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Hand on my Heart

Chapter 15

"You found Valhallarama... You found the others." Stoick said to him in awe.

"Well, they're home now." Hiccup shrugged casually then jumped up on the ship and everyone watched him confused. They didn't know what he was doing. He disappeared down to the storage room and came back moments later with two large baskets which he tied to Toothless.

"What are you doing?" Stoick asked him confused.

"Just getting my stuff. It's not my ship anymore." Hiccup shrugged and Axela and Fishlegs' jaw dropped.

"You're not coming back with us?" Fishlegs asked him in disbelief and Hiccup shook his head.

"Axela? Tell Cami it's hers now." Hiccup said to her and she nodded though she still looked really confused. Hiccup turned to look at Val then who looked distraught. She hurried over to him and hugged him tightly and he hugged her back. "You know where I'll be." He whispered to her and she nodded against his neck. They'd come up with a way to stay in touch. He'd told her how to get to the island and she was going to visit him and he was going to visit her in Toothless' cove in secret so they wouldn't have to lose each other. He let her go and everyone still just stared.

"You're leaving?" Stoick asked him angrily.

"Mmhmm." Hiccup nodded like it was totally obvious. Valhallarama went back over to where the others that were rescued were standing and she watched him sadly. She wanted to go with him. They'd become so close.

"Why won't you stay?" Stoick asked him annoyed.

"I don't want to." Hiccup replied stonily and everyone looked shocked. "You see, Stoick, I know what you did." Hiccup glared at him and Stoick had the good grace to look a little guilty, though he wasn't happy about his son calling him by his name.

"As your Chief, I order you to stay." Stoick glared back and Hiccup smirked. Val closed her eyes knowing what Hiccup would say.

"You're not my Chief." Hiccup said and every single Hooligan's jaws dropped. Even Axela stared at him in shock.

"You don't know what you're saying." Stoick warned him.

"I, Hiccup, am not a Hooligan." Hiccup said loudly and clearly and everyone's eyes widened in shock. Astrid stared at him in disbelief.

"Hiccup. I will overlook you saying that because you brought home the missing Hooligans. Do not say it again." Stoick said in warning and Hiccup chuckled.

"Or what?" Hiccup asked him amused.

"Or I will throw you in the prison." Stoick warned and Hiccup chuckled.

"Try it." Hiccup said to him amused and everyone was shocked. They couldn't believe that Hiccup basically just dared the Chief!

"Why are you being like this?" Stoick asked him confused and Hiccup shot him an annoyed look.

"Why do you think?" Hiccup asked him annoyed. "You betrayed me." Hiccup said to him and everyone looked stunned. "So why should I stay here? I have no tribe. I have no Chief. I have no father." Hiccup said and Stoick looked at him brokenly. "Now hurry up and banish me so that I can get going. I'm bored now." He said.

"You are banished." Stoick said to him. "You are outcast." He added and Hiccup nodded.

"Alright." Hiccup shrugged then turned to get on Toothless when Stoick motioned to two Vikings to grab him. Val, Fishlegs, Axela and all the Vikings who'd seen Hiccup in action's eyes widened knowing this wasn't going to go down well. The two Vikings grabbed Hiccup's arms from behind and Toothless snarled. Hiccup threw his head back and knocked one of them off freeing his other arm then he spun round and punched the other Viking in the face while holding out his good leg so that when he stepped back the Viking fell on his ass. The other one tried to grab him and Hiccup ducked then knocked that Viking tumbling over his shoulder and he landed on his face. Hiccup then faced the crowd with a glare. The ones who hadn't seen him do anything like that before were trying not to fall over in shock. "Never took you for a coward, Stoick." Hiccup smirked and they all looked at him stunned for saying that to the Chief. They were all shocked that Toothless didn't get involved. Toothless, however, knew that his human could handle himself.

