disclaimer: Pokémon isn't mine.
pairing: some messed up love story.
character: White-centric.
notes: Just read Invisible Monsters.
Every time I read a awesome story, I need to write something that is inspired by it.
I'm gonna stick with the rating of T.
also: Thank you, RV for making me do some corrections.
reassurance needed: I feel like I shouldn't have posted this.

jump back to the past
and let me tell you where we began


Flashback to the time when you were beautiful; the world was bowing at your feet and staring at gorgeous legs— smoky eyes, and rouge cheeks and painted lips. You're drunk on life; you're drunk on your perfect life, unable to notice the nightmare and gunshots swirling all around you.

She was jealous. That girl, whoever the fuck she was. The girl in the background— the one who sat around, obeying her father, while you drank and smoked and just screwed up your life some more. You don't know when the jealousy started. But that girl just played you as a pawn in her sick game of envy.

Flashback to the time when you kiss some boy with dark hair and blue blue eyes whose glasses have fallen carelessly to the ground, flashback to the time when you just don't fucking care. She's watching you; she's watching you love the boy she loves for a night. She's watching you not give a damn.

She watches you leave him alone in the dark at some park, after just one kiss (or was it many?). She watches you run away from a stranger.

Flashback to the time, when she thinks the both of you are friends. She would shower you with gifts and you would shower her with courage and confidence. But she still scarred your face, your body with that pokémon of hers.

Boy oh boy, it just shows you how much of a lie friendship could be in your world.

Flashback to the time when you were a child— you would play with a boy with dark hair, and a hat. Played all sorts of kiddy games, all sorts of games— things you didn't really care for.

Pause the movie— put your memories on hold.

You remember confessing to the boy, who loved a lovely girl with blonde locks. You remember hating that girl, you remember becoming pretty and not touching the dirty mud, or letting the wind ruin your hair. You remember becoming a doll.

You remember hating it.

Fast forward, to the time when she rejects him. You remember breaking into her house and chopping off her long blonde locks.


To the confession, to seeing his eyes like that— rewind to seeing his eyes that should be looking like that at you. Rewind to seeing him fall even more in love.

Rewind to hating her to the point of no return.

Then you press fast forward again.

You are handed roses by someone you don't know— some weird guy, you think. He's a weird guy, with only a single letter in his name.

You like it. The simplicity, you think you could fall in love with him.

Fast forward to burning his house down and not giving a damn, the movie keeps playing as you dance with him, watching his father's ideals burn.


Fast forward, to agreeing to create a new world with him. Pause, as you agree to be his queen. Laugh, as he sprinkles kisses on your face.

Fast forward to present when you are a dead corpse, breathing (your a dead person, living on life support- because your were once so beautiful and people don't want you to die like that.) You see her pretending to be worried about your face, your body, you see boy with glasses wanting to save you, you see the prince with a single letter name smile and you see the knight wondering what happened to you.

You see yourself in a mirror and laugh.

One day, the world will burn. And they'll all be monsters, too. But here's the catch. They already are monsters, they just don't know it, yet.

the end