I brought the drink close to my lips and sipped on the strange liquid. It was harder to come up the straw but after a moment I could taste it.

He was right, it did taste good but it was very cold. "Why is it so cold, Sam?" I asked as I set his milkshake down.

"It is like ice cream and ice cream has to stay cold do it doesn't melt, the same rule applies with these," he answered me.

I nodded and copied Sam's movements as he opened a small bag like container. I pulled a sandwich out of mine and looked at it. "It is a chicken sandwich, it is very good and there are pickles on it too. Try it, I know you will like it," he told me.

I held the sandwich for a moment and then took a cautious bite. I smiled at the fact that I could taste, I had taste buds and they were telling me that this tasted good. "Mmm," I sighed as I chewed and swallowed the food.

Sam laughed and we both took another bite.

After we finished eating, or I ate as much as I could, we threw the food in these trash cans. Sam took me to a shoe store where we got my shoe measurements and then found a few shoes. In the end, we bought a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of boots like what I had on but only went to a little above my ankle, a set of boots similar to the ones I had in the grid, a pair of shoes like the tennis shoes but Sam called them something, and another shoe that Sam called bed slippers.

We walked back to the car that was parked in the car garage and Sam put the bags in the trunk of the car, or at least that was what he called it. We got into the car and Sam started the engine, backing out easily and leaving the large parking place after paying for parking there.

"Now, we just need to drop this off at my apartment and then return the car…" he said as I turned to look out the window, watching as we passed by buildings and trees and other neat looking things.

It took a while, maybe twenty minutes for Sam to pull in front of his home. It sort of reminded me of where I used to live, the simplicity of the structure. I guess him and his father had the same interests.

"Come on," her murmured as he stepped out of the car and I did a few moments later. He was typing on a key pad as I started to walk towards him and my eyes watched as a large door opened up.

"Wow," I murmured as I looked around the inside. Sam came to stand next to me. "This is your home?" I asked in amazement.

"It's your home now too," he said with a smile as he rested a hand on my shoulder. "Come on, make yourself at home." as he led me inside his apartment.

A loud yapping noise made me jump back then and I saw a small four legged figure coming towards us. "It's ok, it's just my dog, Marvin," he soothed with a laugh. "Hey, Marv, we have a guest," he said to the dog as it scampered over to me. It stood on two legs with its other legs on mine, still barking. Sam picked up the dog and held it in his arm as he pet the dog's head with his other hand. I neared the dog and imitated the gesture that Sam had made, stroking my hand over the tiny animals head.

"Aww, he is so cute. Do all dogs look like him?" I asked as I smiled at the big eyes staring at me,

"No, there are many different breeds, just like all of the different people that you saw in the mall today," he stated as he set the dog on the ground. The dog jumped up on its back legs and placed its front legs on my own legs. Its tongue was hanging out of its mouth and its ears twitched as it sniffed at me.

"What is it doing?" I asked as I turned to Sam. "Does it not like me?" I continued with a sad face.

"He is just smelling your scent. Dogs have amazing noses and that is how they recognize humans, by their scent, everyone has a different one and that is how dogs can tell who is who other than sight," he explained.

"Oh, ok," I said with a small laugh. After a moment, the dog hopped off of me and made a whining noise. Sam ignored it and started to walk towards the garage.

"Come on, let's get your things out of the car," he said as he looked at me from behind his shoulder.

It didn't take long to get the bag out of the car, only one trip and then up the stairs to a large room. "I am very glad that I cleaned my room the other day," Sam muttered with a gruff chuckle. He walked over to a wooden dresser with a large opening at the top. "Here, we can put your things in this for now. It was just sitting there anyways," he said as he placed the bags inside the large part of the dresser. He took the shoe boxes out and stacked them at the bottom. He placed the bags with the clothes on top and to the side of the boxes. I did the same with my three bags. "There are tags on them but all you have to do is cut them off when you wear them or you can cut them all off at once. But here," he said as he grabbed an object that was sharp and had two blades on it with a handle at the top. "I will put these scissors in here for you," he said as he put them on top of one of the shoe boxes and then shut the two doors.

