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~1 Year Later~

Sonny's POV

It has been one year after the limo and car accident. It has been one year since Chad and I got married and today was our wedding anniversary!

Today was also the day that I would announce to him that I was pregnant!

Yes, he still doesn't know. I was waiting for this particular day to tell him. The only person who knows is Tawni. She's the one who made me go to the doctor because I kept throwing up.

At first, I was scared and then I was pretty happy about it. I was having a child! Chad and I were going to be parents!

I was going to tell him tonight when we went out for dinner.

Right now, I was sitting down watching TV because it was only 1pm and there was nothing else to do.

Oh did I ever mention that we lived in a very big house, like a mansion. It's really big.

Chad had bought it a month after the wedding. I asked him, 'why is the place so big?' He replied, 'So there would be enough room for our children.' I blushed at what he said and said nothing after that.

Chad's POV

Tonight I was planning to take her to a fancy restaurant.

I also noticed that Sonny has been keeping something from me, but I never asked her. She'll probably tell me soon.

We were now leaving the house to go to the restaurant.

We got into the car, with me in the drivers seat and her in the passenger seat.

We were now on the road where Sonny and Tawni were in that car accident. I had a feeling about this road. A bad feeling.

I looked around road, my grip on the steering wheel very tight. Something bad is about to happen. I could feel it.

Then all of a sudden, our car was hit. The car began to flip. This is exactly what had happened to Tawni's car.

The car stopped flipping and I just sat there. I looked over to Sonny and saw that her eyes were closed. I called her name, "Sonny! Sonny!"

She didn't respond, she didn't even move.

Fear went through me. She couldn't be... she couldn't be dead...

I lifted a shaky hand to her neck where her pulse should be.

I felt nothing.

I then began to shake her. Still nothing.

Then I yelled, "No!"

I woke up, I was sweating.

What was that dream all about.

I let out a big sigh and lied down.

Stupid dreams.

I looked around and heard the shower running in the bathroom.

I smiled. She's okay. Sonny's okay.

I looked at the clock and it read 2pm. I could probably get an hour or two before we go out for dinner.

~3 hours later~

I woke up, stretched and looked at the clock.

It was 5pm.

Darn it! I still have to fix me hair!

I quickly grabbed the clothes that I was going to wear tonight and headed for the bathroom.

I took a quick shower. (Well, as quick as I could be.)

I looked back at the clock and it said 5:35pm. I guess that quick shower wasn't so quick after all.

I was fully dressed, but my hair still felt like a mess. So I began fixing it.

~30 minutes later~

I was finally done fixing my hair and looked back at the clock.


We're late.

I rushed downstairs and I saw Sonny waiting at the door. She was wearing a long purple dress that hugged her waist nicely and the dress reached the floor. While I was wearing a suit. The place was fancy, so we had to dress up fancy.

When I reached her, I kissed her on the lips quickly and said, "You look amazing."

She smiled at me and said, "You look amazing as well."

I put out my arm and she took it. We walked to the car and I opened the passenger door for her, she got in and I closed the door then made my way to the drivers seat.

We stopped at a traffic light and I noticed where we stopped. It was the place, where I was in my dream. The car accident place.

I instantly looked around for any speeding car or anything.

I gripped the steering wheel tight until my knuckles turned white.

I kept saying, "C'mon, c'mon." Hoping that the traffic light would hurry up and turn green. I didn't like being in this area.

Finally a few more seconds later, the light turned green and I drove the car out of the area.

I breathed a sigh of relief, when we were out of the area.

My grip loosened on the steering wheel and I just continued to drive to the restaurant.

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