Beth: Hey, you should have told me sooner that you were tired!

Antonio: I slept on the way back!

Beth: Good!

Antonio: It was nice to go out.

Beth: Yes!

Antonio: I'm thinking maybe I should consider taking time off from work.

Beth: You should! I can't believe how hard you overwork yourself!

Antonio: I know! I just guess I love to work!

Beth: I do too but if I overworked myself then I wouldn't be able to do my job.

Antonio: You're a great friend!

Beth: You're a great one too!

Antonio: Okay! Let's head back to Harmony!

Beth: Okay!

By the time Antonio is back in the apartment it's by 11:00 p.m.

He is so tired that he gets into bed wearing the clothes he has on.

The time passes

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is about probably 3 a.m.

Antonio realizes he is still in his work clothes so he takes them off and then he gets back to sleep.

Time goes by

Pretty Fashions Boutique

It is about 8:15 a.m.

Antonio is in his office when his cell rings.

On the third ring he answers the phone

Beth: Hey!

Antonio: I decided to go to work.

Beth: Antonio...

Antonio: Beth, I will take time off! I just have to decide when it will be.

Beth: How long are you thinking for?

Antonio: A week!

Beth: No! You need at least a month off!

Antonio: No! I don't think Theresa and Gwen could handle the store without me.

Beth: I think they could!

Antonio: Yeah!

Beth: What if you went away to the cabin?

Antonio: The cabin is great when people go with you.

Beth: You need time to yourself.

Antonio: Maybe!

Beth: I just really called to make sure you're okay!

Antonio: I am! Thanks for being a concerned friend!

Beth: Okay! I will check up on you later!

Antonio: Okay! Bye!

Beth: Bye!

It isn't long before Antonio falls back to sleep on his desk.

By 8:45 a.m.

Theresa: Gwen, I just found Antonio in his office sleeping.

Gwen: Let him sleep!

Theresa: So, maybe the reason he's kept to himself is because he's been overdoing it, and just didn't want us to worry about it.

Gwen: Probably!

Theresa: I think he needs to take time off from work.

Gwen: I agree!

Theresa: I will talk to him about it later.

Gwen: Okay!

Sometime passes

By the time Antonio gets up it's about 10:30 a.m.

Theresa: Hey!

Antonio: I...

Theresa: You're going to take time off work starting tomorrow.

Antonio: No!

Theresa: Antonio, I'm not taking no for an answer! Also, Gwen agrees with me on this.

Antonio: I should be the one to decide if I want to take a vacation or not.

Theresa: Do you want me to go to Mama and tell her you've been overworking yourself.

Antonio: Okay!

Theresa: So, I will leave you alone.

Antonio: Thank you!

Theresa: I love you!

Antonio: I love you too sis!

Then Theresa heads out of his office seconds later.

The rest of the day goes by

It is about 5:50 p.m.

Antonio is sitting in the park when he sees Hank seconds later.

Hank: Hey!

Antonio: I'm on vacation starting tomorrow.

Hank: Theresa made you?

Antonio: Yeah!

Hank: How is your pain?

Antonio: Not bad!

Hank: Good!

Antonio: Do you think I overwork myself too much?

Hank: Yes!

Antonio: I need to stop overdoing things so much!

Hank: Or ask Theresa or Gwen to help you!

Antonio: I know I should but I'm a guy! Guys aren't the type to ask for help!

Hank: No! I think people just think they could do it on their own without asking for help.

Antonio: Okay! You want to go grab a beer or something?

Hank: Yeah! Just a few! Then you're going back to the apartment to rest!

Antonio: Okay!

Then they head to a bar!

Meanwhile at the apartment

Gwen is on the phone with an old friend of hers.

Mark: So, how have you been?

Gwen: Good!

Mark: So, is there someone you're interested in dating?

Gwen: Yes!

Mark: Do you think he's interested in you?

Gwen: Yes, but he doesn't want to be in one right now.

Mark: So, he's the guy who just wants to date women?

Gwen: The truth is he was in a relationship with someone who turned out to be no good.

Mark: So, he took it really hard?

Gwen: Antonio really loved Bella!

Mark: Gwen, if you're interested in him do something about it.

Gwen: Mark...

Mark: Cook for him!

Gwen: I'm not a cook!

