Post-ep for 4.4. Darren was the taller brunette geek, Steve was the short blonde geek.

Darren glanced back at the … constable? Soldier? Hero? The guy who saved them, bracing his own body to sheild them from a monster, plus was able to make knockout bombs from the supplies in the science lab, using only a scarf to protect himself, AND apparently undid Steve's lockout codes, AND could shoot a monster in a single quick-draw shot, AND let them undo the prank on poor Beth.

Steve caught the look, giving his mate a tight smirk. When Darren scowled, Steve whispered, "Bit of a man-crush?"

Darren sneered, but then shrugged a bit. "Yeah. He's excellent."

Steve nodded. "Yeah." Boldly, Steve turned to the armed man. "So, you're not with the police, right?"

The man gave them a smirk. "Not exactly."

"Military?" Darren asked.


"Government?" Steve tried.


As they approached the main doors, other soldiers were flooding into the building. The Irishman was there too. He called out to their escort. "Connor."

"Yeah?" Their hero responded.


"All set. Just… showing a bit of respect," Connor told him, with a nod to the two boys.

The Irishman quirked a brow, then turned on the kids. "Be aware, that you cannot speak of what happened here today to anyone, do you understand me? This is a matter of national security. Any leak, any hint, of what happened, and you'll be imprisoned."

Steve and Darren exchanged surprised looks. "But… people knew we had detention," Darren protested.

"Mr. George left, and never came back to the classroom. Same with Beth. You have no idea what happened to them. You waited, thinking this was some kind of test of your honesty, until your detention was over, and then you left. You saw nothing unusual," the Irishman informed them in a flat, no-nonsense voice. "Understood?" he barked.

"Yes sir!" both boys agreed swiftly.

The Irishman eyed them for a moment, then turned to Connor. "Send 'em on their way. We'll need some help back in the café."

"Right. Let's go, you two." Their gun-wielding, science-genius, computer-wizard hero ushered them along.

Outside the school, Darren turned to Connor. "Wait, wait. I have to know – what agency? What department? How… what should I study if I want to work there?"

It seemed at last their hero had lost his poise. He stared at Darren open mouthed in shock at his questions. Finally he shook his head and said in a quiet intense voice, "No agency. No department. Study whatever you want. Forget this ever happened. There's nothing going on." He took a step closer. "You don't want to get involved in this. Think of Beth, of your teacher. People die. Stay as far away as you can." He turned on his heel and went back into the school. Right before he passed through the door, he paused and looked back at them. "And guys? White phosphorus." With that, he vanished into the darker building.

It took a moment for the boys to realize he'd just given them the counter agent to the sulfur-based concoction they'd used to stink up the science lab. Steve and Darren exchanged looks again.

"That….. was the coolest guy I've ever seen in my life," Steve announced.

"Yeah. Bet he has a hot girlfriend too," Darren observed. Together they headed for the bus route that would take them home.