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Save Me From This Darkness

This darkness, it was creeping up on her, stealing bits of her soul.

It was came more often, these pieces of night. She disappeared into a place with no sense of time, only to awaken in bouts of confusion.

She feared it more than her magic and more than her dreams. She screamed against it, pounding her fists against the walls of her mind, trapped inside.

She remembered the first time it came, slipping inside a small piece of her brain. She was on a ride with Uther and a man attacked. She barely saved her king, the man she refused to believe was like her father. Her only question was how she come to be at this place. She had the smallest fear that she may have had something to do with the attack on his life. Images haunted her night.

Nearly a year past with nothing to fear except magic and dreams of the future. But, she had her friends and the world seemed alright. The darkness only lurked in the night.

Mordred came back and it returned in force. Days passed in shattered fragments. Friends watched her coolly from afar. She feared this darkness all the more.

And then came that dreadful day. Betrayal and tears running down her face. A blonde woman, she met just the once, claimed to be her saviour telling dreadful dreadful lies.

Alone in this place and far away from home. Her only companions: darkness and fate.

It smirked, this darkness and held on to her tight. She was starting to tire from this fight.

She feared the day, she would disappear into the night.