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The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them ~Lois McMaster Bujold

'So our unsub is an absolute mystery.' Morgan said as they went over the possibilities again.

'Yes. It seems like it.' Hotch said, his voice was asking Morgan to calm down a bit.

'We have failed doctor who is taking his miseries out on the teens who are living his dreams, or a envious high school student that was possibly bullied or didn't achieve the standards he or she wanted.' Rossi announced. 'But both must have a history of abuse.'

'We can't even be sure if our unsub is a man or a woman.' Prentiss sighed, 'I mean each kill is so easily planned out. Our unsub has a routine and he's not killing out of prejudice. Somewhere deep down in his mind these kids are hurting him... or her.'

'Good thing it's our job to get in their minds.' Rossi told her, Prentiss nodded and looked down the kids profile again.

'I think our unsub is a man.' Reid told them, finally speaking.

'How so?' Morgan asked him.

'Well it does seem like our unsub is a woman aside from the fact that each of the murders are done by routine and each of the murders are done in specific places, there doesn't seem to be any reason why this couldn't be a man and not a woman. We've had cases like this before.'

'Reid's right. We have had cases like this.' Hotch nodded in agreement, 'But that doesn't mean we shouldn't exclude all factors.'

'I just think it's a man, I guess it's just a hunch.'

Morgan blinked, 'A hunch?' Reid nodded.

'Look people are dying Reid. We need a little more than a hunch to save them,' He addressed Reid and the whole team. 'I think we should go with the facts we have put them together and conclude that our unsub is a woman.' Reid swallowed and averted his eyes, Hotch noticed this and he sighed.

'All right that's enough, lets continue.'

'Hello!' Garcia's voice chimed out of the computer screen, slightly frightening them all.

'Hey baby girl, what's up?' Morgan said scooting in front of the laptop.

'I have got something big for you,' She said, restraining herself from flirting with him as her fingers tapping rapidly on her keyboard, 'I was looking through the McKinley High school website and I found nothing out of the ordinary, so I extended my search and found some website, that I cannot seem to track but that doesn't matter.'Garcia sighed and her fingers stopped moving, 'Anyway this website is just full of mentions of the school, the stuff that was said about this place is just terrible. It just bashes the school and all the victims that you found.'

'Our unsub must know the students and the school to be talking about them like he knows the place.' JJ said, making her presence known for the first time.

'That's not all. Take a look at this.' Garcia pulled a video up on the screen. A figure appeared, it was cloaked but it was definitely a man, a man of average built. He was standing in front of a camera, and in the back you could see two of the victims on a basketball court.

'Stop. Enough. If you don't stop, I'll have to do it for you.' The man turned on his heel and stalked towards the two teens in back of him.

'He's posting the killings online.' JJ said.

'Stop. Enough. That doesn't sound like the words of a man with broken dreams.' Hotch said, his mind trying to fit the pieces together.

'So our unsub is a man.' JJ murmured.

'I guess your hunch was right.' Rossi said to Reid. Reid pressed his lips together as Prentiss and Morgan stared at him.

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