Name: Rosalie

Age: 18

God/Goddess parent: Apollo

Mother: Wood Nymph named Tonya

Ability: create and manipulate light and earth

Percy's POV: After passing Annabeth I saw a girl riding on a winged horse shooting arrows from the sky each one of them hitting its target dead center. "Who's that?" I asked. "Oh that's Rosalie she's the oldest and only daughter and child of Apollo she's part goddess and part wood nymph her mom was a wood nymph she's the best archer on land and horseback she can hit any target from anywhere" Grover said. "Have you ever met her mom?" I asked. "Only once but she died" Grover replied. "How?" I asked. "Medusa" he replied. "Rosalie was only five years old Tonya was a great mother to that girl after she died Apollo refused to be with anyone else he loved Tonya to much and he lost her but what really set him off was that Medusa tried to kill Rosalie too". "Wow" I said. "She's beautiful like her mom but everything else she gets from her dad she's also the only demigod here that's ever lived up in Olympus" Grover said. Rosalie shot one last arrow and just like the others it hit the target dead center.

Rosalie's POV: I landed after shooting my last arrow and put my Pegasus back in the stables. I took my arrows out of the targets and put them back in my quiver. I walked back to my cabin and put all of my stuff away and laid down on my bed. I took out the picture of my mom and felt tears fill my eyes. I missed her so much. Even though I was five I still remembered that horrible day like it was yesterday.


The three of us were walking through a beautiful garden full of flowers of all kinds and trees with blossoms with my dad carrying me. My mother loved nature as did I. "Oh Apollo it's beautiful" she said. "The flowers are pretty daddy just like mommy" I said smiling. "Thank you sweetheart" my mother said kissing my forehead. "I love you mommy" I said. "I love you too baby" she said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "What about me?" my dad asked. "I love you daddy" I said smiling. "I love you too princess" he said and kissed my head. "Daddy who's that?" I asked pointing to a woman that wore dark sunglasses and had a cloth wrapped around her head. "Hello Apollo" the woman said. "Medusa" my father growled hugging me tighter. "You have a beautiful wife and daughter oh and their hair is beautiful but that's something you would expect from a wood nymph. Your daughter is just precious Apollo she is just beautiful. The woman began to take off her glasses and the cloth around her hair. "Tonya, Rosalie close your eyes" my dad said. I closed my eyes tightly and hid my face in my fathers chest and cried. "Shhhhhh baby it's ok everything is ok just keep your eyes closed" he said as he held me tighter. "Aw such a caring protective father" Medusa said. Oh dear you are such a beautiful wood nymph tell me are your eyes as beautiful as your hair?" Medusa asked. "Tonya don't open your eyes" my dad yelled but it was to late. I heard my mother scream then nothing. "I'll be back Apollo and your daughter will be next" Medusa said then left. I opened my eyes to see my mother completely made of stone. "Mommy!" I cried. "Tonya dear Zeus no!" my father cried. No matter how much the two of us cried we knew that my mother wasn't coming back. My dad tried his best to comfort me. "Shhhhhh it's ok sweetheart everything will be ok I'm going to take you back to Olympus with me I will never leave you Rosalie I love you I won't let Medusa or anyone for that matter touch you I love you Rosalie" my dad said. "I love you too daddy" I replied.

End Flashback

I put the picture back inside my pillow case where I always kept it and got up and went to the field to play capture the flag. When I got there Jake a son of Athena handed me a helmet as I joined the blue team. I went up to the front of the group and stood next to Luke son of Hermes. Luke and I have liked each other since the day we met. A few years later he asked me out and I gladly accepted. Luke smiled and took my hand lacing his fingers with mine. "Everyone this is Percy Jackson son of Poseidon he is in need of a team" Chiron said. "We'll take him does anyone have an extra helmet?" Luke asked. One of the boys from our team passed up a spare helmet and Luke gave it to Percy. "I'm Luke son of Hermes nice to meet you Percy" he said shaking Percy's hand. I walked up to Percy and gave him a sword. "I hope you know how to use one you're really gonna need it" I said glancing at Annabeth who smiled. "Anyway I'm Rosalie daughter of Apollo" I said. "Alright now that Percy has a team let the game begin" Chiron said. Everyone ran off into the forest in search of the other teams flag. I was with Luke and Percy keeping a look out for any children of Ares they were tough kids real tough kids but that doesn't surprise me their father is the god of war. Suddenly about four son's of Ares jumped out in front of us. *Speak of the devil* I thought. I decided to act quick and pinned three of the boys against a tree while Luke fought off the other one. "Percy go find the flag Luke and I will take care of this" I said. Percy nodded and ran off. Once Luke beat the fourth boy the two of us climbed into a tree. "Why are we in a tree?" he asked/whispered. "Shhhh you'll see" I replied. Moments later three daughters of Ares appeared below the tree Luke and I were in. I took out three arrows and aimed them at the girls then fired. Each girl was pinned against a tree and attempted to free themselves but just like their brothers they failed to do so. Luke and I jumped down from the tree when we heard cheering. We ran towards the noise and saw Percy holding up the red flag. "Not bad for a newbie don't you think?" I asked Luke. "No not bad at all" he replied. The two of us walked through the crowed and joined everyone in congratulating Percy on his fist successful game of capture the flag (demigod style).