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Anni sighed, it looked like a perfect night to stroll down a dark, damp, and possibly dead end ally. Brushing her medium green and blond hair out of her eyes, she walked down the alleyway. Her black and silver high heeled boots would occasionally step in puddle of, well, was hopefully Kool-Aid, but she didn't mind. As the magical force behind this story would have it, the ally was indeed, a dead end. Anni turned around and started to walk back when she had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. Suddenly, a strong hand gripped her shoulder and a cloth was pushed against her face. (A/N: Chloroform anyone?)


Anni woke up and held her pounding head. As her green eyes adjusted, she found that she was a very large cage. The trapped girl stood up and straightened her black, lace skirt. Anni started to laugh a dark, evil chuckle. Clearly her kidnapper had not done enough research about her. Anni always had her magic weapon with her, a sparkly, banana nut muffin! (A/N: Yes you read correctly :D) She held it up to the lock on the cage door and it swung open. Carefully, Anni stepped out and took in her surroundings, it looked like she was in a basment. Anni made her way up the stairs and down a hallway, thinking she was homebound, Anni failed to hear footsteps heading her way.

"What the hell?", Asked Jimmy, dropping a box holding unknown materials in it, "YOU! HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF YOUR CAGE?"

Now Anni was screwed, She looked closely at her captor. If he hadn't kidnapped her and possibly raped her, she would probably think he was kind of cute. (A/N: For the record I DO NOT think Jimmy is...cute )So she did the only thing she could think of...punch him in the face.

Jimmy slamed against the wall. How is that possible?, he thought, she clearly couldn't have been that srtong! It just was NOT logical! And now, some unknown force was probably laughing at him...SHE IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!

The perverted man grabbed a knife from a nearby table and took a fighting stance. As Jimmy looked at the girl he realized that...well...she was hot! He was not going to let her escape! Jimmy saw that the girl had pulled out a weapon and was also prepared to fight for her freedom. He looked closer, and raised an eyebrow in the air.

"What are you holding?", Jimmy asked

"Oh! This is my magic banana nut muffin!", Anni answered.

While Jimmy was trying to find a suitable answer to that strange comment, Anni had devised a wonderfull plan.

"So whats your name?", the green eyes girl asked, "Mine is Anni."

Jimmy was snapped out his thoughts when the girl spoke. "Um...I'm Jimmy, but I guess you can call me Mmy"

Anni took a step closer, "I think instead of fighting we should go out sometime."

You see, Jimmy was not use to being asked out on dates by strangly perfect girls like Anni. He was very uncertain, but shook his head yes.

Not only was Anni pretty, but she was also very smart. As soon as her date was over, she would never see Jimmy's face again...no matter how handsome it was...

But Anni went on many more dates with Jimmy and by sprinkling her Mary Sue dust around, Jimmy became a doctor and regularly volunteers at homless shelters.

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