Tears Like the Rain

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She was alone again. Staring up at the moon again like she so often did, only there are no bars on her window this time, no endlessly white walls around her, no Ulquiorra around to talk to, and bring her meals, and this she thinks is the saddest part.

It had been one year ago today that he faded away into ash right before her eyes. She could still see that moment as if it were happening again right now. She can still see the look in his eyes, his beautiful green eyes, as he looked at her in his final moments. Looking only at her, he always looked at her and when he did, she always felt as though he was looking at the real her, straight through to her very soul.

If it had been anyone else they might have missed the emotions that crossed his eyes at that moment, but not her. She spent all of her time in Hueco Mundo trying to figure out her supposedly emotionless guardian. Trying to figure out what all of his facial expressions meant, not that he had many. What his eyes would always be trying to tell her and why he was so cold all the time.

Unfortunately for her she didn't get it until it was too late, until he was reaching out to her in his final moments. It was only then that she understood that, in his own way, Ulquiorra had been reaching out to her all along. She'd just been too blind or stubborn too see it. Now it was too late, she can still remember reaching back for him and feeling nothing but ash slip through her fingers, and how it pained her heart.

Her friends had even noticed something wrong with her no matter how she had tried to hide it with fake smiles and laughter. Kurosaki-kun confronted her and asked her what happened to her in Hueco Mundo that "changed" her. All of her friends were there; they were all staring intently at her waiting for an answer. Uryuu was the only one whose gaze wasn't piercing her, but that's only because he had been there on the dome of Las Noches with her.

After she had healed him and Kurosaki-kun had left to go fight and help Rukia, she'd tried to heal Ulquiorra and bring him back to her. After all Aizen had said her powers could defy the limitations set by Gods right?

When it didn't work she had just broken down sobbing and just laid there where he last stood and cried for him. Uryuu didn't know what was wrong with her either at the time so he asked her and all she could say was his name before she started crying even harder, but apparently that was enough for Uryuu to understand somewhat and so he left her alone about it. He didn't know any of the details but he knew enough to know that Orihime cared for the arrancar a great deal. Watching his final moments, he guessed the arrancar cared for her as well. So she cried.

Not being able to take their stares anymore and also unable to answer their questions she just got up and left. She ran home, it had started to rain, how fitting. Her friends had came looking for her after school, they had knocked on her door and tried to apologize if they'd upset her. She had just ignored them until they'd finally given up and gone home before the rain got too bad.

So she found herself staring out the window at the moon through the rain, thinking about him. Her tears were just like the rain outside her window seemed to be, endless.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo something was stirring, shifting on top of what was once the great palace of Las Noches. The inhabitants of Hueco Mundo could feel it's power and had abandoned the palace in fear of what was coming. Slowly, bit by bit, smoke swirled brilliantly then became ash and then ever so slowly started to take the form of a demon.

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