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Chapter 5: To Forget

"I'm so sorry Link!" The hero stumbled back as the princess launched herself into his arms. "I tried to tell you, I really did, I just couldn't bring myself to be the one to say it."

Link laughed and pulled the princess tighter to his chest. "It's okay Zelda… I'm fine…" He stroked her hair as she let sympathetic tears soak his tunic, desperately needing the contact. He knew it was pathetic to be so affected by a few words spoken out of anger, but he needed someone to want him again. He needed someone who hadn't changed to tell him he wasn't alone.

Link pulled away and blushed slightly as the room of nobles watched the two blonde's embrace with wondering eyes. He had already gone though the grueling task of reuniting with the knights around the castle as he entered the castle the first time, so he was spared the embarrassment of that, however, by the look of the faces around him, he was going to be forced into the same awkward position of remembering names again.

Link flinched as the first man stood up and pulled Link into a one armed hug, leaving Link to gingerly pat his back in artificial remembrance.

"We were just about to partake in a meeting if you would like to join us." She smiled at Link who shook his head, and grinned back at her.

"I'm sorry, but I think I would rather rest for now, if I am able."

Zelda furrowed her brow in worry of her old friend. It was hard for the Kokiri boy to trust. In fact, it had taken him years to finally warm up to her after the defeat of Gannondorf. He had always shut out his feelings to anyone who might hurt him, or who he might hurt in response.

She knew how much Link hated to hurt others, and knew the distress he went through each day. He was a kind boy, reluctant to violence, forced to fight a war that wasn't his to fight. Even with all of the pain he faced taking his first life he didn't complain or regret his decisions in fear that his feelings would trouble those he tried so hard to protect, and because of this he had distanced himself from everyone. The sages, his friends, even his old companion Saria was cast aside in his depression.

The only one who had gotten through had betrayed him the worst in the end. Zelda chewed her lip worryingly. As much as she wanted to be mad at Malon for hurting her friend, she couldn't. Malon was just as broken as Link, if not more so, and was hurting too. Both of her friends were hurting, though she didn't know which to comfort.

"Of course Link." She smiled, motioning for one of her guards to escort Link to a guest room. "Take as much time as you need." Link smiled at her, embracing her again before he followed the guards out of the war room. She turned to Princess Ruto. "Maybe someone should go with him, make sure he's okay."

Ruto nodded as they watched the hero walk off. "I think so. Link is always helping us, and making sure were okay, but now that he needs us, I don't know what to do…" Ruto turned towards Zelda. "I feel so useless. We have always thrust all of the responsibilities of both our kingdoms on him, but he never complained or let on how hard it was."

Zelda sighed. "It was because he always had someone to talk to that it didn't really bother him, but now…" She looked at Ruto with a worried frown. "I don't know what we can do."

"Ruto…" The two princesses turned to the voice to see none other than Mikau standing behind them. He smiled down at his wife as he laid a hand on her shoulder. "If it will put your mind at ease, I will stay by the hero's side."

Ruto smiled, hugging her husband close. "Thank you Mikau, it would." Ruto sighed, as she leaned her head on Mikau's chest. "I wish there was more we could do to help."

Zelda looked toward the exit where Link had disappeared to. "There isn't much we can do…"

Link sighed blissfully as he laid his head on the soft pillow beneath him. He really hadn't slept the last couple of days – besides the hour long comatose he fell into when he first returned to LonLon ranch and the very unpleasant rest he got after he had left the bar – and just the thought of sleep was now extremely inviting.

Link pulled the pillow to his chest, after he kicked off his boots and pulled his knees to his chest. To be honest, he could really use a bath now, but he figured that could wait until after his nap – his head was still pounding painfully loud, and he was seriously regretting leaving Nabooru's house to begin with. Suddenly, hours of interrogation didn't seem too bad. He groaned disdainfully as a loud knock was heard on the door. Link grumbled a quick 'come in', watching as a tall Zora walked inside the room, closing the door behind him.

The hero cocked his head at the intruder and sat up on the bed, still holding the pillow to his chest. "What's wrong?" Link asked, his eyes filled with worry that something might have happened during his absence.

"Everything is fine." Mikau answered, moving to sit on a chair by the bed. "Ruto and Zelda are worried about you."

Link sighed. He knew this would happen. "Well they shouldn't be… I'll get over it. I always do."

"No you won't" Link looked up shocked at the Zora's words. "You don't have to act so brave." Mikau shook his head worriedly, staring at the hero with brown eyes. "It's okay to mourn."

The hero scoffed. "I think I've mourned enough…" He yawned, stretching his stiff limbs.

"Link this isn't the kind of damage that will heal like a battle wound." He rested a hand on Link's shoulder, giving him a sympathetic look. "Malon still loves you Link, she-"

Link narrowed his eyes on the Zora, annoyance eminent in his ice-blue eyes. "And what would you know?" He said, obviously trying to calm the anger he was feeling at the topic. "Malon…" He looked down, gripping the ends of the pillow tightly. "Malon left me…" He looked up at Mikau, his eyes narrowed in contempt. "What the hell would you know about that?"

