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Chad's POV

I began to freak out when Sonny had passed out. I held her face in my hands and said, "Sonny! Sonny! Hang in there!"

After a few minutes, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics carefully put Sonny on a stretcher. They then put her in the ambulance. I was about to step into the ambulance when a paramedic stopped me. "Are you related to her?" they asked. I said, "I'm her husband."

The paramedic nodded and let me in. I sat next to Sonny's unconscious body and held her hand tightly in both of mine.

Few minutes later, we got to the hospital and the paramedics rushed Sonny into an emergency room. I ran after them and was about to head into the room as well but a nurse stopped me.

"I'm sorry... You can't head in there... You'll have to wait outside..." the nurse told me.

I looked at the emergency room's door and let out a sigh. I nodded and sat on a chair.

~About two hours had passed~

I had my eyes closed and my head hung when suddenly somebody tapped my shoulder. I looked up and saw that it was the nurse who stopped me from going into the emergency room.

The nurse looked at him and said, "She's going to be alright..." then her eyes became sad.

I let out a sigh of relief when she told me that Sonny was alright. Then he noticed the sad look in her eyes and asked, "What is it...?"

The nurse took a deep breath and said, "I'm really sorry... but... we weren't able to save the baby... The baby's gone..."

My eyes widened and my eyes began to fill with tears. She was kidding right. She has to be kidding.

"Y-you're kidding right...?" I asked her with a shaky voice.

She shook her head and had a few tears streaming down her face. "We're sorry..." then she walked away to attend to her other business.

I held my head in my hands as the tears began to fall.

This must be some bad dream... a nightmare... Please let it be just one very horrible dream...

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