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When I saw him my heart almost stopped. Beaten, hurt, and dying. How could this happen? I had taken such caution. But one can't keep secrets from the Earl, and my defection had cost me the mot important thing in my life.

Allen Walker.

And now, I was face to face with his killer. The Millennium Earl.

"Dear child, what made you think you could return to the Order after so long? Did you think Allen Walker could protect you?"

I laughed nervously. "What are you talking about? I just joined the Order." The Earl smiled nastily.

"Road, you cannot hide behind human skin. Your Innocence may have accepted you once more but it cannot save you. I shall have my revenge." My heart sunk. I was toast. I hadn't used my Innocence in years. But, nonetheless, I slid into my battle stance. If I was going t die, I would meet death with open eyes. And that's exactly what happened. Good-bye Allen. I'm sorry I couldn't save you...

Okay here's the deal. I got an idea from talking to my friend and an idea about Road from a crossover called Full Metal Exorcist, which I recommend if you like this series and Full Metal Alchemist. Anyway, in it, Road was an ex-Exorcist and came back with an Innocence. I'm incorporating that idea into my story. Yes, I killed Allen and Road. Don't Flame there's a reason I promise! Review and you may find out why I killed them.