Tears Like the Rain

Chapter 9: Burning Up

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Uuuuhh you've got me running around
Burning up, I keep burning up

But when you touch and play
You never go all the way, oh no!

'Cause you're cool
Looking hot
Baby oh you're burning
Me up
Like a lot
Uh, I can't control it
Oh boy
Won't you stop?
I feel like you stole it
I can't live without my heart
- don't take it away! oh oh

But you please me
When you tease me
And I just want more!

Uuuuhh you've got me running around
Burning up, I keep burning up

1, 2, 3, it's time for me to be burning up!
I keep burning up
4, 5, 6, I love your licks and I'm burning up!
I keep burning up

Can't deny
It's a fight
Uhh it's all a battle
To get
With you right
You really got me going
And my
Mind is set
On seeing something growing

But you please me
When you tease me
And I just want more!

Uuuuhh you've got me running around
Burning up, I keep burning up

1, 2, 3, it's time for me to be burning up!
I keep burning up
4, 5, 6, I love your licks and I'm burning up!
I keep burning up

Burning Up - Infernal

She had been zoning out all morning. Even their teacher noticed. She was busy making her daydream face all day. Only she wasn't exactly daydreaming she was remembering last night. Tatsuki and Rukia couldn't wait to pull her aside and ask her what was up with her at lunch. Ulquiorra just smirked and told her to go talk with her friends if she wanted. He sat down under a tree nearby and began reading a book as the girls went off on their own where no one would overhear their conversation.

Tatsuki and Rukia sat down facing Orihime and Rukia took the initiative to ask her, "What's up with you today Orihime, you've been zoning out all morning." Orihime thought about trying to pretend that nothing had happened but she knew that the two girls knew her too well and would never fall for it. Her cheeks started to feel hot just thinking about what to tell them and how hard it would be for her to talk about it. She had never really had boyfriends before and had only recently had her first kiss.

"Well when we got home yesterday, I explained why I was upset about the hickey. But then I made him promise not to do it again at least where anyone could see it." Tatsuki and Rukia started grinning they caught the last part of her statement just like Ulquiorra had last night. The two of them urged her to continue her story. "Well I went to make dinner and when I came out to tell him it was ready, I caught him making what he likes to call my 'daydream face' it was so funny, so I started wondering what in the world could make him make a face like that and I asked him."

The two girls had a pretty good idea what he could have possibly been daydreaming about considering the promise she made him make but they wanted the rest of the details. "Go on and then what happened?" Orihime sighed knowing she was about to get to the parts that were hard for her to talk about. "He wouldn't tell me he just said he'd show me later after dinner." Tatsuki and Rukia both quirked an eyebrow at that statement and waited for her to continue.

"After we finished eating he went into the bedroom and was sitting on the bed and I followed him in there and asked him if he was going to tell me. Then he teased me and said that he couldn't, and I reminded him that he said he would tell me after dinner." Her cheeks were burning up thinking about what happened next. Rukia was getting impatient waiting for her to continue. She wanted her to get to the good stuff already, "yeah and then what happened?"

Orihime still felt like her face was on fire, she had all morning "Well then he kissed me and whispered in my ear 'no onna I said that I would show you after dinner' and I finally realized that he said show me instead of tell me." She looked down as she bit her lower lip slightly trying to think of what to say next. "And then what?" the two girls practically shouted at her causing a few people that had been walking by to look in their direction.

"Well then he showed me what he had been thinking about." She was hoping to just leave it at that and that they wouldn't make her give the details. They both looked like they wanted to strangle her at that particular moment. She knew they wanted the details of what happened, not just, well he showed me. They were both thinking what kind of crap is that, she couldn't just leave it at that and get away with it.

She knew they were waiting for her to continue, she figured they both might just force it out of her if she didn't tell them soon. As soon as she built up her nerve to talk about it she continued, "So then he turned off the lights and took off his shirt again and came to lie down next to me. He was so sweet and for a minute we just laid there facing each other and he took my hand and interlaced our fingers just like he did the night he came back."

The two girls were glad that she decided to continue the story on her own without them having to force it out of her. When they heard how sweet he was being with her they both sighed a collective, "Aww." She closed her eyes as she continued the story. It was easier for her to talk about these things if she couldn't see her friend's faces.

"Well he leaned in to kiss me, nothing really passionate like that morning just a sweet little kiss and then he whispered to me, onna do you realize the implications of the promise you made me make earlier?" She tried to imitate his voice as best she could but she just couldn't do it right. Tatsuki and Rukia giggled at her they had both realized earlier what her promise implied. They couldn't believe that she didn't realize it right away, maybe she subconsciously said it that way one purpose.

"I was confused for a moment and I asked him what implications he was talking about. So then he tells me in his sexy bedroom voice that I made him promise not to leave marks on me where others could see them which meant he was free to leave them in places no one could see them." Her cheeks were on fire retelling the story. "So I made a shocked looking face and started to say that that wasn't exactly what I meant, but he cut me off with a kiss and let go of my hand to slip it under my shirt. Then he stopped kissing me long enough to tell me 'no onna, I told you I would show you after dinner and that is what I plan to do' before he kissed me again."

