Naruto Uzamaki-Umino is a 15 years old teenage neko with an unknown past. He was found by the owner of the pet shop which Iruka brought him from. He lives with Iruka in Kohana and has declared himself bi.

Iruka Umino a 32 years old human man who is a working therapist. He adopted Naruto (doesn't like to think he brought him). An orphan like Naruto because of his hidden past. Lives with Naruto and is also bi.

Sasuke Uchiha a 16 years old neko. Lives with Kakashi Hatake (human) and older brother (neko). Older brother works as a host. Owner is a cop. Is gay.

Kakashi Hatake a 35 years old human man. Works as a cop. Owner of two Uchiha nekos. Read porn. Is bi.

Itachi Uchiha a 18 years old neko. Works as a host. Brother of Sasuke. Is gay.

All of them live across from each other. Goes to the same school. And will find out things are going to be different. A lot different.

"Naruto"- normal talking

"Naruto"- thoughts

"Naruto"- yelling/shouting

"Naruto"- animal talking

"Naruto come out of the car and check out the new house." Iruka shouted to the neko blond that sat in the back of the car seat who was sleeping in the light of the afternoon sun.

Naruto looked out the car window. He saw the new house that he would be living in for god knows how long. He didn't like it. Not one bit. But he want his father to be happy and for that he left the car and went to join his father standing at the door.

"Come on you'll like it here. Make lots of friends and met new people." Iruka told his neko son.

Iruka adopted him a few years ago when he saw him in the pet shop owned by an nice old man who was looking for shopper to look after his pets.

He saw him in the room all alone so he decided to adopt him and give him a family. Iruka was the same as the boy at the first glance of him in the room. The feeling on loneliness. Growing up with any parents around was sad and knowing other can't feel this feeling made it hard to move on with life.

Iruka didn't want the blond to end up killing himself at this young age so he took him in. They have been living together for ten years now. The teen was now fifteen while he was thirty-two.

"Ya, sure, whatever." Naruto said.

He didn't like the moving much. They move from time to time because of Iruka's job as a physical and speech/language therapist. He got the job to help children and their problems.

"Come on lets go see the house and pick out the rooms." Iruka dragged Naruto into the house and gave the blond a house tour.

The house was two stories. The bedrooms were upstairs and a bathroom that was large enough to fix a tub and a shower stall in it as well as a toilet and a sink. There two closet that can be walk in. The bedrooms were big. Very big. The small one was painted blue. And the other light brown.

The movers have place their king size bed in the rooms already and Iruka got the bigger room for his work and office table. There was also a closet and a bathroom. He also have a flat screen T.V.

Naruto's room was a bit smaller than Irukas but it was big enough to fix a bathroom with only a shower stall and a closet. He had a bookcase filled with books and movies as well as CDs.

Both of the rooms have two computers that was lay on top of a wide oak table. There was also a few small shelves that was on the wall.

Naruto place his trophies there and set up his T.V with his games. Iruka had pictures of him and Naruto as well as his friends and degrees of working papers.

The first floor was the living room that was connect to the screen doors that led to the back yard and the kitchen. It was painted light purple. There was a black couch that they own, a Sony flat screen T.V, another couch which have a nice color of a sky blue. There were a few shelves and a table.

Inside were movies and games to connect to T.V, the shelves bare nothing so far. It had seem that Iruka got the place set up and told what the movers to place in the house. There was a piano made of red wood that gave it the color scarlet.

Iruka brought that for Naruto when he found out that the blond could play during a shopping trip for CDs one day when he was seven.

The kitchen is beautiful. Black tiles, an oven, black counter-top, ten cabinets top and bottom of the walls, a big fridge, a microwave, three sinks, and a dinner table made from ash-wood.

They left the house and went to the yard. There was a small place for a flower garden and a shack. The pool was covered with a clear glass controlled by a panel not far from the pool. The shack which Naruto found was to hold gardening tools and pool cleaners.

There were still things to be move and do.

"Come on lets get things unpack and see what if there is anything you want to change." Iruka said.

"There's nothing to change. It's a big house and I think I'm starting to like it. The house I mean." Naruto told Iruka who was smiling at the blond.

Across the street was a black haired raven neko who had been watching the blond since he had arrived.

"Mine." Was all he thought as he watch the blond moving his things and his fathers belongings into the house.