After the game we all went to dinner. I could already tell Percy had a thing for Annabeth. Most of the time I ate dinner with Luke at the Hermes table along with his siblings since I was the only daughter of Apollo and other times Luke would come over to the Apollo table and sit with me. "That was a pretty intense game don't ya think?" Travis asked. "Yeah it was man I will never forget the look on Annabeth's face when Percy beat her" Conner replied. "After we give our sacrifices to our parents I have a surprise for you" I whispered to Luke who smirked. "Oh you do huh?" he said. I smiled and nodded as I picked up a few strawberries and threw them into the fire for my father. After Luke threw in his food I took his hand and led him away. "Your cabin or mine?" he asked. "Well I'm the only daughter of Apollo there for I think it would be best if we made out in my cabin" I said. "Good choice" he replied. We went to the Apollo cabin and walked inside. I closed the door and walked over to Luke who seated himself on my bunk. Luke smirked and pulled me down onto his lap and crashed his lip down on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer to him making the kiss more passionate. Luke ran his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance. I decided to tease him a bit and play hard to get so I refused to open my mouth. He kept running his tongue across my bottom lip but I still refused. He groaned and I could tell he was getting frustrated. "Rosalie" he groaned. I still refused so he decided to take over and bite my bottom lip causing me to gasp giving him just enough time to make his entrance. Our tongues danced together as the kiss became full of Lust and Passion. Luke laid me down on my back and got on top of me. I felt his hands slide up and down my sides and I moaned. His lips traveled down my jaw line to my neck where he searched for my weak spot. Once he found it I moaned causing him to smirk. "Mmmm Luke" I moaned as his smooth soft hands traveled up and down my body. "You like that baby?" he mumbled into my neck kissing every weak spot I had. I ran my hands up his shirt tracing his toned chest that I admired so much. I felt him shiver under my touch and smirked. I leaned up and began to kiss his neck and shoulder and he moaned when I reached his weak spot. I ran my hands through his blonde hair while he played with mine. When he we looked at each other for a few moments. I always loved his eyes. Those beautiful sky blue eyes that always looked so gentle and caring. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met more beautiful than those daughters of Aphrodite" he said. "You're the hottest guy I've ever met hotter than the son's of Aphrodite" I replied. "I love you Rosalie" Luke said. "I love you too Luke" I replied. Luke once again crashed his soft warm lips down on mine and we moved our lips together in sync. "I have a big surprise in for you for you're birthday tomorrow" he said smirking as he winked at me. I blushed and he chuckled. "I love it when you blush it's cute" he said. I laughed and he kissed me once more. "Do you want me to stay in here with you in case you have any more nightmares?" Luke asked. I sometimes had nightmares about the time my mother was killed by Medusa and I would always cry and scream in my sleep and that scared Luke a lot. I nodded my head and Luke went to get some clothes from his cabin.