Thinking back on it she would really have to start watching her words around him. Although what she accidentally said to him in this case turned out to be good who knows what she might say the next time. Tatsuki and Rukia both snickered at hearing this part of the story and waited for her to continue.

"So needless to say I have quite a few more marks on me today than I did yesterday and so does he." She laughed at this part, like she was going to let him have all the fun. Not that when he had fun she didn't, she definitely liked it but she didn't get to finish what she was doing that morning that had started everything. Tatsuki and Rukia both cheered for her laughing as they did, "Way to go Orihime." Quickly followed by "so where are they?" as they giggled at her again.

She thought about telling them the rest but she didn't think she would be able to say it without her face melting off. That didn't stop her from remembering it though. He broke their kiss to move lower down her body until he reached the bottom of her shirt and started to lift it slowly higher. Everywhere he exposed new skin he kissed it slowly working his way upwards. He kissed her stomach, before moving around to her ribs and then back down to her lower belly. He sat back for a second and she looked up at him confused as to why he had suddenly stopped.

He held his hand out to her and she took it and he pulled her into a sitting position. He quickly pulled her shirt up and over her head tossing it across the room before he quickly unsnapped her bra before she could say anything and tossed that across the room too. She looked up into his piercing eyes as he moved closer to her forcing her to lie back down until he was hovering over her his eyes boring into hers. He held her tightly feeling her naked breasts pushed up against his chest as he kissed her again

They both felt the need to feel every crease, every curve and every muscle on each other's bodies. He brought his hand up to caress her left breast as he broke their kiss his mouth trailing down her neck until she playfully slapped him on the shoulder as a reminder of his earlier promise not to leave marks there. She felt him smirk against her skin as his mouth trailed down to her other breast circling her nipple with his tongue before covering it and sucking on it gently.

She was in sheer ecstasy, she never knew anything could feel that good she brought her arms up to his shoulders before tangling one of her hands in his long dark hair trying to pull him closer to her. She arched her back and a moan tore from her throat as he bit her nipple gently before running his tongue over it to soothe the dull pain. She continued to moan as he moved to give her other breast the same attention as its partner.

His touch sent tingles along her skin and shivers up and down her spine. His long slow methodical licks made her blood sizzle in her veins and her heart pound. She moaned his name and tugged on his head to make him return to her which he gladly did, kissing her long and slowly their tongues intertwining and their bodies pressed together.

He quickly discovered that he wasn't the only one who wanted to explore. She pushed him onto his back reversing their positions and made him lay there while she finished what she had started that morning, as her tongue followed the path her hand had made and traced the lines of all his muscles. She had no idea just how much self control he had exhibited at that moment. She was making things very hard for him in more ways than one.

She followed the lines of his body memorizing it as she did so before following them up to the spot where the tattoo of her hairpins was. She traced the petals with her tongue before moving to bite his nipple gently as he had done to her earlier which earned a growl from him. She laughed as he growled at her before moving back up to kiss him again.

He flipped them back over until he was once again over her never once breaking their kiss. It was strange how she felt so comfortable with him as to let things go this far so soon. He hadn't been back that long but after he had come back and kissed her that first night it was like she couldn't get enough of his kisses and his gentle caresses. Having part of her heart probably had a lot to do with why she was so comfortable with him. With all the power he possessed he could snap her like a twig but he was always so gentle and tender with her. She could almost feel the electricity between them when they were together like this. The world seemed to melt away when he kissed her and she knew that he would never hurt her. She could feel their spiritual pressure's mingling and entwining with each others in the same way that their tongues did when they kissed.

She could feel the bulge pressing into her thigh and knew exactly what it was. She let her hand slip from around his shoulder and down his chest as she ran her fingers over his abs and lower still. Running her hand along the bulge in his pants caressing it, his body reacted by thrusting into her hand before he froze. Did the onna have any idea what she was doing right then. He wondered if she knew that she was playing with fire at that moment. He broke their kiss to look into her eyes and she saw it, the fire burning in his emerald eyes and the lust he had for her at that moment.

Slipping her hand inside his pants she grabbed his erection and felt it pulsing against her fingers as she gave it an experimental stroke. He closed his eyes burying his head in her neck and shoulder pulling her close as she did it again. She continued to stroke him slowly at first and then growing more comfortable with what she was doing she gripped him harder and began to pump her hand up and down faster. He moved in time with her matching the pace she had set, a thin layer of sweat beginning to form on both their heated bodies making it so that their bodies slid against each other like two warm sticks of butter.

He couldn't see and he couldn't breathe but he could hear her trying to breathe as she turned her face toward his burying her nose in his cheek and kissing the side of his face. He was almost there, so close. He could feel her breathing washing over his face, her breath heavy and tired, reminding him to breathe as he had almost forgotten until his body shook against her as he reached his climax and his movements slowed. She removed her hand from his pants and brought it back up to his face where she pushed some of his hair from his face where it had begun sticking with all the heat between them.