Mark: Ask someone to help you then!

Gwen: I could still fail!

Mark: Yes, but at least you tried!

Gwen: Okay!

Mark: Good! I will talk to you soon!

Gwen: Okay! Bye!

Mark: Bye!

Seconds later the call is over and then Gwen calls Theresa seconds later

Theresa: Hey!

Gwen: Theresa, are you good at cooking?

Theresa: You're going to cook for Antonio?

Gwen: Yes!

Theresa: I will help you! I have recipes that I could give you.

Gwen: Theresa, the truth is I don't really know how to cook.

Theresa: It's not that hard! What if I pick a couple of easy dishes that wouldn't be too hard to do.

Gwen: That would be great!

Theresa: Okay! Also, if you really help you should ask my Mama to help. I could tell her you need help if you want.

Gwen: If I'm unable to make an easy recipe you give me then I will consider asking Pilar for help.

Theresa: Good! I could stop by later to give you out the print out copies.

Gwen: That would be great!

Theresa: Also, I could give you a couple of dessert recipes too.

Gwen: I would appreciate that!

Theresa: Or you can make something that is Duncan Hines.

Gwen: I could!

Theresa: Well, give me at least hour or so to come over to the apartment.

Gwen: Or it can wait until tomorrow.

Theresa: No! Besides I don't really have anything to do right now.

Gwen: Okay! I will owe for you this!

Theresa: Okay! Bye!

Gwen: Bye!

Seconds later the call is over.

A little time goes by

Meanwhile at the bar

It is about 6:30 p.m.

Hank: So, why haven't you ask Gwen out?

Antonio: I don't know!

Hank: Antonio, when you decided to not commit to a serious relationship for sometime I didn't think it would be too long.

Antonio: Yeah, but to be honest I can't get over what Bella did to me.

Hank: She fooled us including you.

Antonio: I think I knew she was no good but chose not to see that even though I was told I shouldn't be with her anymore.

Hank: Maybe what you really need to do is forgive her for what she caused you and your family and friends.

Antonio: Yeah, but the thing is she isn't out of my life.

Hank: Antonio, what do you mean?

Antonio: The reason I was at the docks was to meet Bella.

Hank: Antonio! ( he says in a shocked tone) What is wrong with you?

Antonio: She said if I didn't meet with her she would hurt someone close to me.

Hank: Antonio, you need to get a restraining order against her.

Antonio: If I do that I will be putting everyone else in my life in danger.

Hank: I understand that!

Antonio: Do you? I don't know what Bella is capable of doing.

Hank: So, you think doing what she wants is going to keep you and the people in your life safe?

Antonio: I don't know but for the time doing she hasn't done anything to harm anyone else in my life.

Hank: I think the guys who beat who up were sent by her.

Antonio: No! I don't think Bella would do that especially if she loves me.

Hank: Antonio, you were there to meet her.

Antonio: If she was behind that...

Hank: Okay! So, you want me to stay quiet about Bella?

Antonio: No! I have to do something!

Hank: I'm helping you!

Antonio: No! It's best if you stay out of it.

Hank: Antonio, I can't stay out if it.

Antonio: Hank, if something happens to you Beth is going to kill me.

Hank: Yes, but she will understand why I had to risk my life to help you. She won't blame you.

Antonio: Beth will blame me if you end up dead! Do you want to go through with helping me?

Hank: Antonio...

Antonio: Hank... let me handle this.

Hank: I can't believe I'm actually considering doing it.

Antonio: How about this only go to the cops if I go missing.

Hank: Antonio, how am I going to explain to your family and friends that I knew what was going to happen?

Antonio: I'm not going to let myself wind up dead. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens.

Hank: Okay!

Sometime later

It is about 7:15 p.m.

Theresa: If you don't like any of these recipes I'll get you other ones to use.

Gwen: Thanks! Do you want something to drink?

Theresa: No! I actually have to go finish something for tomorrow.

Gwen: Okay! Bye!

Theresa: Bye!

About 8:15 p.m.

Antonio is taking Sebastian for a walk.

Gwen is looking at the recipes that Theresa gave and wonders which one she should tried to make.

A few minutes later

Antonio's cell phone is ringing but he doesn't answer because he left it in the apartment. A message by Bella is left, and this is what she says.