"I'm not a coward." Stoick snarled at him and Hiccup looked at him amused which infuriated the Chief. The Vikings that had been on the ship with Hiccup, felt quite confused. They all thought Hiccup was awesome. Even Moleskin got over himself and saw how amazing Hiccup was. They couldn't understand how that man would want to be banished. They started to then consider that perhaps their Chief was at fault... and maybe they didn't want to be there either.

"Anyway, I'm going now." Hiccup said then hopped up on Toothless' back.

"Wait! Take me with you!" Val exclaimed then ran forward to Hiccup shocking everyone especially Stoick.

"Mother, you're home now. Don't do this." Hiccup said to her sincerely shocking everyone all over again. They couldn't understand why Hiccup, who had just been publicly banished, would ask his mother not to do the same thing.

"No." She shook her head. "I want to stay with you." She said to him because it was true. Her son was such an extraordinary young man and she couldn't bear to lose him again. She'd spent so long on the ship with him and she couldn't comprehend Stoick ever being able to be anything other than so proud of him.

"I am an outcast now. If you come with me, you will be too." He said to her urging her to stay.

"Then we'll be outcasts together." She smiled. Hiccup was really warmed by that but he didn't want her to do this just because he was.

"Val? What are you doing?" Stoick asked her shocked.

"I know what you did, Stoick, and the man I married would never have done that. Especially not to his only son. I would rather stay with my son and be an outcast than stay here with a man who would betray his own." Val said and Stoick looked like he'd been slapped. Hiccup knew then that he had no choice but to take her with him considering she'd basically just banished herself. He held out his hand to her and she took it then he pulled her up behind him on Toothless.

"I honestly hope I never see you again." Hiccup said to Stoick then he patted Toothless' neck and they shot up into the sky. Everyone saw the emotion on Hiccup's face when he said that to his father. He was hurt. They all saw it. It made them all wonder just what the hell the Chief had done to him. Stoick looked defeated. He'd missed his wife for years. He'd been so broken hearted about her 'death' that the very sight of Hiccup infuriated him because he looked so much like her. He saw then what a huge mistake he'd made.

Camicazi hadn't spoken to her mother at all since her mother broke her heart. She'd completely ignored her at every attempt her mother made to speak to her. She hadn't been feeling very well so she went to see the village healer who had her stay there the night before Hiccup and the Hooligans left. Cami hadn't even been aware that they had left. Nobody told her. So that had her even more furious at her mother. Cami was trying a herbal drink at the healer's to calm her stomach when her mother came in. She rolled her eyes. Couldn't her mother take a hint?

"Thank you for coming, Bertha." The healer said to her and Cami's jaw dropped.

"You asked her to be here?" Cami asked her in shock. She'd been at the healer's for two nights and she wasn't feeling any better.

"Cami." Bertha said to her sadly. "I need to talk to you." She said.

"But I have to tell you both something first." The healer said to them.

"Is something wrong? Is Cami going to be alright?" Bertha asked concerned.

"Camicazi is pregnant." The healer said and both women's jaws dropped.

Astrid cornered the Chief later when she finally got him alone.

"Chief, you cancelled my marriage contract with Snotlout last year because you said Hiccup was coming back to be Chief and you wanted me to be married to the future Chief. He just got himself banished on purpose. What is going on?" She asked him annoyed and Stoick sighed.

"I thought if he had a contract it would force him to come back." Stoick said to her and her jaw dropped.

"I... I accepted that he wasn't coming back. You told me he wasn't. You told me to love someone else. I spent time with Snotlout and I loved him and you knew that. You did this just to use me for Hiccup to come back?" She asked him in disbelief and he looked at her guiltily.

"He was going to marry Bertha's daughter Camicazi. He would have stayed there. I had no choice." Stoick said and she glared at him.

"Does the tribe know that you did that?" Astrid asked him.

"No." He admitted ashamed. "Please don't tell them. Hiccup and Val leaving has already put me in a terrible position." He said to her.