I looked around the room briefly. It was very large, the walls a tan color, there was a large bed in the center that had a dark blue bed spread and pillows. The room was very neat and organized and once again plain, like Flynn.

Marvin ran into the room then, barking at Sam. I looked at the unusual creature as he ran out of the room and the back in again. Sam laughed and turned to me. "You want to come and take Marvin for a walk with me?" he asked.

I nodded and followed him out of his room. We walked down the flight of stairs and Sam walked over to his dog, putting something on Marvin's collar. The dog started for the door but Sam tugged on the thing that connected to his collar. "Hold on, buddy," he said as he grabbed a set of keys and a small bag that read Milkbone on it. He put the bag and keys in his pocket and came up to me. "Come on, we are going to go to the park," he said as he touched my shoulder softly.

"The park?" I asked as we walked side by side out of his home, pausing as he entered a code and shut the large door.

"Yes, it isn't too far away, maybe a mile. It is really nice there, and you can do practically anything," he said to me. He whistled and then Marvin ran and then slowed, setting a pace for us.

Sam was right, it was roughly a mile from where his house was. Along the way, he answered my many questions about objects and how things worked here. This world was much more complex than the one I used to live in.

We walked down a paved part of the park, Sam called it a sidewalk, we passed by other people, who smiled or greeted us kindly. There were other dogs, none of them looked like Marvin, some were very large while others were barely a foot off of the ground. There were a lot of children here, most of them playing in groups, either on the playground that Sam had pointed out or in this large field, playing a game called flag football. They were so animated, so energetic and ready to play. Some people walked by with a stroller that had a tiny and very adorable little user in it. Sam said that they were babies and were growing to be toddlers and then children. I wondered how small theses users could be but didn't ask, thinking that I would find out soon.

"Do you want to go on a trail? There is a lake near by and I think you will love it," Sam said as we neared a bunch of trees.

"Ok," I said. I had never been in woods before and I had never been to a lake. This would be fun!

As we reached the edge of the woods, Sam bent down and took the lead off of Marvin. "But what if he runs away?" I asked him as I looked down at Marvin, who was already pacing ahead of us.

"It's ok, he does that but he always comes back. I come here a lot. Anyways, he is a smart dog and never strays too far," he said with a smile.

We walked in silence for a few minutes and I listened to the different sounds. I could hear the wind whistling through the trees, I could hear small branches snapping, birds chirping, and then other noises that I couldn't quite place.

The trail was very hilly and sometimes I would slip on what Sam called pine straw. Every once in a while we would see Marvin, either chasing something or prancing alongside us. Sam was right, he was a very smart dog.

"Here, let's go this way, down the slope to the lake. Would you like to go down first or me?" he asked and I looked at what he was talking about.

My eyes widened at the large hill going down. I had never had to walk down something that steep and unstable before. He cliff on the grid was rock and was never on it, not even the outskirts of the grid looked like that. "Um, you can go first," I said as I took a step back slightly.

He smirked at me and started to walk down, grabbing a hold of branches to help him down the hill, sliding occasionally. He turned around after a few moments, realizing that I wasn't following him. "Come on, Quorra, it isn't as hard as it looks, just do what I do," he said as he came back up a few steps. I didn't make a move, shaking my head slightly. "Don't tell me you are scared of this," he said with a large laugh. "Let's see, after driving a light runner on a cliff that you could easily fall off of, jumping right into an attack, and then being held captive by CLU, you are scared of a hill. That is a really funny joke, Quorra," he said as he chuckled again.

I glared at him slightly but then shrugged. "I don't want to fall," I murmured as I took a few steps until I was at the beginning of the hill.

He stopped chuckling and his eyes softened. "I will help you, I promise you won't fall," he said as he held out his hand. I hesitated for a moment and then took his hand. He smiled and helped me down until I was where he was. "Now grab a hold of this branch so you can keep steady. Now step down twice, and plant you feet a little sideways so you won't slide," he instructed.

