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Epilogue: 6 months later


I walked past the Colorado borderline and paused. This would be my first step in Dinetah (1) since I was recruited as an Exorcist. I hesitated a moment longer, then continued on my way. I walked past many hogans (2) and got many stares from neighbors who all thought I was dead. I hope they didn't think I was one of the chindi (3).

I stopped in front of a path that surrounded my family's land. I saw a stooped old woman coming up the lane.

I raised a hand in greeting. "Ya'at'eeh Anali." (4)

The old woman looked up and gasped.

"Tsiyone!" I tuned around and saw my little sister Ayita gaping at me. Well, she wasn't so little now.

"Ayita, you must've grown at least a foot!" She sobbed once and fell to her knees, burying her face in my stomach.

"I missed you!"

I smiled as my grandmother called for the rest of my family. "I missed you too."

It was good to be home.


Keith was right: I did like Italy. Rome was beautiful and warm and welcoming. The Renaldis treated me like their own daughter. Though I suspect they think I will be their daughter in a couple years. I certainly think so.

Keith told me he loved me two months after the Second War. I wish he had told me sooner, but I understood. It took me a while to get over the sacrifice Danni had made for us.

I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and I smiled, leaning back against him.

"You know their together now. They're happy. They'd want us to be happy, too."

"I know."

"I love you, Gwen McKinley."

"I love you, too, Keith Renaldi."


I sat at my desk, scribbling furiously into my second volume on the Second War. Master Lavi had retired and was now living quietly in Germany with Miranda. He left it to me to record the deaths directly related to the Second War.

Chaoji Han, killed by a Level Three Akuma

Marie Noise, Alistair Krory, and Zane Elliott: death by flowers.

Countless Finders, killed by Akuma of all levels.

I swallowed and scattered some sand over the still wet ink to help it dry faster before getting up and looking at the pictures that decorated my wall. There was a wedding photo of Kanda and Linali. Komui hadn't been a pain for once and they'd been married as soon as Kanda could get around by was also a picture of Keith and Gwen standing outside the Coliseum.

I had other photos from my time in the Order, but nothing with Road or Allen in them. They were gone before the dust cleared. No one, not even Gwen, who had been only inches away from them, knew where they had gone. I think they wanted it that way. Wherever they were, I knew they were happy.

I walked back over to my desk and lightly touched the last letter I wrote. It was dry.

History had been recorded. I let the latest chapter of the world's history fall closed and placed it on the shelves next to the others.

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Here are the translations for when Tsiyone went home.

(1) The land where the Navajo people live on the four corners of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

(2) Traditional Navajo housing usually has eight walls in a circular structure.

(3) The dark spirits that come with death

(4) "Hello, paternal grandmother."

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