The Players

A player is determined as someone who likes to play the field. They're not interested in being in a relationship, because they don't see themselves being in a serious relationship.

They would just enjoy themselves with single people to see where it goes. It also would take a lot of determination not to care, because if they allowed themselves to it would change everything.


December 10,2010

A fashion boutique called Pretty Fashions is owned by Theresa and Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Theresa has the job of designing and making the clothes. Antonio's job is being the manager of the store.

Right now the store is closed for lunch.

Theresa: So, I think we should go to New York for the weekend!

Antonio: I don't know!

Theresa: Antonio, what is going on with you? I thought you were okay with not being in a relationship.

Antonio: I was but sometimes I hate being alone.

Theresa: Antonio, are you ready to be in serious relationship with someone?

Antonio: I don't know!

Theresa: Then how about a new plan to go by!

Antonio: What do you mean?

Theresa: Well what if I get to pick a person for you to date and you pick the person for me to date.

Antonio: What's the catch?

Theresa: Well, to get the person to fall in love with each other.

Antonio: What happens after we get them to fall in love with us?

Theresa: We break their hearts!

Antonio: I don't think I can do that!

Theresa: Yes, you can!

Antonio: Theresa, this is a crazy idea.

Theresa: Yes, but you will go through with it.

Antonio: On one condition!

Theresa: What is it?

Antonio: If either of us really fall in love with the person we'll have to confess to the person that we were using them from the beginning.

Theresa: You got yourself a deal!

Antonio: Okay!

Theresa: So, tonight start deciding on who I should date and I'll do the same for you.

Antonio: How many choices do I have to come up with for you to date?

Theresa: Just two!

Antonio: I will give it a lot of thought before my final decision is made.

Theresa: I'm okay with that!

Meanwhile Kay is at the Book Café talking to Beth.

Beth: So, I have a idea that I want to run by you.

Kay: What it is?

Beth: We need to find someone for Antonio and Theresa.

Kay: I thought we agreed not to that!

Beth: Yes, but I don't like how they're using people for the fun of it.

Kay: I don't like it either but finding someone for Antonio and Theresa to date isn't going to be something easy to do.

Beth: Actually I know who would be perfect for them.

Kay: Well, tell me!

Beth: I was thinking Gwen Hotchkiss for Antonio and Fox Crane for Theresa.

Kay: That is impressive Beth.

Beth: Yes, but we have to let them know about Antonio and Theresa.

Kay: If we do that they might not agree to go out with them.

Beth: If not we'll just have to find people who will.

Kay: It's a great idea.

Beth: Good! Now, there is something I want you to do.

Kay: Which is?

Beth: You tell Theresa that Gwen Hotchkiss is coming back to Harmony, and that she's single.

Kay: Okay!

Beth: I'll be the one to tell Antonio that Fox Crane is coming back to Harmony, and that he's single.

Kay: That is great.

Beth: They will thank us!

Kay: I hope so!

Sometime later

It is about 5 p.m.

Antonio and Theresa are back at their apartment.

Theresa: So, how about we get pizza tonight?

Antonio: That sounds great!

Seconds later the phone rings and Theresa goes to answer it, while Antonio heads to take a shower.

Theresa: Hello!

Kay: Hi Theresa!

Theresa: Hi Kay! What's up?

Kay: I found out from Beth that Gwen Hotchkiss is coming back to Harmony.

Theresa: I thought she was happy with Bryant Pierce in London.

Kay: She was!

Theresa: So, Gwen is coming back as a single woman?

Kay: Yes, she is.

Theresa: Thanks for letting me know.

Kay: You're welcome! Bye!

Theresa: Bye!

Seconds later Theresa ends the call and thinks to herself maybe I should tell Antonio I have picked the person that I think he should date.

Five minutes later

Antonio is on the phone with Beth.

Beth: I just found out that Fox Crane is coming back to Harmony.

Antonio: Why would he come back to Harmony? Isn't he happy with his girlfriend in Los Angeles?

Beth: They were but Fox will be coming back to Harmony as a single man.

Antonio: Really?

Beth: Yes!

Antonio: Thanks Beth for letting me know.

Beth: You're welcome! Bye!

Antonio: Bye!

Seconds later he ends the call and then he thinks to himself I think I should pick Fox Crane as the person to date for Theresa.

About 8 p.m.

Antonio: Theresa, I have decided on the person that you should date.

Theresa: I have decided that too!

Antonio: How would you feel about dating Fox Crane?

Theresa thought to herself I thought he was dating someone.

Antonio: He's coming back to Harmony as a single man.

Theresa: So, he has no idea that I use people for the fun of it?

Antonio: No!

Theresa: I agree!

Antonio: Good! Who did you pick for me to date?

Theresa: Gwen Hotchkiss!

Antonio: She's single?

Theresa: Yes! Would you be okay with dating her?

Antonio: I would be!

Theresa: Well, okay! So, the question is now when will they be back in Harmony?

To Be Continued