What if instead of one child was born there was two…..

"God dam it Matthew! I'm going to kill you for doing this to me!" Rachel Morgan screamed at her husband Matthew Morgan as she was giving birth to her two children. "It will be ok baby, look you are so closes right now." he said squeezing her hand lightly and looked at the doctor pleading. The doctor looked up and nodded her head. "Ok Mrs. Morgan you are going to need to push again and your first baby will be coming. So when I say so ok. Now 1...2...3 push!" Rachel pushed her hardest and heard the first cries of one of her children. "Well Mr. and Mrs. Morgan looks like you have a little boy." the doctor said and gave the little baby to a nurse. "Ok now you have to push again to get your other baby out ok?" Rachel nodded her head in tiredness. "Now Mrs. Morgan 1...2...3 push!" she pushed again and heard the cries of her second child. "Well Mrs. Morgan looks like you have a baby boy and girl! Congrats!" she goes and cleans up after handing the other baby off. The main nurse came in with two other nurses following holding Rachel's children. One holding the boy the other holding the girl. They were both wrapped in a blanket and a little hat that matches. One pink the other blue. The nurses hand the babies to Rachel and Matthew. "So what would you like to name them so I can put it on there birth certificate?" they both looked at each other and smiled. "The boy grant after my granddad" Matthew said. "And Camron after my maiden name." that night they two little ones fell asleep in the mother and fathers arms. To Rachel and Matthew there world was perfect.

And they grew up together….

"Honey come in here" Matthew Morgan yell for his wife. "What's wrong matt?" asked Rachel walking in to see her 1 ½ year old son starting to walk to his father with his twin sister sitting there watching. "Oh my god! Grant baby you are walking!" she exclaimed going down on her knees next to her husband. Grant walked right to her. He smiled at her reveling some of his teeth that have grown in. she can hear Cammie giggling in the back round. Rachel looks up to see her daughter walking to her husband. Cammie trips and lands in her dad's arms. She looks up stunned. Matthew smiled at his daughter and she giggled and smiled back….

Grant and Cammie Morgan were now 6 years old and were starting kindergarten. Grant's black hair was now longer and needed to be cut soon, and Cammie's was even longer then her brother's. They were dress in there first day of school outfits. Both hanging onto their parents not wanting to go inside. Rachel and Matthew finally got them to go inside and leave. Grant and Cammie just looked around not knowing anyone. Some other kids started to talk to them and they soon made friends with others…..

We at least till 7th grade where they were sent away and the schools Gallagher and blackthorn made then forget about each other. Well at least till these schools did an exchange and they saw each other again…



How will this end up… Wait new story about Cammie and Grant! Not to mention with some friends mixed in there! And family!

Since I'm having writers block with my story what if it happened? So I wanted to give you guys something and this looked like a good idea. So hope you enjoy! ~kelly~