Wow I'm actually starting a new story. This idea came from a challenge posted by brown phantom in his profile. This is my response to his Hidden Bloodline challenge. I'm telling you now this will branch from canon on a bunch of the canon history. Naruto will not be stupid. He will also have certain political connections in the village that come from my own fanfic ideas. This will be a small harem story. Small being 4-5 girls. At the moment the harem is mostly decided already. This is currently unbeta'd. I have need of a beta so if anyone feels like volunteering it would be much appreciated. Now onward.

Chapter 1: The Kyuubi and the Spirit Blades

Sitting at home by himself Naruto thought about everything that had just happened to him. He had been tricked by Mizuki-teme into stealing the Forbidden scroll. In the process he learned a jonin level technique and about the burden he carried. He also gained true acceptance from his sensei Iruka. In short Naruto was happy, for the most part. Now he had a challenge ahead.

As Naruto laid in his bed he thought . 'Kyuubi no Youko if you can hear me I wish to speak with you.' The world spun for a few moments and then darkness.

Naruto awakened inside a dank sewer. "What in the hell?" he shouted.

"Not so loud Kit!" a deep voice grumbled behind him. Naruto turned to find himself in front of a huge gate. Behind said gate Naruto saw a massive thing just, sitting there. Suddenly a giant pair of crimson eyes opened and stared at him. The creature, Kyuubi he realized, snorted at him.

"Don't look so shocked Kit. You did say you wished to speak with me, yes?" Kyuubi asked.

Naruto took a deep shaky breath. "Yes. Yes I did." Naruto said trying to sound strong.

"So what do you wish to speak about kit?" the giant fox asked. Naruto took a courageous step towards the great bars of the cage. Naruto blinked once, then twice.

"Um, now that I'm hear I'm not sure." Naruto scratched the back of his head embarrassed that he didn't have a plan. Most of the people he know thought he was stupid on the contrary, he used the ninja's greatest weapon, deception. He was smart, maybe not at smart as say his good friend Shikamaru, but still pretty smart. What had he wanted to talk to the fox about again?

"hahahaha! That's just like you Kit jump in head first." The fox mused. "How about we start simple kit with an introduction. I know all I need about you but you do not know me at all and maybe a more comfortable form for you to not freak out about."

The Kyuubi started to glow and then shrink until he was the size of a man and then the glow changed from the shape of a fox into that of a human. When the glowing faded there before Naruto stood a long red haired man, dressed somewhat regally(1).

"Ah that's better." The red haired man remarked as he clapped his clawed hands together. "Now, Kit, let's try this again. I am Kyuudo no Kitsune, holder of the title Kyuubi no Youko."

"Nice to a meet you I guess." Naruto said. He was still trying to fathom the fox's transformation.

"Hahahaha!" Kyuudo laughed, wiping a tear from his eye. "The look on your face, ha, priceless."

Kyuudo shook his head. "Well kit first things first. Could you possibly I don't know change this place to somewhere more presentable to talk?" Kyuudo asked.

Naruto shrugged.

"Um sure I guess. What do I do just imagine a place?" he asked unsure of himself.

Kyuudo just nodded. Naruto closed his eyes and focused on what he wanted. When he opened them again the cage and sewer had disappeared and now he and Kyuudo stood in the Hokages's office. For a moment he feared he had somehow freed the fox, and then he noticed that Kyuudo had what looked like a tattoo around his neck that had the kanji for 'Seal' over and over.

"Ah, much better. Now down to business Kit." Kyuudo remarked and he sat in the chair that the hokage would sit in. "Have a seat."

Naruto sat down. He stared at Kyuudo who just smirked at him.

"Well first I might as well answer the question that I know you've been thinking of 'Why isn't he an evil mindless monster trying to eat me and escape?' That one is simple Kit. I never wanted to attack the village and am, in fact, the guardian beast of Hi no Kuni." Naruto looked at Kyuudo like he was crazy.

"Look kit how about this, I answer all the questions I know you're going to ask anyway in one fell swoop so we can get it out of the way?" Kyuudo asked while leaning on the desk in front of him and crossing his fingers in front of his face. Naruto just nodded.

"Good ok. As you know I am the creature that attacked your village a little over twelve years ago. What you don't know is that A, that I was forced to attack and B, that wasn't me completely per say. You see I was forced to attack by Uchiha Madara." Kyuudo held up a hand to forestall Naruto's question.