Bella: Antonio, you and I need to talk! I will be waiting for you to call.

Seconds later it ends.

By the time Antonio returns it's 8:45 p.m.

Gwen: Hey!

Antonio: Hey! Did anyone call for me?

Gwen: No!

Antonio: Okay! I'm going to go to bed early tonight! I haven't been sleeping as much as I should be.

Gwen: Okay! Goodnight!

Antonio: Goodnight!

Then he heads to the guestroom and then he checks his message. When he hears Bella's message he immediately calls her back.

Bella: Well, Antonio I was thinking you and I need to get away for a weekend.

Antonio: Bella, you know that won't do anything!

Bella: So, what if I pay your sister Theresa a visit?

Antonio: You leave her out of this!

Bella: Only if you agree to my terms.

Antonio: What do you want me to do?

Bella: Tomorrow you're meeting me in Brock Town at 12:30 p.m.

Antonio: I'll be there!

Bella: Good! Also, make sure you come alone!

Antonio: Okay!

Seconds later the call is over and then Antonio goes to change.

Many hours later

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The time is 12:30 p.m.

Antonio sees Bella waiting for him.

Bella: So, get in the car!

Antonio: I'm not going anywhere with you!

Seconds later Bella pulls out a gun on him.

Antonio: Bella, don't do this!

Bella: If you don't do what I say I will shoot you.

Antonio: Bella, I don't think you're capable of hurting me.

Seconds later she shoots the gun at a bottle which shatters into pieces.

Antonio: I...

Bella: Now, do you take me serious?

Antonio: Okay!

Seconds later he gets into the car and then she gets into the driver's seat.

A moment later she starts driving the car.

Meanwhile in Harmony

Hank is starting to question if what he agreed to with Antonio was the right thing to do.

Seconds later he calls Antonio's cell number and when he doesn't answer this is the voicemail that he leaves for him.

Hank: Antonio, please call me when you get this! I have to know that you're okay!

Seconds later he ends the call

Hank: How long should I wait to call again?

Meanwhile Bella starts having a conversation with Antonio

Bella: So, what do I want?

Antonio: Bella, stop playing games!

Bella: Antonio, you really don't know how much I really love you.

Antonio: This isn't love!

Bella: You're wrong!

Antonio: If you think keeping me a prisoner somewhere is going to change my mind...

Bella: No... I'm not doing that!

Antonio: You forced me to go with you with a gun!

Bella: It was the only way you would agree to go with me.

Antonio: I...

Bella: This will only be a couple of hours!

Antonio: I have told someone to do something if I go missing.

Bella: Who Antonio?

Antonio: That is for me to know.

Bella: Fine... I bet Hank isn't going to say anything until he's sure you're gone for a long time.

Antonio: Why would you think it's him? (he lied)

Bella: Because you trust him! Also, I think you would tell him because you didn't want your family to know or your other friends and especially Gwen.

Antonio: Have you been sending someone to follow me?

Bella: No! It's because I know you Antonio!

Antonio: You don't know everything about me!

Bella: Well, so if you really want to be returned home then you're going to listen without interrupting me.

Antonio: What happens if I don't do that?

Bella: Then something happens to someone you care about!

Antonio: You wouldn't dare!

Bella: I have a few people who I have to hired to be in Harmony and they have a list of the people who are in your life. Do you want me to make a call right now?

Antonio: No!

Bella: Good! Now, you really hurt me when you decided to end things with me. I didn't expect that to happen. I didn't believe it was true. When I found out you're with Gwen now I wasn't happy about that. I thought you were only with her for pretend but when I found out you two are living together then I really believed it was true. Antonio, why would you want to be with her? She's rich and the only person she ever wanted to be with was Ethan. Why would you settle for being someone's second best? You can answer Antonio!

Antonio: First, you don't know who Gwen is as a person. She cares about people. She likes doing things for others.

Bella: Have you two slept with each other?

Antonio: That is none of your business to know.

Bella: So, you two haven't yet. Is this why you're with her?

Antonio: How do you know I haven't thought about it?

Bella: Are you waiting until she's ready to? I mean that would be sad! I don't understand why guys would be okay doing that.

Antonio: Because they respect woman!

Bella: Oh, yes! You're a Mama's boy who listens to her advice.

Antonio: My mother values are important to me.