He slowly guided me down a little farther and I felt like I was getting the hang of it until I stepped on a green thing that was on the ground. It made me slide and I squealed as I started to loose my balance.

Arms wrapped around my waist, grabbing me and then holding me up. Sam steadied me slowly and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I should have said something, don't step on the green stuff, it is moss and really slippery," he murmured.

"Really, Sam," I said with sarcasm in my voice and he chuckled. His hands moved from my waist after he knew I was stable and started to move again.

We finally made it to the bottom and I looked out at all of the water. It was so pretty! Sam guided me to the dock, holding my hand and guiding me along the board walk. "Where does all of the water come from?" I asked him.

"I am not entirely sure where this water comes from, maybe the ocean. We are pretty close to it," he stated.

"You mean there is more water?" I asked, amazed.

"Yes, a lot more, about seventy percent of the earth is water," he told me.

"Wow, that is amazing," I breathed.

"Yea, it really is," he commented as he took a seat on the dock. I did the same and smiled towards him. I moved to dangle my feet off of the dock and Sam sighed. "Don't get in, I don't think you know how to swim and the last thing I need is you falling in," he said as he neared me again.

I nodded and sighed. "It feels so…peaceful here," I murmured. Sam didn't reply and I didn't mind, I liked the quiet. Sam's eyes were shut and I didn't want to interrupt him so I sat in silence for a few minutes..

I looked up at the sun, so high in the sky now but it looked like it was sinking the other way now. I don't think I would ever get used to how beautiful the sun was. I ended up resting my head on Sam's shoulder. "You were right about it," I murmured.

"About what?" he asked quietly, moving his head slightly to look at my face.

"The sun, you were right," I repeated softly.

He chuckled and I could feel his deep laugh vibrate my head. "Well, that is a good thing then, I'm glad that I actually got something right," he said to me.

"I love it here, Sam," I whispered as I looked out at the rippling water of the lake. "I am so glad I am here, and I am glad that you are here with me, Sam," I murmured as u rubbed my thumb over the top of his hand.

He smiled and turned his hand over, taking my hand in his larger hand. I felt warm then, comfortable, safe with him near me. Where his hand touched mine I felt something, I had no idea how to describe it but…it felt good.. "I'm glad that I am no longer alone too, Quorra," he murmured as he lifted his other hand and moved it across my forehead, moving my bangs to the side. The gesture was foreign to me and I wondered what it meant. Maybe it meant that he was happy. He moved his thumb over the left side of my face, moving slowly down the side of my forehead and then to my cheek and finally ending at my chin.

I looked up at him curiously and he smiled down at me. My wide eyes met his blue ones and I couldn't help but smile. I loved his eyes, they were the same color as mine or close, and they were the same as his father's.

Sam looked like he was trying to figure something out and I noticed the slight tilt of his head towards mine. "Sam…what are you doing?" I asked breathlessly. My voice was lost for some reason and a part of me instantly regretted me talking because he stopped.

He looked at me for a moment and moved his thumb over my face once more before letting go. He didn't answer my question and I wondered why but I didn't get much time before I heard barking.

I lifted my head from his shoulder and we both turned to see Marvin bolting towards us. Sam laughed as the dog skidded to a stop and walked to sit in his lap. "Ready to go, buddy?" he said as he glanced at me. "Are you ready to go? We can always stay a little longer if you want to," he said kindly.

"No, I am fine, thank you," I told him as he stood. He held out his hand and I took it, smiling as he helped me up. "Now, getting up is much easier than coming down, or at least for me it is," he mused.

"Ok but how will Marvin get up?" I asked as I looked at the little dog running towards where we came in.

"Just watch," he said as we walked off of the deck. My eyes widened in awe as the dog made it look easy. He was up the hill in seconds.

"Oh," I mumbled as we reached the hill.

"Here you can go up first," he said as he gestured for me to go ahead of him.