"Then fix it." She said to him seriously.

"How?" He asked confused.

"Remove the banishment on your brother and Snotlout and let me marry him." Astrid said to him.

"I can't do that!" Stoick said to her like she was crazy.

"If the people turn on you, they'll get Spitelout and Snotlout back here anyway. This way you would still keep your Chiefdom." Astrid said.

"But what use would it be? My line will not be continued as Chief. It will be Snotlout's and you and I both know that Snotlout does not want to be Chief." He said to her seriously.

"I don't want him to be Chief either." Astrid agreed. "I do think you have another option though." She said to him.

"What option?" He asked her confused.

"Your wife has just been banished. Your marriage is broken according to tribe law. Marry someone else and produce another heir." She said to him and he looked surprised. "A marriage would be good for your reputation at the moment." She said to him a little dryly. She'd spent a lot of time with the Chief since Hiccup left and he saw her like a daughter. He listened to her and she was like an advisor to him of sorts. She was very logical and clever and she made wise decisions.

"That is quite a good idea." He replied with a small nod. "So what do you think I should do?" He asked softly. Astrid saw how upset he was and although she was furious at him for screwing up her and Snotlout, he was also her friend and she didn't want him to be hurt.

"First, find yourself a wife." She said to him and he nodded. "Then once you are married, rescind Spitelout and Snotlout's banishment on the understanding that Snotlout will marry me and will only be Chief if you are unable to produce another heir. That way, both of them will be happy. Then, I honestly think you need to apologize to Bertha and make sure we don't end up with the Bog Burglars as our enemies especially considering Fishlegs has moved there to marry one of them." Cami said and he sighed. She really made total sense as usual.

"Astrid... you would make a very good Chief." He said to her sincerely and she looked surprised.

"I can always be your advisor and the future Chief's advisor if that would make you happy." She said to him and he smiled.

"Yes. I think that would be a very good idea." He agreed. "Alright. I will do as you suggested." He said.

The ship docked at the Bog Burglars' island and Axela was informed that Camicazi was at the healer's hut. She had to speak to her immediately. Axela hurried there and made her way inside.

"Cami, are you alright?" Axela asked her as soon as she saw her.

"I'm pregnant." Camicazi said and Axela looked stunned.

"Is that why you aren't speaking to your mother?" Axela asked and Camicazi nodded.

"That along with her forcing me to choose my tribe or Hiccup." Cami said emotionally.

"I have to tell you what happened." Axela said and Camicazi looked surprised.

"Where's Hiccup? I have to tell him that I'm pregnant." Cami said to her and Axela sighed.

"Hiccup left, Cami." Axela said and Cami looked stunned. "He told Fishlegs that he wouldn't be able to stay here and not be with you." She said and Cami's jaw dropped.

"So he stayed on Berk?" Cami asked surprised and truthfully kind of hurt.

"No, Cami. You see, Hiccup found out that Stoick cancelled Astrid's contract to Snotlout and made one for Hiccup without him knowing about it after Stoick saw Hiccup at the port last year." She said and Cami looked shocked. "Stoick thought that a contract would force Hiccup to return to Berk to fulfil his obligation. Stoick came here while we were gone and told your mother that Hiccup had a contract with Astrid and that Hiccup told him when he flew over to see him that he would go home and marry Astrid when he was finished having fun with you for a while." Axela said and Cami looked shocked.

"How could Stoick lie like that?" Cami gasped.

"Because Stoick saw the changes in Hiccup. Stoick saw that Hiccup became so well trained then that paired with Hiccup's intelligence would make for an incredible Chief. Stoick decided that Hiccup was going to be Chief whether he wanted to or not." Axela explained.

"So... my mother thinks that Hiccup was only having fun with me and was going to leave me to go marry Astrid?" Cami asked in disbelief.

"Well, that's apparently what Stoick said to her." Axela said and Cami sighed.