"All will be explained just relax and listen. Madara came to the village the night you were born because you were being born. My previous vessel was your mother Kushina. Again hold the questions kit. You see when a jinchuuriki, a demon vessel, gives birth the seal on their bijuu weakens. The thing is though, is that your mother only held my yang chakra and my darker self. To put it simply both your mother and ancestor Mito only held my evil side. Mean while my true conciseness and good half remained free and protected Hi no Kuni. Sadly things got screwed when Madara attacked and my Yang was freed. Your father, the Yondaime, again Kit hold the questions, fought Madara while my Yang self went wild and your mother clung to life. I arrived shortly after my Yang started attacking. I did what I could but in the end your father used shiki fuujin and summoned the death god. My Yang attacked you while your mother and father took the blow because they were already dying. I saw that even then if something didn't hold my Yang back more they would fail in the sealing so while in the form you see me in now I jumped to the top of my Yang's head and forced a refusion. The price was my body and my freedom but it succeeded and I was sealed in you. Sadly your parents perished."

Naruto stared shocked for a moment as Kyuudo, the Kyuubi no Youko, wiped tears from his face.

"I'm sorry Kit. Your parents death, the way the village treats you, simply the hell you live through every day is my fault. I only have one way to make up for it and that is one reason I wanted to talk to you. I wish to give you a kekkai genkai, a blood line limit that will make you and you descendants famous."

Naruto blinked. He took a deep breath and then stood from the seat he was in and walked over to the Kyuubi.

"I forgive you. I can tell that your telling me the truth. I just have two questions. First whats is this blood line and what does it do? And second do I have any other living relatives?" Naruto spoke as calmly as he could. When he finished Kyuudo smiled at him.

"Ok I can answer well both of those. First your family. Yes you have living relatives. You have a grandmother and a cousin, from your father's side, who probably don't even know you're alive. You also have three cousins who treat you like family cause they know they are related to you and treat you as such. Though, one is more distant. Those three are from your mother's side of the family and are your friends Kiba and Shikamaru and Kiba's sister Hana. If you're wondering the relation Hana and Kiba's father Kouga was your mother's slightly older brother. To protect your mother and help Tsume be able to stay the Alpha female of the Inuzuka clan he married into the Inuzuka and took that name. Sadly he died a few years back I believe. Shikamaru's mother Yoshino is your mother's cousin from her mother's side of the family. You also have a cousin and an aunt from your father's side. The girl Ino is your cousin. Her mother is your father's cousin. Her mother knows who you are and that is why she hides you from people in the flower shop. If you're wondering how I know all this its mostly prior knowledge before the sealing the rest is what I'm able to glean through your memories. When you wake up tomorrow I suggest you approach Sarutobi and tell him everything I've said so he might contact your family and let them know that you know now. You also have several god parents and god siblings who I'll let Sarutobi tell you about." Kyuudo stopped to let everything he said so far sink in. He smiled when he noticed Naruto's ever widening grin.

"Now the bloodline I plan to give you is called Obake Buki Fukusei (2) or spirit weapon replica. This kekkai genkai allows you to create physical useable weapons out of your chakra. It works…hmm you know what I'll let you figure it out. I'm going to give you the first two techniques which allow you to summon basic kunai and shuriken. The rest well you'll have to create because for each user it's different. Well except the kunai and shuriken cause for some reason those are all the same. Even I, with all my knowledge, don't understand why those two are the same for everyone. Anyway Kit that's the basics of the blood line I'm giving you. Now take my hand so we can get this done and you can sleep."

Naruto nodded and stepped forward once again and took Kyuudo's hand.

"I'm ready." Naruto said firmly. Kyuudo just nodded. Suddenly Kyuudo's youki began to leak into Naruto. Naruto cried out in pain.

"Aaaaah. What the hell Kyuu?" Naruto forcefully asked through the pain.

"Sorry kit you can do it think about it no pain no gain." Kyuudo said.

After a few moments the youki died down. Naruto's eyes began to droop. Then finally unable to stay awake any longer he fell forward into Kyuudo's arms fast asleep. Kyuudo smiled down at his vessel.

"Sleep well Kit. Tomorrow your life begins anew."

Ok there we go that's the first chapter. I hope people like this story. yes i know it starts off slow and strange but i have to get back into writing i'm a little rusty.

(1)For what Kyuudo looks like look up Asch the bloody from Tales of the Abyss and give him clawed hands and pointed ears and of course the crimson eyes

(2)This is words each translated separately if someone can get me a translation that means phantom weapon replication that would be great.

Til next time.