"No, if I fall I will knock you down too, that wouldn't be very nice and you would hate me," I said with a small pout.

He shook his head with an amused smile on his face. "I will catch you if you fall and I won't get mad if we somehow do fall, scouts honor," he promised.

I giggled and nodded listening to what Sam instructed me to do, making my way up the hill slope faster than I had come down it. We reached the top quickly and Sam grinned at me. "Not as bad, huh?" he said as he bent and placed the leash on the waiting Marvin.

"Nope," I murmured as we started to walk through the trail and then out of the trees and into the park again. "Where did some of the kids go?" I asked as I noticed that the park was emptier than it was before.

"Probably went home, they have school work to do, they sometimes come here after school for a while and then go home," he told me. "But not all the time."

I nodded, letting everything sink in. We made our way back to Sam's apartment and after he opened the large door, we stepped inside. Sam gave Marvin a dog treat and then let me give him one too. He told me that he had to fill up Marvin's food bowl and water bowl and then we would head back to ENCOM.

We made it back to ENCOM within twenty five minutes this time. It took longer this time because Sam said there was more traffic. Once he parked the work car in place we went up the elevator and then to a different office.

Sam knocked on the door and then opened it a few seconds later. "Hello, Alan," he said as he pulled me inside and then shut the door behind us. Alan looked up from his work and smiled at us.

"Oh, you are back, that is great. A number of people have already asked for you. Oh, and they set up your office while you were gone. It looks really nice, it even seems like something you would like," he said with a kind smile.

"Alright, did any one drop anything off?" he asked Alan.

"Just a few marketing things, of course you know about the leak, our head of marketing is making a huge deal about it but you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is plug everything in to our system charts and you are set. If you need any help on how to do it, just call for me," Alan murmured.

"Alright, thanks Alan."

Sam and I walked back to his office and my eyes widened at how much it had changed. "Wow," Sam murmured beside me. "Alan was right," he said with a smile.

On the right side of the room there was a mini lounge area, two white cushioned chairs opposite each other, a couch sitting a little farther in between the chairs, and a glass table in the center. On the other side of the room, there was a glass desk with a few things that I didn't know on it. There were two plants on either side of it and then a flat panel thing on the wall that was showing some sort of video. In the center of the room was the main desk with a few folders on it and then in front of it were two large cushioned chairs also. The room looked so cool.

Sam walked over to his desk as I walked over to the flat thing mounted on the wall. "Sam, what is this?" I asked as I looked at the screen.

"It is a television, or TV, it is something that is used for our entertainment, watch movies, episodes, or music videos on, practically anything you want to watch is on it," he said as he picked up a folder with a stack of papers in it.

I turned back to the TV and watched the many figures move by it. I turned around again as I heard Sam sigh, pull out the rolling chair and take a seat. He opened up this thing on the desk and I watched as he typed on it. "That looks like something that Flynn described to me…" I trailed off as I thought for a moment. "A computer maybe?" I asked.

"Yes, or you could call this kind a lap top," he said and I saw one on the second desk as well. Before I touched it, a bookshelf with books on it caught my eye. I walked over to it and looked at the variety of books. Most of them weren't as big as the ones that I read. The biggest one though said Webster's Dictionary. I knew what a dictionary was and I thought that reading this would make me understand this world better.

I grabbed the book off of the shelf and started to read from the first word which was A. I thought that was very irrelevant but I continued to read it.

I was always a fast reader, very fast, Flynn said that it was inhuman because of how fast I read. It amused him but he knew it was because I am an ISO. He said that I used much more of my brain than the average human, a lot more. Reading came easy for me anyways, since I was patient, I could usually read a book in one sitting because when I was in the Grid, I had nothing better to do.

I could hear Sam as I read, occasionally sighing and then sometimes talking on his cell phone to a handful of people. Some people would enter the room and leave within minutes of dropping by. I only took a glance at them, trying to get as far as possible.