The Zora pulled his hand back quickly, and Link immediately regretted his outburst. "I suppose I don't." He said, looking away from Link. "But I do know that Malon isn't as far away as you think." He looked at Link sadly. "I know she still loves you, Ruto, I mean. She would always look so happy when she talked about you. She was heartbroken when you left. I thought nothing would ever ease her discomfort." Link opened his mouth, about to say something, when Mikau started again. "She has me now, but she always wanted it to be you. I was happy when you never returned, but now that you're here, I don't know if her feelings for me will change... You are not easily forgotten… So I supposed I have some kind of idea…"

"Mikau, I'm so-"

"Don't apologize." He said quickly. "Mourn, so you can think clearly…" He smiled at the young hero, before leaving the room. "She's just mad right now, let her mourn too."

Link watched in awe as the Zora exited his room. "I'm sorry…" Link whispered, as he curled back up into himself and placed his chin against his knees.

Malon skipped up the stairs into her room. She stood on a box as she reached up into her closet to retrieve her old horse brush she had carelessly thrown into the slowly growing pile of stuff in her small closet. She sighed wearily, reaching up to a large box on the top shelf. She grumbled curses as she reached further into the closet, her hand stopping as she felt a soft fabric touch her hand. She pulled her hand from the closet, feeling tears burn her eyes at the red stained cloth in her hand.

She had kept this all these years, yet she had carelessly cast him off as if he had meant nothing to her at all. She sighed as memories flooded back to her.

"Link I can do it, I promise!" A twelve year old Malon squealed, holding a green hat to her chest. "Please Link let me do it!"

Link sighed, ruffling his short blond hair slightly before sighing heavily. "Alright Mal." He grumbled, realizing there was no way around this. "But don't wreck it! That's my favorite one!"

Malon smiled happily and nodded her head vigorously. She pulled the hat into the light, inspecting the giant hole in the fabric with a tight frown.

The red head narrowed her eyes at the hat in determination and stormed past Link and into her room, where she would get to work on mending the hole. Usually Link would have gone to Zelda or Saria when it came to things like this, but Malon had somehow convinced him to trust her with his "prized possession" this time.

Malon smiled to herself as she prepared all of the necessary tools and began to mend the hole. Malon had never actually done this before. She had always watched her mother do things like this, and she had died before she was able to pass down her teachings.

But the red head didn't need skill or experience; she would do this because she had to. She didn't know why, but she wanted – needed – to make Link happy. It already seemed as if she had to compete with the young hero's affection. Not including the many girls in Castle town who were often found fawning over the blonde haired boy, even the Princess Zelda herself was in Link's good graces. All of the girls Link associated himself with were so pretty, so perfect. Zelda, the princess of Hyrule was known around the world for her stunning beauty, Princess Ruto of the Zoras was known as the most beautiful Zora in all of Hyrule, though even through her fish-like features, few women in Hyrule could match her beauty. Even his childhood friend Saria was a sight to see. But what was she?

Malon knew she couldn't match any of the girls Link knew. She was a clumsy farm girl with untamable red hair, and dark freckles around her eyes. She was short and skinny, with little figure to match; she was not close to perfection, nor was she unrivaled in beauty. She was Malon, but she didn't want to be…

Malon growled in frustration as she was pricked again by the unforgiving needle and hit her head on her work desk. "I can't do it…" Malon whined, holding the hat to her chest and crying. She lifted the hat in front of her, squinting her eyes to glare at her terrible sewing job she had done. "I ruined it…" She sighed, knowing that Link would never forgive her.


Malon shuffled her feet as she made her way towards Link, who was perched atop the white pinned fence. "L-Link…?"

Link looked up and smiled at the farm girl, reaching his hand out towards the green fabric in her hand. "Is it done?" He asked, surprised when tears began to form in the younger girl's eyes. "Malon!" Link jumped off of the fence to pull her into a comforting hug. "What happened?"

Malon's back heaved as sobs wracked her body. "I wanted to do it for you!" She cried, whipping her eyes on Link's tunic. "I wanted to help you, and I tried!" She wailed, still holding onto Link.

"Mal, what are you talking about…?" Malon pulled away slowly, offering him a green hat, each stitch messy and ugly. Link opened his mouth in a silent "o" and looked back at Malon, who was surprised when Link smiled back at her. "This is amazing Mal!" Link beamed, pulling the hat over his head.

"But it looks so ugly…" Malon sniffed again.

Link shook his head and pulled Malon into a tight embrace. "You did this for me, so it's perfect."

Malon looked up, her gaze softening as she gazed into ice blue eyes. "Link… I…"

Link sighed, pulling her closer so her head was against his chest. "I love you Mal…"

Malon looked up, a surprised expression on her face at the boy's words. Link, who looked just as shocked at his words began to stutter. "I mean I love it… The hat I mean!" He said the last part quickly, pulling away from Malon and turning away, his face turning red. "I'm sorry…"

Malon smiled and shook her head. "Don't worry… I love it too…"

After that day, Link had entrusted her to fix all of his clothes. He assured her she was getting better, and had even gone so much as to say, he loved his broken hats the most.

Malon smiled sadly as her fingers moved effortlessly into the whole in the hat, she had sewn for him. "Liar..." She laughed, holding the fabric to her heart.

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