Dark little Harlot

Where is your humanity…?

Why did you do it?

'How could you do it…?'

How can you stand to look at yourself?

He wasn't as bad as they said…

'Poor Erik…'

He wasn't a monster-

No, he was far from a monster…

Twisted little Tease,

You deserted your Angel.

You twisted him around with your sweet voice and soft touches…

'You know you did…'

Madame de Changy, you left him alone.

You took his heart-saved his soul…but did you ever think about your own?

Poor little girl,

You had so much potential.

He gave you guidance but you were so easily swayed away…

Stupid little Twat.

How you hurt your Master.

All he did was watch over you!

'You…just you...'

You left him for a Boy-you could've had a Man-but no…

Insolent girl, look now.

See your life come undone.

Are you happy?

'You daughter sings as softly as he did…'

Are you truly happy?

'Your husband is gone from time to time…where does that leave you?'

Is it everything you wished for?

Do you even ever think about your poor cursed Angel…

You did not deserve him.

'And you know don't you?'

He was not a monster.

'No, never a monster.'

Yes he was cruel

Yes he had killed.

Yes he was willing to go beyond and more-but…

'It was all for you…'

He was not a monster…

No, never a monster.

He was not a monster-for everything he did.

'He did For you.'

He did it to be with you…

He was not a monster-because he loved…


And now you miss him…

' Don't you…'

I was rewatching Phantom of the Opera and during the Point of No Return, this hit me. This is a song that has been playing in Christine's head after everything happened. She married Raoul and had a daughter…She named her Erica…

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