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"Pssst, Elphie."


"Pssst, Elphie."

An irritated groan escaped Elphaba's lips as she scowled at Galinda.

"Pssst, Elphie!"

"What?" she practically screeched at her. For a moment, Galinda looked taken aback, but she quickly recovered with a wide smile.

"Are you sleeping?" she whispered quickly.

The two young witches were in their dorm at Shiz and Galinda, as she had been introduced to coffee earlier that day on accident by Fiyero, was restlessly bouncing underneath her covers, much to Elphaba's displeasure.

"Sweat Oz…" Elphaba murmured into her pillow. After a deep breath she said, "Galinda, I've got the most amazing idea ever." Galinda gasped in interest.

"What? What is it?" she asked excitedly, jumping across the room from her bed onto Elphaba's bed with an, "Oomph." Elphaba rolled her eyes, though they were closed, and shoved the blonde off the bed.

"Well, I was talking to Fiyero earlier and-"

"Ooo! Fiyero? What did he say? Was it about me? Huh?" Galinda rushed out. The green witch mentally kicked herself for saying the wretched boy's name.

"Well," she went on, regardless of her feelings toward the brainless buffoon, "he was just telling me how he wished you'd spend more time with him, after all, he does get pretty lonely in his dorm… by himself… alone… with no roommate." Galinda's eyes glowed with excitement.

"Do you think he'd mind if I went and spent the night with him instead?" she wondered aloud.

"Not at all," Elphaba murmured into her pillow, hoping to be rid of the pink ball of energy. "He'd be thrilled, I'm sure."

"Ooo, alright, I'll go!" she decided with animation. "I'll see you in the morning then! Or rather, in a few hours!" In just a few moments, Galinda had grabbed clothes for the following day and was out the door. "Bye, Elphie!" she called quietly, before bouncing down the hallway, away from Elphaba, who was now smiling to herself as she slept.

5555The Wizard Sucks5555

"Psst, Fiyero."


"Psst, Fiyero!"



"AH!" Fiyero woke with a start, tumbling off his bed. He quickly recovered himself and climbed back onto the bed. As he squinted his eyes, he could make out a silhouette of his girlfriend, who had somehow managed to break into his room.

"Morning, Fifi," she greeted him happily.

"Galinda? What're you doing here? What time is it?" Fiyero asked groggily, rubbing his eyes as the blonde leapt gracefully onto his lap.

"Hmm, well," Galinda replied, "when Elphie told me to come here it was about 2 in the morning, so it's it's probably been about 15 minutes since then and-"

"Wait, what?" Fiyero interrupted. "Elphaba told you to come here?"

"Oh, yes," she squealed enthusiastically. "At first, I thought she might get lonely without me, but after some reassurance that she'd be fine, I rushed right on down here! Anyway, she told me how you've been telling her that you wish you could spend more time with me, so here I am!"

Fiyero, to put it simply, was confused. He never really talked to Elphaba; it was more like aggressive bickering between the two. He couldn't imagine why Elphaba would've said he wanted to spend more time with Galinda for as far as he knew, she hated it when he and the blonde acted all lovey-dovey. Why she had said something like that unless-

"Oh no," Fiyero muttered under his breath too quiet for his girlfriend to hear. "Galinda? How much of my coffee, exactly, did you drink?" He turned to look her in the eyes, but the girl jumped off his lap and jumped on the bed beside him, giggling crazily has she did so.

"If I had a squash named Fiyero, would you hold it against me?" she asked wonderingly, still bouncing.

"What? Do you have a squash named Fiyero?"

"Oh goodness, no!" Galinda exclaimed. "And I only drank like, half of the mug of coffee, Fifi. You just need to relaxify."

"…What about after I left?" Fiyero asked quickly.


"After I went to my first class, you were left alone in the coffee shop. Did you get anymore?" he continued to ask.

"You know, I made up the most cleveristic song in the world a few hours ago, and Elphie didn't even care," Galinda sighed, smoothly evading the question.

"Why do you keep calling her 'Elphie?'?" Fiyero asked.

"We both have nicknames for each other now. I call her Elphie and she calls me Galinda!" she told him with awe in her voice. Fiyero was confused at Galinda's logic, but he didn't say anything about it.

"Go to sleep, Galinda," he told her, the drossiness finally hitting him like a brick. Just as he was beginning to dream again, Galinda woke him, fiercely shaking his shoulders.

"Come on, Fifi, let's go play hide-and-seek. I'll count to fifty and you go hide somewhere on campus, okay?" she planned, grinning. Fiyero opened his droopy eyes as Galinda started counting, and he quickly and smoothly darted to the blonde and Elphaba's room.

He quietly knocked on the door, and a mumbled reply came from the other side.

"Elphaba, lemme in. It's Fiyero," he whispered loud enough for her to hear.

A few moments passed and the door swung open to reveal a half-awake Elphaba. Her hair was pulled into a neat pony tail, and she was wearing a dark blue gown.

"What do you want?" she mumbled sleepily.

"I'm hiding from the hyper-active witch," he replied.

"Ugh," she sighed. "You can have her bed." Fiyero nodded thankfully and got situated in Galinda's bed as Elphaba returned to her's.

Several minutes of silence passed.

"Pssst, Elphaba," Fiyero whispered teasingly.

"Oh, sweet Oz…"

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