He lifted his head to look into her eyes in wonder as she smiled at him. That had not been in his original plans. He had only planned on getting the onna topless and exploring the skin above her waist, knowing she wasn't ready to go all the way. He wasn't planning on her wanting to touch him the way that she did. He thought that he was going to spend another night uncomfortably aroused in this pathetically weak gigai. He had been wrong. He should have known since the onna was the one who started their activities earlier that morning that she wanted to touch him. He just hadn't known when he started their activities that night that he would be the one trembling in her arms.

He began trailing his hand lower until he reached the waistband of her pants. He was about to slip his hand inside when she said, "stop" and he did immediately. He looked at her trying to figure out why she had stopped him and she just kissed him and said she wasn't ready for that yet. He nodded his head acknowledging her wishes as he leaned in and kissed her again before laying on his back as she snuggled up to him and laid her head on his chest. She could hear his heart still beating erratically and she laughed. When he asked her why she was laughing she replied, "I can hear our heart pounding." He sighed and pulled her closer to him as he felt her breathing begin to even out as she fell asleep listening to his heart.

He fell into a comfortable sleep soon after her until the morning where she awoke first. Somehow they had ended up spooning again with his arms wrapped around her trapping her in his strong embrace. She snuggled into his warm back and as he felt her starting to squirm around he woke up and tightened his hold on her. Kissing her and telling her "good morning onna" she laughed at him. His hair was a mess sticking out in all directions. She knew that was probably mostly all her fault from the way she had buried her hands in it last night.

When she got up to go shower she laughed as she noticed several new marks on her. One near her right breast and one by her ribs and another on her stomach, thankfully true to his word none of them were in places that others were likely to see. He showered after her and she noticed when he got up after she was done getting ready that she wasn't the only one with marks, she had left a few on his chest as well.

The two of them got ready and headed off to school. As they walked together she held his hand lacing their fingers together as he had done last night. He looked down at her and squeezed her hand gently as they continued their walk. All morning in class she couldn't concentrate. Which brought her to her current situation; Tatsuki and Rukia had noticed that she had never answered their earlier question about where said marks were located. She had drifted off into la la land again and had that goofy look on her face.

As the bell rang Ulquiorra got up from underneath the tree he had been sitting under and approached the three women. Tatsuki and Rukia both looked at him and laughed. He noticed that the onna was daydreaming again and he couldn't help but be satisfied knowing that he was partly to blame for it. He knew the onna had told her friends about what had happened last night.

He snapped his fingers in front of the onna's face causing her to snap out of her daydream and smile up at him. He told her it was time to return to class and he walked with the three of them back to the classroom. They were among the last ones to enter the classroom and the three girls were all laughing as they entered with Ulquiorra who had on his usual poker face.

The boys in their group of friends looked up at them incredulously. Was Ulquiorra really that funny of a guy? Yesterday Tatsuki and Rukia couldn't stop laughing at some joke he supposedly told them, and today was more of the same only Orihime seemed to be in on the joke this time as well. Renji made a vow that he would find out somehow what exactly made Ulquiorra so funny. He just couldn't understand it, it didn't make any sense.

Ichigo looked ticked off and tried asking Rukia what was up, and why she came walking in with Ulquiorra but she had ignored him and just told him that the four of them ate lunch together. The rest of the day passed in much the same way, Orihime was zoning out the whole day while Tatsuki and Rukia would talk to Ulquiorra on their breaks. Ichigo tried talking to Orihime once that day but he kept staring at her neck, it kind of freaked her out a little bit. She wondered if he had maybe seen the hickey yesterday and was getting suspicious about her and Ulquiorra. Tatsuki and Rukia in all the excitement of getting her to spill the details of why she looked like that all day had forgotten to tell her about Ichigo's theory that Ulquiorra was a vampire.

As soon as the day was over Orihime rushed home with Ulquiorra again and they all went their separate ways. Upon returning to Urahara's shop Renji overheard something he didn't think he was supposed to hear. He heard Yoruichi and Urahara talking, Yoruichi seemed angry and told Urahara, "if you don't tell them soon, I will. The closer they get the harder it will make their decision." Urahara sighed "I know." He knew he wasn't supposed to hear that and debated whether or not to just keep it to himself but he couldn't. He walked in the room and told them, "If you're talking about Ulquiorra and Orihime, I have a feeling that they've already gotten pretty close. What's going on?" Urahara and Yoruichi looked at each other before telling Renji to sit down while they proceeded to tell him the details of their conversation.

A/N: Yeah this whole chapter is pretty much one big lime. Haha. Uh-oh it seems that Urahara and Yoruichi let Renji in on the big secret. I wonder what decision their talking about. It seems Ichigo is still stuck on his vampire theory too. I loved the how the girls pulled Orihime aside for girl talk and made her spill about what happened. I actually re-wrote this chapter about three times. The first two versions were much different and I left out the details of what happened between the two of them but I decided not to do that to you guys which is how this chapter ended up the way it did. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think.