After a while, I heard Sam laugh. "How can you possibly read that? And why?" he asked as he looked at me from his desk.

"It is a quick way to learn as much as possible as soon as possible and I have patience, Sam," I said, not looking up from the book.

He made a grunting noise and he laughed again. "Well, not everything in that dictionary is going to mean something good," he informed me uneasily.

"So I have noticed, I am on the word Dullard right now. There are quite a few words that I find very…unappealing and pointless. What is the point of having words like that in use?" I asked.

"Umm…I have no idea, Quorra, they are just there. I don't know why…" he mumbled.

"Ok," I told him as I continued to move along the pages swiftly, racking my brain with the multiple words that I was learning.

I read for another forty five minutes until I heard Sam's sudden outburst. "Damn it, why isn't this working?" he said angrily and I looked over at him. He was practically glaring at the screen.

"That was one curse word, used as an expletive to express anger, annoyance, disgust, etcetera," I said to him. "So, what is wrong?" I asked him as I walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"This stupid-wait…did you just recite that?" he asked as he turned to look at me with wide eyes.

"Yes, why?" I asked. "Can't you?" I prodded.

"No," he said with a disgruntled face. He laughed softly, shaking his head. "Maybe you know how this would work. I need to put this data onto that flow chart so that it can calculate the lost income from the program that was leaked but it isn't working," he grumbled as he pressed a few buttons and then an error popped up on the screen.

I studied it for a moment or two, watching as Sam continued to fail. Maybe there were instructions somewhere. I saw a little square on his desk that looked like what was on his computer. It was one of those cases for CD's. I turned it over and read everything and then opened it up and reading the small pamphlet quickly.

"May I try?" I asked him.

"You minus well, maybe I should go get Alan…" he trailed off as I entered the numbers into the computer and did what the instructions told me to do. The number showed up on the screen then with a cash sign on it. "How did you do that?" he asked, completely dumbfounded.

"I read the directions," I murmured.

"Wow, ok. Well, can you teach me how so I can finish so we can get out of here?" he asked with a smile.

"I can do it, it shouldn't take that long," I told him as I started to enter the list of numbers accurately.

"Quorra, I shouldn't-"

"Really, Sam, it is the least I can do, you are letting me live with you," I told him as I continued to type on the computer.

"Fine, I guess I will order us dinner then. How about pizza? We can eat it at the apartment," he said to me.

"Sure, Sam, although I have no idea what pizza is," I said with a smile. He chuckled and got on his cell phone and had to wait a few minutes before talking to someone.

I went through a number of pages until I reached the last one, there were about four pages, single sided unlike the dictionary that I was reading. "I think that is it?" I said to him. He looked up, his eyes wide.

"How did…" he walked over to see that I was really done and he shook his head in disbelief. "Wow, you are truly amazing," he said as he saved the work and turned the lap top off. "If only everyone worked as fast as you."

We left the building with a quick goodbye from Alan, who was leaving too. We rode Sam's motorcycle back home and my eyes widened as I looked at the sun. "Oh, Sam! It is so pretty! Is this sunset?" I asked as I looked at the sun. there were so many colors around it now, pink, purple, blue, orange, a dark yellow, even a light red color.

"Yes, Quorra, it is, a sight isn't it?" he said from behind his shoulder.

"Yes," I called back and fell into silence as I watched the setting sun some more. We made it back to his apartment and the sun was almost gone, I stood and watched it and Sam stood there with me. Soon, could no longer see the sun and the skies started to become darker. "Wow, that was amazing," I murmured as we walked into the apartment again.

We were welcomed by Marvin and we both paid him some attention before he dashed towards the door. Sam left me to get the pizza that some man delivered to us.

We sat down and ate the pizza. I liked the sandwich I had earlier but the pizza did taste good. Sam got me a glass of water and put two ice cubes in it. He handed it to me and I took a drink as he got himself one. As he was pouring the water he stiffened. I looked up to see his facial expression and hear his outburst. "Shit," he cursed.

"What's wrong Sam?"

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