"She's an idiot for thinking Hiccup could ever do that to anyone let alone to me." Camicazi said and Axela nodded.

"Hiccup would never leave you. He loves you so much." Axela said and Cami's eyes welled with tears. "He told me to tell you that the ship is now yours. He also left you all of the treasure that you found on the island." She said.

"All of it?" Camicazi asked in true shock and Axela nodded.

"Cami... there's something else." She said.

"What?" Cami asked her as tears streaked her face.

"Hiccup told Stoick in front of all of the Hooligans that Stoick betrayed him and he had no Chief, he had no tribe and he had no father." Axela said and Camicazi gaped at her.

"He got himself banished?" She exclaimed in disbelief.

"He did." Axela said and Camicazi burst into tears and cried into her hands. Hiccup got himself banished because of her and she felt her heart wrench at that. Her Hiccup was all alone and she felt so guilty.

"I am so stupid." Camicazi sobbed. "I chose wrong." She cried.

"What are you going to do?" Axela asked her worriedly.

"I'm going to go find him. I made him a promise and I intend to keep it." Camicazi cried.

Camicazi went up to her house and started to pack her belongings. She hadn't been able to stop crying but the healer said that was normal for pregnant women. She just hoped that Hiccup would forgive her. While she was packing, her mother came in.

"I just spoke to Axela." Bertha said to her guiltily.

"This is all your fault!" Camicazi yelled at her and Bertha could see her puffy red eyes and truthfully she saw that her daughter was broken-hearted over Hiccup. "How could you ever believe Hiccup would be capable of that?" She asked her angrily.

"I'm sorry, Camicazi." Bertha said to her sincerely. "But we are known in the Viking world as women who do not marry. It would make sense that he would have fun with you then marry a Viking woman from his tribe who would be a good wife and mother." She said.

"But Hiccup isn't like any other Viking! You know that!" Cami exclaimed. "This was Stoick's plan!" She said and Bertha sighed.

"Yes, Axela explained it all to me." She nodded.

"What did you always tell me about a promise?" Cami asked her and she looked confused.

"I told you that a Bog Burglar never breaks her word." Bertha said and Camicazi nodded.

"I promised Hiccup if I ended up pregnant, I would marry him." Cami said and Bertha's jaw dropped.

"What?" Bertha asked her in disbelief.

"You don't have to like it, mother, but I'm pregnant and I have a promise to keep." Cami sobbed. Bertha saw that her daughter was going. There was nothing she could do to stop her. She was so against marriage... but... she loved Camicazi more than anything. She couldn't bear to lose her.

"I overheard him telling his mother that he was going to go live on an island the two of you found together and stayed on for two weeks." Bertha said to her and Cami's jaw dropped. She stared at her mother in silence. Her mother was... helping her? Helping her get Hiccup?

"Why are you telling me that?" Cami asked her and Bertha sighed.

"Because I love you." Bertha said and Cami sniffed.

"Are you really going to banish me?" Cami asked her and Bertha glanced down at the floor.

"If you are willing to compromise, so am I." She said to her and Cami cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Meaning?" She asked.

"Did you promise to marry Hiccup as soon as you got pregnant?" Bertha asked.

"We never decided on a time frame." Cami said confused. "Why?" She asked.

"Wait until I'm dead." She said and Cami's jaw dropped.

"What?" She asked in disbelief.

"I do not want to see my only daughter get married. He can be here with you, you can be together, you will be Chief, he will replace Chum in the forge... but if you really have to marry him, wait until I'm dead. Will a marriage ritual make such a difference to either of you?" She asked her. "You will never want another man, will you?" Bertha asked.

"No, I will only ever want Hiccup." Camicazi said. "So if I agree to that, you will not banish me?" She asked.

"I will not banish you if you agree to that." Bertha confirmed.

"Alright, mother." Camicazi agreed.

"Good. Now go get that silly boy and bring him back here." Bertha said and Camicazi cracked a grin.