Hey Alice! You're out of milk!

Alice Cullen has gained a new "friend." Actually, Ruby Cullen is more than a friend. She knows everything about Alice, and they have never even met…

HEY! I know I haven't updated my other stories much but I'm getting there. I came up with this idea while thinking about stalkers and couldn't let this opportunity pass.

Chapter 1: P.S. You're out of milk!


Wednesday. My day to get the mail. I whizzed outside to the letterbox and expertly sorted through the junk to my stuff. I skimmed through my letters. It was all the usual stuff, credit card bills, the Autumn Prada catalogue, and an insurance update for my Porsche. There was one more that I didn't recognize. It was addressed to The Fabulous M. Alice Brandon Hale Cullen!

"Omg!"I thought to myself. This was bad, and I couldn't even get any future on the letter. So I decided to do the only thing I could do. Open it.

I went inside and sat down. Then I opened the letter. It read:

Dear Ms Mary Alice Brandon Hale Cullen. I think you're fan-fucking-tastic!

You are super gorgeous and pretty and nice and I wish I was psychic like you

cause that would be really cool! But I have to warn you, I think Jasper is super

gorgeous and you'd better watch him at night! I love you!

From your new best friend, Ruby Cullen! 333

P.S. You're out of milk. :P

"Oh crap." I thought to myself. How does this person know so much about me? I know nothing about her! She's probably my stalker and from the looks of it, it seems that she probably knows I'm a vampire too. Sigh. I'll have to go and talk to Edward now I have a stalker. That would explain how she knew I was out of milk…

I know its short but read and review and there will be more!

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