I thought of this when I was on the bus, going to school! This is basically going to make fun of all of those Mary Sues out there. Everyone has written them (come on, confess) I'm not trying to make fun of anybody in particular, just the character. If I do happen to use the same name as one of your characters, it is 100% on accident. Zim, Gir, Nny, Dib, Mmy, and The Tallest are all going to have the perfect Sues, that will "change them forever". But theres a twist ending at the last chapter!

Somewhere in deep space

"Invader Miz, you have been assigned to planet Earth, to enslave the human race.", said Tallest Red

"While you there, do you mind destroying an Irken by the name of Zim.", asked Tallest Purple

Red gave him a nudge, "I...mean...er...help him destroy Earth...here are the coordinations."

And they sent Invader Miz (A/N: Has anyone noticed yet that Miz's name is "Zim" spelled backwards?) off on a 6 month journey.

2 months later

"I'll get you alien scum!"

"You will never get the almighty ZIM!"

Zim and Dib were at it again. For unknown reasons, Dib was chasing Zim in the park, and no, this was not a friendly game of tag. Suddenly, Zim pulled out a laser and tried shooting at Dib, and quickly ran home.

4 months later (A/N: I'm starting to see a pattern here)

Driving a Voot Cruiser for 6 months was hard. Just them something moved in the back of the ship. Miz whipped around and carefully moved around to the back of the ship. Out popped a SIR unit it had pink eyes and other pink details. (A/N: I didn't see that one coming...)

"Oh! Hello! Whats your name?", asked Miz

"TIA reporting for duty" (A/N: was I drunk when thinking of that name?)

"OK...look TIA it's Earth, how absolutely amazing!"

As they landed they saw the funniest looking house.

"This must be Zim's house, TIA! How covenant it is that we landed right in front of it!"

I heard the doorbell ring.


I opened the door, very annoyed, but when I saw who it was my jaw dropped. A beautiful Irken female stepped in. She was my size. Her curly antennas bounced as she walked, her misty, purple eyes looked around slowly, she looked...perfect. (A/N: I wonder why?) Then, out of nowhere, a flash of pink light blinded me for a second. When my sight returned I saw a SIR unit that looks almost exactly like GIR, except pink.

"Hello, you must be Zim, I'm Miz. The Tallest sent me here to help you.", her voice was like silk.

I closed the door before I started speaking, but GIR came running in.

"Who's your friends mastah?"

"I'm Miz and this is Tia", Miz pushed Tia forward a little bit, "go on a play Tia, while I talk (A/N: like thats all there gonna be doing) to Zim."

Zim and Miz spent the rest of the day together, while Gir and Tia spent the day in the kitchen making soap-waffles. Zim and Miz found themselves in the park, under the moon. (A/N: the things I do for laughs)

"So...Miz, tomorrow we can think of new ways to destroy the Earth! We'll be a great team!"

Miz had this sad look on her face, Zim knew that he had said something wrong. (A/N: that's nothing new)

"Zim...I...I don't really want to be an invader. Don't you think it's wrong to enslave or kill so many people?" (A/N: AHHHH! THIS IS WHEN SHE STARTS USING HER MIND CONTROLLING SUE POWERS!)

"Yes! I do think it's wrong! We should stop and make friends with the humans!"

Miz smiled and leaned in and gave Zim a quick kiss (A/N: I thought Irkens can't feel love. Everything I know is a lie!) Zim grabbed Miz's hand and ran back to his base to do some helping-the-world stuff.

Yep, that was Zim and Gir's Sue, now they are beginning their magical love adventure! Next up is Nny! Please review, cause if you don't I'M GONNA GO ALL JOHNNY ON YOU!