Hey everyone I'm sorry to report that all of my stories will be on hold for a bit. No its not writer's block or abandonment it's my computer. I'm actually sending this from my friend's laptop. My computer has been lagging really bad and it's been dying quicker and quicker so I think its my battery I don't have access to another comp so I have to get this one fixed. A relative of mine says he can fix it but he fixes comps for a living so he'll be working on mine and his sister's comps when he has free time. Again I'm sorry and for those who favorite and/or alert listed me for my adoption of A Better Life. I've already gotten most of the new chap done and I haven't been able to upload all of the original chapters because of this problem.

Also please don't review this chapter I'm putting this author's note on cause when I finally get my comp back I'll be replacing these author's notes with the real chapters.


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