Bella: You know I wonder sometimes what if you were born to a different family? Would you be the same person that you are now?

Antonio: You mean be the type of person that didn't care! The type of person that would make reckless mistakes!

Bella: There's nothing wrong with that!

Antonio: Everyone makes mistakes! I have made mine but despite that I'm still a good person.

Bella: That is why I love you Antonio.

Antonio: Bella, this is obsession.

Bella: You really believe I'm capable of hurting you.

Antonio: I don't know!

Bella: I wouldn't because of how much I love you. Now, I'm going to give you something to think about. If you go to the police someone you know will get hurt.

Antonio: Bella, I don't believe you would do that!

Bella: I will because they mean nothing to me. The only one that means anything to me is just you. As long as you don't go to the police everyone in your life will be kept safe.

Antonio: I'm not going to be kept under your watch. I could leave Harmony!

Bella: I don't think you would because your home is there.

Antonio: I would if it means keeping them safe.

Bella: For how long exactly because I don't think you could do it.

Antonio: I think I could!

Bella: No, because you need them more than anything!

Antonio: My family would be supportive if I told them why I was doing it.

Bella: If you tell them anything someone else will pay for it.

Antonio: I can't believe what I'm hearing!

Bella: So, I want you to know that I will be watching. If I suspect that you decide to tell anyone anything they will pay the price.

Antonio: Then let's make a deal!

Bella: There's nothing you could offer me!

Antonio: How about this? Instead of going after them go after me.

Bella: No!

Antonio: Then what if I offer you money to stay away?

Bella: This isn't about money. This has to do with not wanting to be with me.

Antonio: We don't work.

Bella: You loved me before you decided to end it.

Antonio: I found out the truth!

Bella: So, if I had been honest we would have lasted?

Antonio: No! The truth is I didn't love you the way you loved me.

Bella: Antonio, I can change. We can try again.

Antonio: I can't. I'm better without you!

Bella: Do you really think I'm going to let you be with anyone else?

Antonio: If you think by killing me is...

Bella: I couldn't do that because you meant a lot to me.

Antonio: If I do then stay out of my life.

Bella: No! If you don't want anything to happen to you or anyone else then you will agree to get back together with me.

Antonio: No!

Bella: We were great together!

Antonio: We were but then it changed.

Bella: That was because of your family. They thought I wasn't right for you.

Antonio: My family has a right to their opinion but it was me who had to decide whether we should be together or not.

Bella: I don't believe that!

Antonio: I didn't listen the first time I was told by my family and friends that I should have ended things with you, but I should have.

Bella: I can't believe what I'm hearing!

Antonio: I thought our love was strong enough to last, but the truth is that I didn't really see a future with you.

Bella: It's lies Antonio.

Antonio: No! I ended things with us because I knew I couldn't spend the rest of my life with you. I realized that I needed to be with someone else that I could see spending the rest of my life with.

Bella: If you think that person is Gwen...

Antonio: I don't know that now but there is the possibility that it could be.

Bella: She doesn't deserve you.

Antonio: What you really mean Bella is no other woman deserves to be with me because they're not you.

Bella: They don't!

Antonio: There is going to be someone else for you Bella.

Bella: You're it Antonio! If you would reconsider taking me back I know we could be happy together.

Antonio: I can't because I won't be happy with you.

Bella: Then I'm afraid you leave me no choice Antonio!

Seconds later she pulls out a gun which she aims at him seconds later

Antonio: Bella, don't do this!

Bella: I have to because I can't let anyone else be with you.

As she's about to do something that is when her cell phone rings.

Antonio: Answer the phone Bella!

Bella: No!

Antonio: It could be important!

Bella: Not as important as killing you.

Antonio: Then do it.

Bella: I will Antonio!

Antonio: When?

Bella: I can do it Antonio!

Antonio: No, because I don't believe you're capable of hurting me Bella!

Bella: You're wrong Antonio! I can do it.

Antonio: I don't believe you Bella!

Bella: I will!

Antonio: I'm going to get out of the car!

Bella: Antonio!

Suddenly she is aiming a gun at him.

Antonio: Bella, don't...

Bella: Try to stop me Antonio!

A moment later he goes to stop her and as they struggling it doesn't take long because the sound of the gun goes off.

To Be Continued